General Hospital
July 3, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: Eli love is supposed to be great live. We should get tickets.

Patrick: What? Since when?
Robin: What kind of question is that?
Patrick: Last thing you said, you wanted to go to the opera.
Robin: Excuse me, but I have eclectic tastes.
Patrick: Well, if you're so eclectic, why don't we go to stock car races? Since when are you an Eli Love fan?
Robin: Who isn't?
Patrick: Robin, what's your favorite song of his?
Robin: That one with --
Patrick: Nice -- you only want to go to this stupid concert because the guy supposedly looks like -- like my father.
Robin: Supposedly? This guy could be Noah.
Noah: Could I see that?
Robin: Yeah.
Noah: You guys blind? He looks nothing like me, right? 
Patrick:  I mean, the -- the posture and the attitude, not at all. But I mean, the hair and the face -- I can definitely see a resemblance. Give us a little air guitar, let me see if you can --
Noah: You're out of your mind.
Patrick: Huh.
Robin: Eli Love is a big deal. I mean, he's had a huge string of hits. Women practically throw their underwear at him. And from looking at that picture, I understand why. He's hot. I don't think there's anything wrong with looking like him.
Noah: Well, forgive me for not being thrilled that you're comparing me to some loser who basically threw his life away on something as frivolous as rock and roll.

Scene 2
Robin: We're all set. Fifth row center at the amphitheater. 
Dr. Julian: The Eli Love concert?
Robin: Yep. 
Dr. Julian: How did you score such great seats to a sold-out concert?
Robin: Well, you know, I have connections. 
Dr. Julian: Ok, that's great. Well, you willing to share that?
Patrick: Oh --
Robin: Well, you know Stan, Epiphany's son? 
Dr. Julian: Yeah, the agitator.
Robin: He's a whiz on the computer. He's hooked into all these online ticket sales. They're a little bit more, but the seats are definitely worth it.
Patrick: Well, I guess I can give you a firsthand report.
Noah: Good. Maybe after seeing this guy, you can dispel the rumors that we look alike, ok?
Epiphany: Why are you so all offended? Is it so bad looking like a famous singer?
Noah: Well, Epiphany, I'm a neurosurgeon, you know, and I worked too hard for that to be compared to some arrested adolescent that basically ran away to the circus.
Epiphany: The circus? Do you have any idea how much sacrifice and determination it takes to be an entertainer? Not to mention, sustaining it for all these years. You could do a whole lot worse, almighty dr. Drake, than to be compared to a working musician. The finest -- finest career on this planet, and that includes neurosurgery.
Noah: Great.

Scene 3

Noah: Hey. You paged me?
Epiphany: Hold on. The other ones aren't here yet.
Robin: We got your page.
Patrick: Yeah, what's up?
Epiphany: Ok. I'm going to tell you guys something about myself. And I don't share well, so I need you to listen up, because I'm only going to say this once. 
Dr. Julian: Well, I, for one, am already fascinated.

Epiphany: I grew up in Chicago, and there was a theater there called The Regal. All the great musicians from every musical genre important to black people -- jazz, blues, r&b, soul -- performed there. There was a show once a month that lasted seven to 10 days. You could stand in line early, get in for a buck and a half, pick your seat in the front row, and watch all day. 
Dr. Julian: Why was I born so late?

Epiphany: One afternoon, I was late, and there was a group up on stage, and they just -- they stopped me in my tracks. I was frozen right there in the middle of the aisle. Those guys were poetry in motion. Whew -- and sharp as tacks, up there on that stage, dressed in their matched suits. They were just defying gravity. Just gliding, dancing, perfection. And then the lead singer -- oh, my lord. Huh. I had never seen a man so fine in my life before or since. He was begging his woman not to leave him. Then he dropped down on his knees and popped up again before you could even blink. Hmm. Mmm. I thought I had surely died and caught a glimpse of heaven. I couldn't even wait before the show was over before I did something that I have never done. I took my 14-year-old butt back to that stage door and I was determined to get his autograph. Well, I can't say that my life was in danger. But that little heifer who tried to knock me over while I was waiting for him -- well --
Robin: So what did you do?
Epiphany: Well, I snatched out a whole hank of her hair by the roots.
[Dr. Julian chuckles]
Epiphany: Now, while I was busy teaching her an etiquette lesson, and before anybody could break us up, he had already made it to the car. But he came back. And then he made me an offer that changed my life.
Patrick: What was it?
Epiphany: Now, you don't need to know that.
Epiphany: But I'm telling you, especially you, so that you'll understand why I get upset when you insult music or musicians. Because I'm going to take that personally. And you don't want that. I might not be 14 years old anymore, but I definitely can still get up in a head of hair and snatch it all out by the root. Good night. Dr. Julian: Well, talk about cultural differences.
Noah: That's just great. That's just great. I'm on epiphany's bad side now because of some two-bit singer.
Patrick: I don't know what to say. 
Robin: I think that was sweet.

