General Hospital
July 6, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: Uh -- ok. Run a full battery of tests, page dr. Archer, and get an O.R. Ready.

Noah: Wait, wait, Patrick. Uh --
Eli: Oh. Jeez. Either that was one hell of a party, or I'm dead.
Noah: Well, you're not dead.
Eli: Then I took something that's messing with my head.
Robin: You're in the hospital, Mr. Love. Uh -- you collapsed while you were rehearsing with your band.
Noah: You may have suffered an embolism. It's a serious condition, it will require treatment.
Eli: I'm hallucinating, right?
Noah: You are conscious, Mr. Love, and as lucid as I imagine you get.
Eli: Is anybody else seeing a doctor that looks just like me?
Patrick: You're not hallucinating, Mr. Love. The doctor looks exactly like you. But don't worry -- I'll be handling your case and I'll update you as soon as the test results come back.
Noah: Go ahead. Wait -- you're handling this?
Patrick: Dad, you're freaking the guy out.
Noah: What are you talking about? I don't look that much like him.
Epiphany: Hmm. 

Scene 2
Noah: There's no reason for me not to treat Eli Love.
Patrick: He is going to think we slipped him mushrooms every time he sees you.
Noah: Look, shouldn't the surgeon who's -- who's got the most experience perform the surgery? I've done twice as many of these procedures as you.
Patrick: Dad, it's going to be like you're operating on yourself.
Noah: Oh, you're making way too much of this -- just because I look a little bit like the guy?
Patrick: A little -- Robin, will you please enlighten senior Dr. Drake on the potential for ethical compromise and a potential malpractice?
Noah: Don't drag your girlfriend into this.
Patrick: Epiphany, do you think my father should operate on his look-alike?
Epiphany: Work it out. 
Doctor: Oh, Dr. Drake, my man!

Noah: Excuse me? 
Doctor: God, the chicks are going to flock to this guy.

Noah: What's he all about? 
Doctor: Come on. Eli love. I always knew there was a resemblance, but I went to see him in concert the other night. It is scary how much you look like him.

Noah: You put him up to this.
Patrick: I've been standing right here.
Noah: Then you heard him telling me I shouldn't be operating on Mr. Love, right? 
Doctor: Well, no. Well, it would be like operating on yourself.

Scene 3
Noah: Just stop. 
Doctor: No, look, chicks have a thing for rock stars. They'll take one look at you, assume you're Eli Love -- we'll talk.

Patrick: What did I tell you? You're Eli Love's doppelganger, so have fun cashing in on your genetic good fortune, but you're not operating on this guy.
Noah: You know what, I'm better qualified than you are for this.
Patrick: Do I need to go to Ford over this?
Noah: Hey, be my guest.
Patrick: That is the most stubborn man I've ever met.
Robin: I wish I could say the same.
Patrick: Look, Robin, I'm trying to stop him from making a huge mistake.
Robin: Almost as big as you performing surgery on Eli Love.
Patrick: Ok, it's a difficult procedure, but I can handle it.
Robin: The man looks ridiculously like your father. I mean, you could freeze up.
Patrick: No, no, no, hey --
Robin: There's no way that you could be objective.
Patrick: I never freeze up.
Robin: Your emotions could get in the way, and don't even try and tell me you don't have any, especially where your father's concerned. 

Scene 4
Robin: Look, I can call in Dr. Lawrence to do the surgery.

Patrick: Dr. Lawrence is competent on a good day. Mr. Love needs the best.
Robin: Patrick, I love you, but sometimes you are so arrogant and in this occasion, you happen to also be wrong.
Patrick: You don't think I can do it?
Robin: No, I know that you can do it on a stranger -- someone that looks like a stranger. Then, you could possibly be objective.
Patrick: Robin, I am always objective when I operate.
Eli: Oh. It's you, thank God. Thought it was going to be that doctor that looks like me. That guy freaks me out.
Patrick: Well, I got your test results back. You are suffering from an embolism. It's a blood clot that can become dislodged, travel to your brain and block the supply of blood and oxygen, which is why you passed out.
Eli: Huh. Well, where's the clot now?
Patrick: It's in an operable place. I need to do surgery in order to remove it.
Eli: Brain surgery? Huh! Ha, forget it. I got a concert I got to do, mate.
Patrick: Look, Mr. Love, either I operate or you die. 

[approximately 4:28  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Noah goes to check on Eli as Eli wakes up and sees his ‘reflection’. {Oh is that not a fun way to wake up? And we get to hear a bit of the ‘Aussie’ accent of Eli’s.}

Noah tells Eli that he's alive and not hallucinating. But Eli is still concerned and Patrick steps in to handle the case, which of course annoys Noah. {Very good camera work by GH, the whole Eli / Noah / Patrick conversation looked very plausible. What was not plausible was Noah saying that he still thinks he does not look that much like him. I so agree with Epiphany "HMPH" is right. When the evidence is staring you right in the face, one should accept it.}

Noah thinks he should treat Eli, Patrick thinks he should treat him. Then some random doctor appears claiming he has always seen the resemblance. {OK who is this random guy? And what is the point? Rick is playing BOTH parts. They have done nothing to make Noah and Eli look different so why are they trying so hard to convince us they look alike? They DO look alike. We get that. Please give me the stick and stop beating the dead horse already.}

