General Hospital
July 10, 2007

Scene 1
Eli: Hello. Well, if you're here for the music, you're welcome to stay. If not, shut the door on the way out, would you? Janelle and I would like a little privacy.
Patrick: Your test results are in. If I don't operate now, there's a good chance you could stroke out.
Eli: Save your breath, doc. There's not going to be an operation.
Patrick: If I don't, you could die.
Eli: Look, people are paying to see me at this benefit, not some look-alike. Why don't you tell the good doctor there's no substitute for the real thing?
Eli: So the doc wants to operate on me before the pediatric aids benefit.

Janelle: I stood in line two days to get these tickets. Eli has to be there.
Patrick: If Eli doesn't have the surgery, he'll be dead before he ever steps foot on stage.
Eli: The doctor also wants to put a stand-in in.
Janelle: I didn't pay $600 to have some guy lip-synch Eli's songs.
Patrick: Ok, first of all, my father would not be lip-synching --
[Eli laughs]
Patrick: And if he were, it would still be a better show than watching Mr. Love here have a stroke on stage. Or would watching him die be worth your 600 bucks?
Robin: You'll have to excuse dr. Drake. Sometimes he can be very passionate about his patients' well-being.
Eli: Yeah, you should chill out, mate. You're going to be the one that has the stroke.

Scene 2
Patrick: Hey.
Noah: Hey. Do me a favor. I need a second opinion on --
Patrick: Yeah, I -- I need to talk to you first. It's about Eli Love.
Noah: Well, I saw the results. I mean, the guy needs his surgery as soon as possible, and I should be the attending --
Patrick: That's not --
Noah: But if you want me to scrub in, I will.
Patrick: That's not exactly what I want to talk about here.
Noah: Well, if you're still pushing for me to impersonate this guy, forget it.
Patrick: Dad, it's a fundraiser for pediatric aids research. How could you say no to that?
Noah: I'm a doctor. I have no business getting up on stage imitating a singer --
Patrick: It's not like you're going to be alone. There's going to be a band, backup singers. After a few rehearsals, nobody's going to know the difference.
Noah: Right, until they turn the microphone on. You've heard me, Patrick. I can't sing. I couldn't carry a tune if it had handles.
Patrick: You just have to get up on stage and fake it.
Noah: That's real easy for you to say.
Patrick: Come on. You know how many people would die to have a chance like this?
Noah: Yeah, well, not me.
Patrick: Don't tell me you've never fantasized about being a rock star.

Scene 3
Eli: Look, no offense, dude, but seeing my double walking around in a doctor's coat is like a violation of the natural order of things.
Noah: Yeah. I know the feeling. I spent years hiding from reality in the bottom of a bottle. You're like a -- a bad flashback.
Eli: Really? Why don't you sign my release papers, and we won't have to see each other ever again.
Noah: Look -- you need this operation.
Eli: If I don't do this concert, there's going to be a lot of little kids dying instead. All right, this concert will raise a lot of money for research.
Noah: All right, look, if the only way for you to have this operation is for me to get up on stage and pretend to be you, I'll do it. Wait, what are you doing?
Eli: Do you think I spent two decades building my car-- my reputation as a musician so a -- an amateur could throw it away in one night, forget it.
Epiphany: No, you're going to keep your butt in this bed.
Eli: I'm checking out.
Robin: What's going on?
Epiphany: Mr. Love thinks he's leaving.
Patrick: You're not going anywhere.
Eli: Just watch me.

Scene 4
Eli: Get this thing out of my arm.
Robin: Listen, you are on blood thinners. If you take that out, your clot could get worse.
Patrick: The medication is just a stopgap. You could have a fatal embolism at any time.
Eli: Really? Well, that'd be preferable to watching your old man get up on stage for me.
Noah: Hey, you don't have to kill yourself to stop me from singing, ok? I was never crazy about the idea in the first place.
Patrick: You happy now?
Eli: Hey, mate, this is not a joke, all right? I gave my word to these people I'd play this concert.
Epiphany: If you love your fans as much as you claim you do, then you should be willing to make a few sacrifices. Have the surgery so you can be around to record another album.
Eli: Hey, nice try. It's not going to work. I'm leaving. If you people want to stand around and watch me pull this thing out of my arm and get into my clothes, you're welcome to it, knock yourself out.
Epiphany: Well, you can go right on ahead -- it's not the first time I have seen it.
Eli: Oh --
Robin: Give me the crash cart, stat.
Epiphany: Oh, he's out.

