General Hospital
July 9, 2007

Scene 1
Eli: You people aren't getting it. I have a concert to do.
Patrick: I see. So massaging your ego is more important than saving your life?
Eli: It's a charity event, mate. People are counting on me. I'm not going to cancel so you can massage your ego by playing God with my brain.
Patrick: Maybe I didn't make myself clear. Either I do the surgery, or you drop dead onstage.
Eli: Well, at least I'll go out doing something I love.

Robin: You committed yourself to a charity event, and you want to honor that commitment. We understand that. It's just that you could suffer an embolism anytime, and you would miss it anyway.

Patrick: Yeah, like backstage over a urinal. Paparazzi would love that.
Robin: Well, that's not the only scenario. You could also have a stroke.
Patrick: Might paralyze your autograph hand.
Eli: Hmm. You know what? If you've got medication, I'll take it. But Mr. Happy here doesn't get to play air guitar inside my head.
Patrick: What the hell is wrong with you? What is it about imminent death that you don't understand? Or is that preferable to becoming "Eli who" in a few years?
Eli: Oh, come -- that's it, I want another doctor! Jeez. You got any nice ones?
Robin: Excuse me. Listen, you need to back way up. That man in there may look like your father, but he isn't. So if you can't manage to know the difference, I suggest that you do what I advise and resign from the case.

Scene 2
Patrick: This is ridiculous.
Robin: Just humor me, all right?
Patrick: It's not going to work.
Robin: Maybe it will work. Clearing the air is good for the soul.
Noah: Hey, I got your page. Look, I can be big about this, all right? I'm available for consult, even though you stole my patient.
Robin: Actually, Noah, I'm the one that paged you.
Noah: Oh. So what's up?
Robin: Ok, we have a situation here. Eli love is uncomfortable with Patrick performing the surgery because of his attitude.
Noah: Hmm. Two massive egos collide. I'm not surprised.
Robin: Well, it goes a little deeper than that -- for Patrick, at least. See, because Eli looks so much like you, it is tapping into his residual resentment to regarding the whole liver transplant ordeal.
Noah: You still gnawing on that old bone?
Patrick: Oh, you're not?
Noah: Well, I'm not the one being rejected for my attitude.
Robin: Ok, well, it's clear you two aren't going on any father-son fishing trips anytime soon, but this -- this you can put behind you, so -- Patrick?
Patrick: Me?
Robin: Those two words that we talked about?
Patrick: Fine. Ahem. I'm sorry.
Noah: Well, certainly lacked the ring of sincerity. I'm kidding. Ok, half kidding. Look, I guess I got to hand it to you. I mean, if you're willing to bury the hatchet with me to perform a successful surgery, that certainly says something about your professionalism and your commitment. So, what else can I do but accept your "apology" in the spirit it's given.
Epiphany: You better keep a closer eye on this one, because he was halfway out the door by the time I caught him.
Eli: Take it easy, Della. Oh, are you available for night work? I could use you on my security team.
Patrick: You try this again and your security team will be pulling duty as pallbearers. 

Scene 3
Epiphany: There you go, Mr. Rock star. You think everybody knew your business before? Try leaving this hospital without these.
Eli: Wow.
Patrick: Epiphany notwithstanding, you do have the right to leave -- after I give you the results of your latest test.
Eli: Aw, gee, let me guess. I could drop dead at any time?
Patrick: That's right.
Eli: Well, you know what? I want a second opinion. I mean, no offense, doc, but you seem to lug around an awful lot of emotional baggage for a doctor.
Patrick: And there's a reason for that. You know the doctor who looks alarmingly like you? That's my father, and he can be as pigheaded and frustrating as you when it comes to a medical crisis.
Eli: Well, obviously there's a lot more going on here than I first thought, and frankly, you know, I'm not that interested. But what I am getting from you is that you're very committed to your work. I can appreciate that. I'm the same way.
Robin: Mr. Love, have you ever canceled or postponed a concert?
Eli: Actually, no, I haven't, and I'm not going to start now. Now, this is a benefit, and a lot of people are counting on me. It's for pediatric aids and -- you know, it may not mean anything to you guys, because it's not your specialty, but it's a cause very near and dear to my heart. And come hell or high water, when that concert date rolls around, I will be on stage.
Patrick: Maybe that's more of a possibility than we originally thought.