Noah still thinks he should do the surgery, Patrick still thinks he should and Robin thinks neither one of them should for all the reasons Patrick is using against Noah. {Favorite line 'cashing in on your genetic good fortune' – oh yeah!}

Patrick and Robin continue to argue outside of Eli's room and then go in and give him the bad news – that he requires surgery or he is going to die. {The Aussie accent is coming on quite thick here and Eli looks both concerned, and arrogant within the span of a few minutes. Although I love the solemn music and the look of concern all around when Eli is given the ultimatum of operate or die. We just technically met Eli so really the brevity of his life should not matter that much to us yet. But… since he looks like Noah and is Rick of course we are concerned at the dire turn of events. SAVE ELI! } - Jen H.

Eli Love, an Aussie rock musician (who does THIS remind us of? Gee whiz!) is brought in on the gurney because he had an attack during a rehearsal. It's a possible brain embolism. Eli thinks he's `dead' because he sees Noah, his mirror-image looking down at him. What a nice surprise when he spoke and had an accent! I mean, how many times have us Rick fans wished we could hear him do some of his native `language` again?! Well, now GH has given us a dose of the man from down under. Whooo! We have a bloody accent, mate! What a great way to get the Aussie out of Rick. LOL It seemed really slight though, but I could hear it with some of the words he said. I noticed in mostly when he said, "party." Maybe as it goes along and Eli is `better` from his brain problems, it will be more apparent. I tell ya, I was laughing my ass off during a few parts of today's show. Eli thinks he's hallucinating, seeing double. Eli's first lines were pretty comical.

Was it mostly me, or was anyone else snickering or ROTFL during today's show? One of my favorite LOL moments was when Noah said that Eli didn't look that much like him, right after Patrick and Robin argue that he does look identical. Epiphany gives out an obvious, "Hmmph" type noise from over at the desk. I was unaware she was eavesdropping (and from the way the three looked at her, so were they), so it totally cracked me up. What topped it off was when the camera went back to the docs and they all had the funniest looks on their faces! 

Noah wants to treat Eli but Patrick thinks it'd be like Noah operating on himself. When Epiphany is asked her opinion, she tells them, "work it out," and walks off. LOL So now that the real heat is on, she wants no part of it. Too funny. I loved Patrick's comments to Noah, `dad, you're freaking the guy out' and then he claims the dude will think they're slipping him `mushrooms.' Noah is hilarious that he just doesn't see what the big deal is. I have to laugh at his expressions of disbelief, like everyone around him is crazy. 

I'm not sure who the doc/nurse is who enters the next scene (I *think* he may be one of the new characters who'll be going to Night Shift, but I'm not sure). He comes be-bopping over to Noah and Patrick and tells Noah that the chicks are gonna go crazy over this guy ("flock to him")…referring to Noah and his uncanny likeness to Eli. He rambles on and on as Patrick and Noah look at him like he's nuts. Noah asks, "what's he on?" The young doc tells Noah that he saw the Eli Love show the other night and it's `scary' how much he looks like Eli. Noah figures Patrick has put the guy up to this. Then HE even tells Noah it'd be like operating on yourself. Yeah, I'd say it would be pretty weird cutting into your `own' head!

Patrick calls Noah Eli Love's "doppelganger," but says he has no business working on Eli. Noah says he'll just get permission from Dr. Ford…and off he goes. Robin doesn't even think Patrick should operate on him because he may freeze up due to the resemblance of Eli and Noah. Of course that only ticks Patrick off. Robin cannot convince Patrick to let someone else treat Eli.

The following scene is cute when Patrick and Robin enter Eli's room and Eli says something about how he's glad it's "them" and not that other guy who was `freaking him out.' This is the point when I realized the accent wasn't too heavy. Patrick explains to Eli that he has a very serious brain embolism and that it needs operating. Eli is obviously upset---"brain surgery? I've got a concert to do Mate." Patrick tells him that if they don't do it, he could die. If it weren't for Eli's accent, I'd think Noah was back in the hospital for his liver…that's how much they look alike. Haha! 

I'm curious to see later on if Eli has tattoos or if they cover them up for the show. If Eli AND Noah were to have any shirtless scenes this summer (hey, a woman can dream, right?! ) then they'd definitely have to cover them for one or the other of the characters. One thing I miss seeing on Rick when he plays Noah is his earring. (although I understand that the doc may not come across too well with an earring). But why didn't they have him put in his usual earring for the part of the `rock star?' That is a bit odd, I thought. 

All in all, today's show was really good. (I was even finding the other stuff…with the other GH stories, interesting) I got quite a kick out of the Eli scenes and especially Noah's reaction to the whole thing.

And yep, I'm still hoping Jessie's Girl doesn't come into play anywhere in this whole Eli Love-thing, but I`m beginning to have my doubts. I've read a few things that lead me to believe Eli might just do some Rick songs. Does he have to?! I'm crossing my fingers that Rick has written a few songs especially for the part of Eli Love. I guess we'll see.  - Kelley Pearson