[approximately 6:29  of Noah content]

According to US

Robin is suddenly eager to see the Eli Love show and Patrick attributes that to Eli's resemblance of Noah. Noah shows up and scoffs at that idea and demeans all musicians in the process. {I love how Patrick sees the resemblance in the hair and face (since they are exact) but not in the posture or attitude. Ha! And Robin apparently does not see the potential icky factor in discussing the tossing of underwear at the one that could be her boyfriend’s father. She actual says "He's hot"... just a little weird. I'm not saying he is not but when you say that and are admitting they look alike you are calling your possible father-in-law hot…eww. And then Noah's admonishment of musicians as "losers" who spend their life on 'frivolous rock and roll' … I wonder how many times Rick heard that type of statement? I say, "if the boy wants to play guitar we let him!"

Robin scores good seats to the Eli Love concert {apparently using StubHub or perhaps Eli has a fan club that puts good seats up on eBay just days before the show as well }. Noah states his disbelief over his resemblance of Eli which triggers Epiphany's ire. {I am not sure if it was Noah's use of the word adolescent or circus that triggered the rage. But it was entertaining to watch Patrick and Noah both step back as they took the tongue lashing that proclaimed a working musician is one of the finest careers on this planet. Wow! Go Epiphany, go! }

Epiphany calls Robin, Patrick, Julian, and Noah in for story time, or rather the 'story from her past that is meant to explain why she feels so strongly about music and musicians'. {Via this story we learned not to mess with Epiphany – because she fights back and that she likely slept with a musician (at the age of 14!!). It was a fun story but exactly the point of it in the context of the story Patrick said 'I don’t know what to say'.} - Jen H.

 Each show is getting better and better with this Eli Love story! I hope the momentum keeps up. So far so good GH! I'm still uncomfortable with the Rick and Noah (or Eli) music-thing coming together, but I am along for the ride. I love seeing Rick get more screen time at GH. It's been quite funny up until now…in a tongue-in-cheek way. That is the only way my mind can accept this mixture of soaps and RS music and find the humor in it. 

Noah catches Robin and Patrick checking out Eli in the newspaper again. He snatches it and looks at it (and them) incredulously. He is totally against Eli looking that much like him. Patrick mentions the differences like Eli's posture and attitude, and says, "maybe not." (oh Patrick, don't even get me started on Rick's---"Eli's" haha--- sexy posture! I love how he stands, walks, etc…) Then the line about `give me a little air guitar, let me see if you can." LOL Sure Rick…give us some `air' guitar by the nurses desk. I would have died if he had! Noah's `are-you-guys-crazy' expressions are too funny, especially when Robin mentions how women throw panties at this guy and that SHE wouldn't be upset to look like him---"he's hot." Um, I bet Rick was thinking about how he KNOWS what it`s like to see panties and other various undergarments sailing through the air!!! 

I'd love to know what he was really thinking during some of these scenes, especially the ones where he's having to `bash' a musician, calling him a loser, a 'two-bit singer' and someone who has thrown his life away for music and basically 'ran off to the circus.' Now that was funny, again…in a tongue and cheek sense. Of course *we* know what an incredible career a rock star can have, and especially the respect that musicians receive from their fans…the admiration and loyalty. (I've never been this loyal to my doctor, that's for damn sure!) Rock and roll…frivolous?! Ha! Good one Noah. So what happened to the Noah who used to love music? Where the heck did he go? Did alcohol numb him that much since the 80s? I recall Noah being a fan of going to the disco and he even played music at home. He liked art and music and dancing, and now he could care less. Suddenly he's so down on it?! Ok…yea, it's a soap. I know that. But I think that's a bit of overkill on the "musician's are losers" attitude. I guess that is the writer's way of making Noah seem like he's `putting up a fight' and then it'll seem to make more sense when he's asked to cover for Eli later. That is all I can figure, because it doesn't seem to match Noah's real personality. I guess people can change!

I loved Epiphany's story and memories about being 14 and seeing her favorite singer in concert, and her overall love of music. It sure sounded similar to some stuff we see at Rick's shows!!! LOL I liked her grabbed a `hank of hair' story. At first I thought, "what does this have to do with anything?" But as she went on, I could see the relevance to her telling that story. And when she was talking about how she'd never seen a man so fine, well of course I couldn't help but think of Rick up on stage, doing HIS thing. I also can't help but wonder if maybe that was written in to make a point to some people who really don't understand the whole fandom thing and the craze that surrounds it. Maybe GH did that for *us!* Haha. I agree with Robin---that was sweet. I know that I could certainly relate to the fascination she described. I did find it funny though how Epiphany called everyone over there to the couch area to tell her story, when mostly she's a drill sergeant about people staying on task! But it had a purpose I believe and it also gave us a glimpse at a new side to her. I got a laugh out of Noah thinking he's now on Pip's bad side because of some `two-bit singer.' :-P

I'm liking seeing more of Epiphany, especially in the scenes with Noah. I bet she is loving it too, as she seemed pretty thrilled to be working with him in the interview I saw of her last year! - Kelley Pearson