General Hospital
July 5, 2007

Scene 1
Ms. Snead: Dr. Ford's memo laid out rules governing personal behavior in the workplace.

Patrick: I know. You're personnel, not the sex police.
Ms. Sneed: Rules are rules.
Robin: And a kiss is just a kiss. We were in a designated area for hospital personnel. We didn't break any laws, and we certainly didn't put any patients at risk.
Ms. Sneed: You were engaged in a secondary infraction.
Patrick: What? A what?
Ms. Sneed: You were engaged in a -- in a public display of sexual --
Patrick: There's more important things on our mind than some stupid memo.
Ms. Sneed: Like pornography?
Robin: Huh.
Noah: Did somebody just say "pornography"?
Ms. Sneed.: I was just telling your son and Dr. Scorpio that they can't be having -- relations where everyone can see them.
Patrick: The only one who could see us was the queen of pervert patrol.
Ms. Sneed: I -- I have to submit a report.
Noah: Oh. Oh, is that really necessary? I mean, maybe -- you know, I'm sure they won't do it again. Could I speak to you in private, please, Ms. Sneed?
Ms. Sneed: I -- um -- I was just explaining that rules are rules.
Noah: Right, right, I understand, I understand, but these are new rules and maybe just a -- a warning this time, you know? I mean, you and I both know that love can make people do some pretty crazy things. It would mean a lot to me personally.
Ms. Sneed: Well, I suppose -- they are new rules. In the name of love.
Patrick: What was that for?
Noah: Just thank me and do your pants up. Guess I've still got it, huh?

Scene 2
Regina: I heard Patrick Drake saved his father's life. And by "heard," I mean I bullied an orderly until he caved and told me everything he knew.
Jolene: So Patrick drake is a hero, and he's into racing.
Epiphany: You'd better be mumbling about the work I put in front of you.
Robin: Hey. I think you owe your dad an apology. He was just covering for us.
Patrick: I don't need my father covering for us. This isn't high school. Making out in the locker room isn't a crime.
Dr. Julian: Hey! Great concert, huh? Man, that lead guitarist just rocked. I once bought strings from the same place he did. I play, you know.
Robin: We know.
Epiphany: Did I miss something?
Robin: Eli Love -- the concert was last night. He rocked it.
Dr. Julian: Hmm!
Epiphany: Nice to see that the -- the joys of live performing has not been lost on the digital generation. You know, by the time I was 14 years old, I had already been to at least 65 concerts, and my mother just couldn't understand how in the world I --
Noah: Epiphany, can I bug you for a second?
Dr. Julian: Oh -- tell me, guys, quickly. Um -- Eli Love and Noah Drake, separated at birth, or a trick of lighting?
Noah: Come on, can we drop this once and for all, please? I need the hill file.
Patrick: Gavin hill? I got it right here. Don't even think about seeing my patient. 

Scene 3
Noah: Mr. Hill asked for a second opinion. He prefers my recommendation. Don't get excited.
Patrick: Well, I can't help it. I get angry when you poach my patients.
Noah: So this is about Patrick Drake, not about the patient?
Patrick: You don't want to discuss the merits of this case because you know you're wrong.
Noah: No, no -- you and i approach procedures from the opposite ends of the spectrum. You're way too aggressive. I err on the side of caution. Mr. Hill has an underlying condition.
Patrick: Yeah, congestive heart failure -- I know my patient.
Noah: Exactly, right. So with his heart, when the aneurysm is the front part of the brain and is under 1/4 of an inch in diameter, it begs that we monitor him, not risk his life.
Patrick: Which is the same as doing nothing. Congestive heart failure is the least of mr. Hill's problem. Without the coil embolization, he's not going to last a week.
Epiphany: Well, this is usually harmless, unless someone slams something. Kind of like that. Now we're on to phase two.
Noah: This has been your M.O. Ever since you were born. I say don't stick your finger in the light socket, it'll kill you. You do it just to prove I'm wrong.
Patrick: Well, obviously, you're wrong, because I'm right here.
Noah: Yeah, well, I think it fried your brain.
Patrick: Well, now look who's getting personal. You know what? And that's your M.O. Coming off a binge. Hangovers always affect your judgment.
Noah: Stop it right now, Patrick.
Patrick: Way to celebrate our nation's birthday, dad. Falling off the wagon. Happy independence day.
Noah: What a waste. Such great talent and you're just unprofessional to the core.
Patrick: Yeah, right back at you.
Epiphany: You feel better now?

