General Hospital
July 13, 2007

Scene 1
Eli: You know, doc --
Noah: Hmm?
Eli: Women show up backstage and ask me to autograph parts of their bodies. How can I give that up?
Noah: You've seen one, you've seen them all.
Eli: That is absolutely not true. Besides, Lifebeat tells me this concert's sold out. That translates to quite a few million for aids research, you know?
Noah: I -- I told you that i would stand in for you if you wanted me to.
Eli: You do understand that standing in for me doesn't mean "standing in for me"? There is some movement involved.
Noah: Well, how hard could it be?
Eli: Oh, I tell you what -- while you're onstage pretending to be me, I'll just duck into the operating room and perform a little brain surgery. You know, that's how hard it is -- and I never lip-synch. You can't possibly duplicate my voice.
Anna: I'm so sorry to intrude! Oh -- oh. There's two of you? Wow -- this is my lucky day.

Scene 2
Noah: I'm sorry, are -- are you a friend of Mr. Love's?
Anna: Not yet. Uh -- oh, "Noah Drake"? Ha! Anna Devane.
Noah: Oh, oh, Robin's Anna? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard a lot about you. We should get together and talk about those two crazy kids.
Anna: Oh, um, can I talk to you just for a minute outside? Because -- just -- you know, like that. Ok, stay there. Is he -- uh -- oh, wow. Uh, here's the thing. This is incredibly vain, really stupid and silly and all the rest of it, but, um, I just -- I just wonder if you wouldn't mention the fact in front of him that I have an adult daughter?
Noah: I will if you stop staring at me.
Anna: I'm sorry. I can't help it. I mean, this is so weird, you know? I mean, everybody always says that we have a twin somewhere in the world -- it just so happens I do. But you and Eli -- uncanny.
Noah: Well, actually, we're very different once you get below the surface, for which I am happy.
Anna: Oh, no, he is so talented. Oh, my god, you just got to go to one of his concerts and find out for yourself.
Noah: That -- that is the plan.
[Pager beeps]
Noah: Oh, uh, you know what? I got to get this page. I have a feeling that we will meet again.
Anna: Oh, yeah, no doubt. No doubt at all.
Eli: Where's my doctor?
Anna: Uh -- he's left you in good hands. I'm so sorry you're in this horrible, horrible place. I'm Anna Devane.
Eli: Yeah, I -- I heard. Eli love.
Anna: Yeah, I know -- big fan, huge fan! "Huge."

Anna: There was a time that i saw every single one of your concerts -- the "red tide" tour, the "which way to forever" tour, and that was right after you released the triple-disc retrospective -- that was brilliant! The first date was in San Francisco, huh, right? The last gig -- Sao Paolo. Ha.
Eli: That was a worldwide tour.
Anna: Yes! Well, I travel a lot for my work. Oh, I'm so sorry, I -- oh -- very presumptuous of me to be in your hospital room. So, what I was wondering -- you know, if it wasn't too much and if you didn't feel like I was imposing, if you had a minute or -- you know, would it be possible --
Eli: Hey, it's not the first time I've been asked since I got into the hospital. Where do you want it?
Robin: I don't have to worry about my mother, she's an adult, and she's not going to do anything to embarrass herself. Mother!

Scene 3
Robin: Did you get a page, too?
Noah: Yeah. What's going on?
Patrick: I have no idea. He's getting tests done.
Noah: Well, he's not back yet.
[Anna hums]
Robin: Mom, you are not a groupie. We can't take souvenirs.
Anna: Oh, don't be ridiculous. I'm trying to help you save a rock legend.
Patrick: How?
Anna: Well, just quick thinking and utter devotion. Uh -- so, drop your pants, sweetie.

[approximately 4:48  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Eli and Noah are chatting, when Anna – the BIG ELI LOVE FAN – pops into the room. {Apparently Eli was revived, although watching them 'chat' is odd. Rick is talking to Rick… so odd. Although getting Noah to say things like 'you’ve seen one, you've seen them all' and 'how hard could it be?' ha! And then Eli offering to do brain surgery in Noah's place and proclaiming he never lip-syncs…. And then Noah rolling his eyes when Eli claims he could not duplicate his voice. Ha! OK maybe this type of conversation is not odd, it is quite entertaining!}

So Anna gets to meet both Noah and Eli and chats with them both before having Eli sign her shirt. Nice. {The way Anna stares at Noah is quite funny, she just cannot help herself. And their banter is mildly flirtatious and she does check out his backside as it walks away...hmmm. And then Anna and Eli, first she scares him a bit with the psycho fan recount of his tours but then impresses him that she traveled world wide. But exactly where does Eli keep his sharpie? Appeared to be tucked into his undies (if he is wearing any )!}

While Eli is off getting tests done, Noah, Patrick & Robin are paged to his room by Anna who asks Noah to drop his pants. {HA! The shock on Noah's face after Anna's request is classic. Alas, we do not get to see that...} - Jen H.