Scene 4
Eli: You weird me out, dude.
Noah: Yeah, I know the feeling. So why am I here? Did you change your mind about the consult?
Patrick: In a way, yes.
Eli: Hey, look -- there's not going to be any operation. I have a concert to do.
Patrick: Ok, correction -- Eli love needs to play the concert. Now, I'm thinking you can have the operation and my father can take your place on stage.
Noah: Are you crazy?
Eli: No way in hell, mate.

[approximately 6:49  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Today was my favorite day since the Eli Love Storyline took off. I do need to get one thing off my chest. Apparently the first step in emergency rescue when someone has a brain embolism is to remove their earring. Eli was definitely not wearing it when he was on the gurney being wheeled in, but it was apparently in his personal effects. And actually if you look closely, he's already wearing his hospital gown, so I'm sure that was a time saving measure. Regardless, I'm so glad it showed up, although I do think a nice touch would have been to have an earring different from the one Rick always wear. 

The first scene was good. I thought the accent was at it's strongest, and I like the line "at least I'll die doing something I love".

I did like the dialog in the 2nd scene - between Patrick's sarcasm of "you might paralyze your autograph hand", to Eli's retort "Mr. Happy here doesn't get to play air guitar inside my head" - I found it entertaining. I also like the way that the mere sight of Eli brings out the worst in Patrick and he treats him like his Dad, and Eli doesn't really treat Patrick quite the same as Noah would, because there's not the animosity there, but he does react accordingly to Patrick's antagonism. 

Eli was looking nicely ripped when he changed his shirt. And he shaves his chest, too, how convenient, lol. (I just wonder if Rick pumped up a little before that vote would be yes). And I'm seeing some nice dark black jeans there. I'm not sure if that's part of the GH wardrobe of if they belong to Rick, but after this is over, maybe we'll see those on the road (he's definitely in need of a new pair of jeans, or two, or five). I do very much appreciate the fact that Eli is wearing stuff I've never seen Rick wear. I think it would be kind of a bummer, to see Eli as an exact carbon copy of Rick Springfield.

And rolling right a long, I thought it was a good scene between Patrick and Noah. Even though Patrick almost choked on "I'm sorry", he did say it. I love the air quote Noah gave him, but I think he should have been a little more gracious, it could have been a step.

By the time Eli gets back in his bed, I thought the accent was starting to fade in and out. From what I've read, there's not a lot of second takes during a soap shoot, and I remember someone joking once that if you really want to do another take, you have to drop the f bomb or something, so they'll have to re-shoot it, so I know you have to take that into consideration. And we are talking about the man who can't remember the name of his Alive DVD, even though it's been for sale on his website for 7 years, so maybe he goes into moments where he thinks he's Noah having a liver transplant, then remembers, "oh wait, I'm Eli, from Australia".....kiddding! (ok, half kidding)

It's been indicated for a while that Eli was doing a benefit for an Aids foundation, and it just now occurred to me the connection that might have to Robin. That surely has to endear her a little. And who would have thought that Patrick would be the one to get the idea of Noah to take Eli's place. Talk about opening up a Pandora's Box.
Today was a good day.
{side note - Rick's friend Jennifer Landon is also doing a double role on As the World Turns, although it looks like hers is winding down} - rlh

Eli reveals he has a charity event to play and does not have time for the surgery. {Eli's reply "at least I'll go out doing something I love" is so sweet. The man just wants to rock!}