Scene 4
Jolene: I can't believe epiphany's assigning us Saturday night shifts. I mean, that's when all the really big stuff happens.
Leyla: I know. It's so scary.
Regina: This orderly told me two Saturdays ago some guy tried to ride a horse through the E.R., And I'll tell you right now I'm allergic to horses and psychos.
Leyla: I'm sure you'll adjust. I mean, if we want to stand out, you know, we have to do what other people won't do.
Jolene: Like what, dating?
Epiphany: Ladies, the bedpans on 10 west need changing.
Robin: You cannot ask your dad to step down from his position, and you can't leave this hospital, either.
Patrick: Well, there's no other solution.
Robin: Don't you think you're overreacting a little bit? If a patient has an infected finger, you don't cut off the entire arm, you deal with the infection.
Patrick: Well, robin, gangrene's already set in.
Robin: Ok, how about this -- how about try a different way of dealing with your father. Don't jump defensive every time he offers an opinion.
Patrick: Ok, you know what? Even hypothetically if I agree, do you think he's going to respect my boundaries? Because I'm sick and tired of him always coming and taking --
Epiphany: Doctors? We have a patient coming up from E.R. With a possible brain embolism.
Patrick: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Dad? Dad? Dad, can you hear me?
Robin: What happened?
Noah: Hey, what do we got here?
Patrick: Dad?
Noah: Yeah, who's this?
Robin: I guess it's, uh, Eli Love, the singer we told you about.

[approximately 6:09  of Noah content]

According to US

Finally! I swear, today was the first day since Noah Drake returned to Port Charles that we've seen anything about his personality that resembled the Dr. Drake of the 1980's. He was the original Dr. McDreamy, the original Hot Doc, a known lady charmer and the writers haven't tried to utilize that one time, until today. And it was great. From the eyebrow raise with the "I'm sure they won't do it again" to the backward look as if to say "what are you guys thinking), it was very entertaining. I just wonder how easy the sentence " at least I've still got it" was to get out. To me, that was way funnier than anything that went on during the episode from 7/3. There was that slight pause where you weren't sure who was supposed to speak. (if this had been nighttime, they definitely would have done another take). And there's a match I've never seen anyone mention - Noah and Ms. Sneed....she's the right height anyway lol.
But then of course, next scene, right back to square one - Drake Sr. and Drake Jr. going at it again. The one difference today was at least people are speaking out about how inappropriate Patrick's behavior is. He truly needs to chill.
And Eli Love is finally in the mix. Was it me, or did Eli look 10 years younger than Noah. What is up with the way they make him look on GH. He looks way, way better in person. 
In the previews for tomorrow, Eli speaks. A very slight accent, but wouldn't have been noticeable if I hadn't been looking for it. - rlh

I agree. I really loved that scene with Ms. Sneed, and it just goes to show the potential of him on the show. If they could keep up that style, that kind of writing, it could be exciting. That scene right there is totally what I thought GH would be when he originally signed only took eighteen months to cut through the crap! Hopefully that will continue.

I liked this episode much better than the previous one. Like you said earlier, the first crack about musicians being losers and stuff was all funny because of the tongue in cheek aspect, but they didn't have to go overboard the way they did. And yes, it probably wouldn't be as funny if you weren't really clued in on who RS is (though, I will say this: my 85 year old grandmother is aware of who he a fair amount of people do know). I was glad to see they backed off of that stuff today.

I thought it was just me that thought he really doesn't look his best on GH. Clearly they could do more around the eyes, it's like they want him to look old enough to be Patrick's father. Though I thought yesterday they made the same mistake with Ned...he wasn't looking his best either. Perhaps that is supposed to be a juxtaposition with rocker vs. most stately doctor. We'll see. I didn't really notice an accent in the previews, but we'll see.
- asp

Patrick and Robin are kissing in the locker room and discovered by Ms. Sneed who threatens to report them. Noah has beautiful timing and enters right at the word "pornography" and quickly charms Ms. Sneed. {Well, well, well, Noah can be charming. I love how he drops his voice into a husky whisper and quickly loops Ms. Sneed into his web. Even Noah is quite impressed by his actions. More, more I say! }

Dr. Julian and Robin are discussing the show and Epiphany comes up and is happy to hear that they enjoyed it {But she did not know the show was last night? How did she miss that detail?} Dr. Julian brings up the look alike question again and Noah blows it off only to discover that once again he and Patrick are working on the same patient. {So in this scene we learned that the concert was great and are reminded –once again- that Noah and Eli look alike… everybody with us now?

Noah and Patrick rage at each other over the recommended treatment for a patient. It disintegrates into name calling and Patrick accuses Noah of drinking again. Noah calls him unprofessional and storms off. {The purpose of this scene? To remind us that the father and son really still do not get along and they are prone to sniping at each other given any opportunity. As if we could forget that....}

Patrick is in the middle of telling Robin that either he or his dad has to leave the hospital when Epiphany interrupts them to inform them that a patient is coming up from the E.R. Just then the gurney comes off the elevator, carrying Eli Love but Patrick assumes it is Noah and rushes to his side. Only to have Noah appear a moment later from the other elevator. {Wow, watch out for that swing of emotions! Patrick goes from moaning about his father to freaking out when he thinks it is him on the gurney. So look, he does still care. Awwww. So here is the big reveal, Eli – Noah, do they look alike? Yep, right down to the facial hair.} - Jen H.