Anna couldn't have been more right on today's show when she enters the room to find TWO men who look like Noah/Eli and says, "Today's my lucky day!" Oh yes….I think I would feel the same way if I saw a double of Rick, standing with Rick. LOL Just how weird would THAT be?! I've been saying for some time that we need a `clone' of Rick Springfield. It looks like GH has fulfilled that wish. Ha ha! 

What I wouldn't give to know what went through Rick's mind at the line---"You've seen one, you've seen them all." (in reference to Eli's comment about signing various body parts for women) I liked his expression when Eli tells him `that is absolutely not true.' And Eli is right! No two women are just alike. 

I'm still finding it strange though to see Rick talking to himself. :-P In one scene I noticed you could see the side of "Eli's" hair when Noah was also in the scene. I wonder who that was? Someone from the normal cast of GH? I can't think of anyone on the show who has hair dark enough to match Noah's, so I'm guessing it probably wasn't a usual actor. The feathered edges of the stand-in person's hair was a bit different than Eli's, but it was still believable if you don't dissect it too closely, as I have a bad tendency to do! Details, details! 

I had a cracking up moment when Noah was trying to convince Eli that he could pull off posing as him, and Eli comes back quite sarcastically with, "Oh, I'll tell ya what. While your onstage pretending to be me, I'll just duck into the operating room and perform a little brain surgery." LMAO! Eli is right once again. There is just no substitute for the real thing, whether it be a rock star or a brain surgeon. 

Boy was I swooning at that smile of Noah's and those smiling eyes when Anna realized who Noah was, when she spotted his name tag. He wants to get together with Anna at some point and discuss those "crazy kids." Hmmm….I'm sure Patrick and Robin would be REALLY thrilled to hear that! 

Anna is pretty much cracking me up. Her hand signals and rantings are comical to me. She reminds me so much of a Rick Springfield fan (some of us anyway! LOL) with her dreamy looks, primping, worrying, excitement. And then to top it all off, she drags Noah outside of Eli's room to ask him to please keep it a secret from Eli that she has an "adult daughter." How funny is that? Like it might ruin her `image?!' Cute, just too cute. Now what about Anna checking out Noah's butt when he got a page and walked away?! I thought that was a funny little add-in and especially the look on Anna's face as if she liked what she saw. (I'm sure she DID! ) 

Another thing I thought was funny was the "oh-my-God,-are-you-a-stalker?" look on Eli's face when Anna came back into the room alone. He's kind of leaning back, looking at her with suspicion as if she might pounce on his bed any second. The way she was carrying on and waving her hands around, I can't really blame him for his reaction! I wonder how many times Rick himself has felt this way upon meeting various fans over the years! I swear though, when Anna was telling Eli about how many of his shows around the world and across the country that she had seen, again I was reminded of Rick fans and the travels they take to see his amazing performances. I'm guessing that the writing of this storyline is supposed to remind Rick fans of his career. 

I thought the little scene with Patrick and Robin by the nurses desk was pretty cute. When Anna first set off to find Eli's room, Robin said something about how she hoped that her mother was mature enough not to sling her undies at Eli. Then Patrick comes back with something like, `My guess is…she's not wearing any underwear.' LOL What was it Anna called underwear? Knickers?! Ok, so Anna is an Eli groupie. A bit strange, but also cute and funny in so many ways. I've seen women who are generally very composed and `mature' turn into complete fools and squealing teens again at the mere mention or sight of Rick Springfield. (um…including myself!) So yes, I can believe that she would lose all her sensibility at the thoughts of actually meeting her favorite rock star. 

Gee, Eli is all prepared with a sharpie under the covers when Anna asks for an autograph! LOL Did he have it stashed in his `knickers' or just lying under the covers beside his leg? I'm surprised Epiphany didn't confiscate the marker! Eli asks Anna, "Where do you want it?" and I absolutely loved the look on Eli's face when he asked her this…like a man who is very used to seeing just about anything. Robin and Patrick enter just in time to see Anna with her shirt open, back to the door and Robin exclaims, "MOTHER!" When she turns around, Eli is looking quite pleased with himself, sharpie in the air and Anna has his signature on her white `under shirt.' Too comical when Anna is out by the desk a bit later, swooning over her autograph and tells Robin that she plans to wear it to the show and then frame it. 

Anna appears to be `prowling' in Eli's room, digging out clothes when the docs walk in and catch her. Eli is not in the room. He has gone down the hall for testing at the moment. I really liked Anna's line when she told Robin that she is `just trying to save a rock legend.' Hey, I know it's Eli Love she was referring to, but I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe people are finally seeing Rick's importance in the music industry and realizing that he IS in fact a rock and roll legend. Everything else seems to lean towards Rick's real career, so I will stand firm in believing that this was also meant to relate to Rick the musician. J 

Wasn't that a killer look of shock on Noah's face when the 3 were in Eli's room and Anna tells Noah, "Drop your pants, sweetie." (I couldn't help but think of Rick here as well, since he tends to call his female fans `sweetie!' ) The look of utter shock from Noah was a hoot. I had to rewind that back just to see his drop-jawed expression again. - Kelley Pearson