[approximately 4:33  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Patrick hears music coming from Eli's room and finds him playing with a lady at his side. He gives him the whole imminent death news. {OK, so Epiphany stole his clothes but not his guitar? Very cool to hear the strumming But nice to know a random fan can find their way into Eli's hospital room…. Hmmm…..

Eli explains the situation to the fan sitting practically on his lap and she is less than interested in Patrick's solution. {OK, so how brilliant is it to TELL people about the plan? Geez, how quickly will everyone know that Eli is not that one up there? Smart move boys. And I like how the fan is indignant over the thought of Eli missing the show but apparently not really phased by the concept he may die. Oh and Noah won’t be lip syncing? He will really be signing? Patrick thinks that is realistic?}

Patrick then tries to convince Noah that it is a workable idea. {I love how easy Patrick makes this out to be and that just because it is for charity that it is suddenly a completely rational plan. Huh? Although Noah's face when Patrick says "Don't tell me you've never fantasized about being a rock star" … classic! I could just envision a little smirk in there. }

Noah goes to see Eli and they spend time insulting each other. Then, when Noah tells him he would take his place on stage Eli freaks out and tries to get out of bed. {I really like how Eli equates him not doing the show with children dying. Granted money will be raised but it will not immediately save nor kill children. But nice little ego there. And then his sheer panic at the news Noah would agree to impersonate him is funny and it brought on another little wrestling match with Epiphany.}

Eli still insists on leaving and tries to stand but instead collapses onto the bed. {Where did Eli get his hospital gown? Those things are never that long! So unfair… just so unfair… oh yeah and apparently Eli's condition has worsened too, but back to that gown… really? } - Jen H.

I think I've already become spoiled with seeing a lot of Rick on GH and so I've been a bit bummed the last few days when he hasn't showed up. But the preview after today was showing what may be some 'new' stuff for Noah and Eli tomorrow. Yay!

I don't remember seeing Eli's guitar strapped to the gurney when they rolled him up from ER! I guess someone brought it by so he could entertain adoring fans who drop by GH in their evening attire??! LOL 

Eli looks so comfy in the bed propped up on his guitar, doesn't he? Reminds me of Rick. Hahaha I can't get over how the fan---Janelle---is more concerned over Eli's concert than Eli's health. Personally if Rick Springfield had a serious condition that might kill him, I'd be more worried about HIM than the show. 

I absolutely loved Eli's line to Patrick when he storms in after hearing the guitar strumming from out in the hall. He tells him, "chill out mate. You're going to be the one who has the stroke." And then we see those laughing Rick Springfield eyes. Ok, no matter how great of an actor he is…I'm still seeing glimpses of our man RS! It's only natural that the real Rick shines through in certain scenes.

I thought Rick looked exceptionally good for some reason in the scene where Patrick finds Noah reading over the patient files and then begins pleading with him to fill in for Eli. OK…….yet another really far-fetched scene. It's a soap, it's a soap, it's a soap. It's so strange hearing Rick say that he can't sing. Patrick believes that Noah can pull this off…that he can get up and sing and play guitar for Eli. I mean, no one would know, would they?! LOL Next time Ann Wilson needs a vocal replacement, they can just call me and all will be fine! Ha! And it won't take me long to learn the guitar and how to sing like her either. Alright, so it makes for a good story as far as Noah is concerned. I guess we'll see. ;-) 

Did I see Ricky in his Simple shoes/sneakers that he wears on stage? How cute the way he's wearing his normal shoes for his Noah part. I can't help but grin every time the show a shot of Noah's feet and he's got on those black and white sneaks! 

I really liked the Noah/Eli scene when Noah tells Eli about how he was a drunk and that Eli is like a `bad flashback' for him. LOL And of course, Noah suddenly agrees to Patrick's plea and tells Eli that he will in fact stand in for him. It pisses Eli off and he tries to yank out his tubes. Pip, Patrick and Robin hear the commotion and come in. {Funny how they're always right on hand when the time is right!} Epiphany tells Eli to make some sacrifices and go through with the surgery, for the sake of his fans. Eli tries to get up and Pip sort of pushes him back into bed. Did SHE cause his sudden attack? LOL It sure appeared that way, as Eli falls back onto the bed right at that moment, a bit too abruptly and stiffly I thought, and the bells go off on the machines. This reminded me of Noah's attack when he had his liver transplant! {Oooo weeee….and we see a bit of `leg' coming out of Eli's gown in this scene! Now that was a nice shot! } - Kelley Pearson