Robin tries to convince Eli to have the surgery while Patrick apparently sees his father in Eli's face and responds with condescending sarcasm prompting Eli to request a nice Dr instead. {Granted the loss of an autograph hand, or rather a guitar strumming hand, might actually work as incentive. Given the tone of voice Patrick was using was not smart. And this just sounded a lot like an argument with Noah back in the liver transplant days. We can escape the fighting, right?}

Eli is seen dressing himself while Robin and Patrick bicker outside his room. {So it takes creating a new character to see Rick…err I mean Noah…err I mean Eli's chest? Dang, they should have introduced him months ago! But we even get a little flash of Rick's cross tattoo. Guess Noah won't be able to go shirtless for awhile eh? }

Robin takes Patrick to clear the air with Noah, forcing him to say he is sorry. Noah accepts the apology although sees that it was coerced. {Noah at least walks up being conciliatory and only gets a bit sarcastic when it is obvious it is forced on Patrick’s side. And the finger quotes to say "apology" along with the smirk were quite cute. So at least while the undercurrent of hostility is still there they do at least appear to reach a place where they can work together rather than butt heads.} Just then Epiphany is seen dragging Eli out of the elevator after an apparent escape attempt. {I love how Epiphany is dragging Eli along, and it amused me that the rocker took the time to put in his earring before he tried his dart from the hospital. Image is everything, right? And I love the attitude, at least with Eli Rick is able to show some more humor and wit.}

Epiphany puts Eli back into bed and then steals his clothes to keep him there {Off to eBay is she?}. Eli explains the vast importance of this show and how he has to be on stage. {OK really, I know the charity is important but really? Death vs. Charity?}

Patrick drops his idea of Noah replaces Eli on stage on the ‘two’ men. {First, Eli talking to Noah is STRANGE. The whole shoulders shake was funny! I would love to see how these scenes are shot. Who is Eli looking at and how does Patrick work with talking to Eli and then Noah and back? Very good camera work so far. But Patrick’s idea? I think Noah and Eli’s reactions were perfect from Noah's exasperated response to Eli's little giggle. Crazy!} - Jen H.
What a determined and dedicated musician Eli Love is! He is being warned of a likely death because of his brain embolism, but he is still insisting that the show must go on. In a sense this reminds me of Rick (with the exception of the brain problem detail!)…even when he's sick (bronchitis, fever, cough, etc…) he still puts on a kick ass show! He too is very dedicated to his work. I love his remark, "well, at least I'll go out doing something I love." That was cute, and sounds very much like the sentiment of most musicians. One thing that always sticks in my mind is hearing Gavin Rossdale make the comment some years ago about playing guitar in a storm, "Well, it'd be a romantic way to die." So yes, I can see that Eli would resent having to stay there when he has a show to do. He's obviously not convinced that the brain condition is too serious. 

I'm not quite sure who/what Eli was referring to with the "Mr. Happy" remark (and I don't think I'll go into what came to mind when he said that! LOL). But it was cute hearing Rick say, "air guitar" in Aussie. 

Immediately when this scene opened, it was obvious to me that Patrick was pulling in feelings from the relationship he has with his dad. His sarcastic remarks and overall attitude made it apparent. Good thing Robin asked him `outside' to point it out to him. Eli realized he was being an ass too when he hollers that he wants another doctor (`doctor' said in that ever-sexy Aussie). Then he asks Robin, "geeze, you got any nice ones?" 