I really liked Noah in today's episode, even if he did end up in an argument with his son once again. {I just loved Epiphany's narration to the 3 student nurses about how this is a normal scene when the Dr. Drakes are ranting and raving and slamming things in anger! LOL} I can see some hope, story-wise for the summer Noah stories. I was doing a happy dance seeing the "old Noah" back today. 

The first Noah scene was classic, when Ms. Sneed caught the lovebirds in kissing mode. (This woman needs to loosen up!) Funny how Noah could hear from outside the door and picked up Ms. Sneed using the word "pornography!" (almost as if he were eavesdropping…but then we know people don't do that on soaps!) I liked Patrick's comment back to Sneed that she's `not the sex police.` LOL What a cute eyebrow look Noah gave Patrick over his shoulder (as if to say---"now I have to cover for you!") when he asked Ms. Sneed if he could talk to her in private. Noah was kind enough to help Patrick out of trouble with her, but then 2 scenes later Patrick is acting like a real ass to his dad over a surgical procedure. I agree with the intern…he shouldn't have yelled at his dad that way! ;-) What a great glimpse of the ever-charming Noah (that many of us loved from the early days of Dr. Noah Drake!) The remarks he made seemed 'so Noah' to me! Talk about my heart skipping a few beats and an instant smile on my face as he flirted with Ms. Sneed. The sweet look on his face, the confidence he exuded, the eye contact he was making with her and the smooth way he was sweet-talking her…using phrases like "and we both know that love can make us do crazy things." Was it my imagination, or did Ms. Sneed seem to be coming a little bit unraveled? She seemed almost `powerless' to him…and he even got a little smile out of her! One minute she was chewing out Patrick and Robin like a woman who would never back down. The next minute she seemed unnerved by Noah's little `chat' with her (or maybe smitten?!) that she just backed down and slipped out of the room. It wasn't too long ago that Noah gave her a piece of his mind during his liver surgery. She didn't seem to fond of Noah at that point. Or hey, maybe she likes a man with `power!'

Something I found a bit odd about Noah taking up for them for smooching in the locker room…hasn't Noah been scolding the two of them for fooling around at work, or did I imagine that? He hasn't been real happy about their antics up until now then suddenly he's `saving' them from Ms. Sneed. Very sweet, but some of these things don't make sense and just cause Noah to look contrary. 

Dr. Julian is such an instigator to the whole Eli Love look-alike thing. I thought his "separated at birth or a trick of lighting" joke was cute. Rick is doing a great job of seeming so impartial to this whole `rock star' thing and how much they look alike. 

Epiphany has become the `keeper' of the 3 student nurses. They seem to be infatuated with Patrick. Pip has to keep reminding them to get back to work. She hears Dr. Julian talking with Patrick and Robin about the Eli Love concert and she joins in, carrying on about going to over 65 concerts before she reached the age of 15. Noah comes off the elevator and interrupts Pip's story, needing the Gavin Hill file. Turns out it's Patrick's patient and he tells dad not to even think of taking his patient from him. The fight begins….

Patrick thinks Noah tries to `poach' his patients. They argue over Hill's brain surgery. Will these two EVER respect one another's opinions in an adult manner??! Wow, what a heated argument Noah and Patrick had. I couldn't help but chuckle though over the `finger in the light socket' and `I think it fried your brain' lines from Noah. LOL They really are beginning to look like school kids the way they are constantly battling over who's `better.' Talk about EGOS! Noah stalks off. 

Patrick is telling Robin that he thinks one of them needs to work at a different hospital, that they just can't be in the same building. Robin thinks he's totally overreacting about leaving GH. She suggests ways to deal with Noah, but Patrick still doesn't think Noah will show him any respect. I think if Patrick gave it a shot, and allowed Noah to BE his dad, rather than his rival, that they could become close once again. I believe it would improve their work relationship a lot. I would love to see that happen before Rick's summer run is up!

Epiphany interrupts the two stating there's an emergency up from ER, a possible brain embolism. It was sort of `freaky' (to use their word on GH today) seeing Rick do the dual role…but in a good way. I thought Rick, Jason and Kimberly did a great job on their shocked and dumbfounded faces when Patrick thought the patient up from ER was his dad and then suddenly Noah strolls in. They both see him and their expressions were realistic…pure confusion for a second when Noah says, "who is this?" pointing toward the patient. I also liked Noah's face when he took a good look at Eli. 

There was some pretty good stuff on today's show. The Ms. Sneed scene was just the best. I'd love to see more of that. And from what I hear, we just may get more of the smooth-talking doc as the summer continues.  - Kelley Pearson