As shallow as it may sound…I was loving that second scene of Patrick's `apology' to Noah. Why? Because there was a gorgeous 5 second shot at the beginning of Eli changing from his gown into a rocker-looking black T-shirt. Now that shirt looked like something we'd see Rick wearing in everyday life! Ahhh…a shirtless Rick Springfield gracing our TV screen on this day. HOT! So it was only a few seconds (if we're lucky, maybe there will be more in the future), but it was `necessary' considering Rick is just as soap-opera-hot while shirtless as any one of the other actors half his age, such as Sonny or Lucky or Nicholas (and lately Logan is showing off his chest too). Hey, maybe Eli does shirtless encores and we'll get to see Noah shirtless too when he does the benefit concert! LOL So weird seeing Rick play a dual role. Just strange. {and no…I'm still not keen on Rick's real life being worked into the soap. But I'm just going with the flow, and so far----so good. I guess this comes from the mouth of an RS music fan who likes to see the two as separate `entities' ---music being his career over everything else. But if Rick is having fun (and I'm guessing he is) then I am along for the ride! I only hope the outcome of the Eli concert doesn`t `belittle` Rick`s hard-earned career in music.} Back to the Eli changing clothes topic. I thought it was quite funny how the second the docs leave the room, Eli is `outta there!' Little did he know, Epiphany is like the GH warden or something. LOL She snags him and brings him to the nurses desk. Eli's struggle here with Pip was pretty cute, and his line "Take it easy Darlin. Oh are you available for night work? I could use you on my security team." Then his cocky little look when Patrick came back on him was classic. Wow, did he look nice in this shot! Ok, let's ditch the gown and just let the man dress his part while at GH. J Hmmm…I see "Eli" has a cross tattoo. Ha! 

A line I thought was cute, and also Noah's expressions was when Robin pointed out that Patrick was still dwelling on the liver `transplant debate,' and Noah asked if he "was still nawing on that old bone." Also, when Noah said "apology" and did the quote quote mark in the air, I couldn't help but laugh. 
Again, Epiphany cracks me up! Once Eli is back in bed in his gown she totes his clothes out in a bag and says, "There you go Mr. Rockstar. You think everybody knew your business before? Try leaving the hospital without these!" LOL Good idea Pip! Steal the man's clothes! Sure, go ahead Eli…we won't mind if you want to escape without them. *evil grin* She always has something clever to say, doesn't she?? 

Is `attitude-ily' a word?? That was interesting! I don't think it is, as my spell check continues to correct it when I misspell the word. Cool word though! And Robin is right…Noah and Eli do share a bit of the same ego/attitude. 

I noticed in a few parts where Rick seemed to let the Aussie accent slip a bit. I guess he is so used to NOT using it, he's having to really work at keeping it up for the part. 

The editing of having both Noah and Eli in one room was pretty good I thought. I didn't see any flaws in the filming of it. It was pretty bizarre really having the `two' in the same room. I think this was one of the first points in the Eli/Noah story in which I kind of `fell for it' for a few minutes. Rick is doing a pretty good job of making the characters personalities distinctive. (the accent definitely helps though. Without that…I'm not sure I could fall into the characters as easily, and begin to see them as two different people.) Maybe the casual viewer or someone who doesn't listen to Rick's music has an easier time watching these types of scenes and finding it more believable? I don't know. It's just taking me some time to dive into the roles and try and forget that it's not supposed to be Rick Springfield, but Eli and Noah. This messes with my mind! 

Another cute line from Eli when Noah entered his room: "You weird me out dude." This scene was REALLY far-fetched in my opinion, since Patrick generally appears to have no faith in his dad about much of anything. Patrick suddenly believes that his dad can imitate a rock star, and he's presenting the idea to Eli. (the fact that it's for an AIDS benefit of course prompted Patrick's interest in the concert going on.) I realize it's a soap, and in order for the story to take off, it had to be said. Why is it though with soaps that when scenes have something that NEEDS to be said fairly quickly, it drags out for days, or even weeks? (such as the whole baby Jake thing! Ugh.) But then when it's a question or comment that really should be pondered or considered, or maybe even struggled over, it's blurted out in a way that seems premature. As silly as it seemed, I did love Noah's reaction: "Are you CRAZY?" and then Eli's outburst of laughter and laughing eyes: "No way in hell mate!" 

Let's see what the story brings. So far, I really am enjoying seeing a lot of Rick on GH. And I'm glad Rick is getting the challenge of playing two characters at once. I bet he's happy about that, and I think he`s doing a great job!  - Kelley Pearson