General Hospital
July 16, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: It's bad enough that my mother is a rock 'n' roll groupie, that she had to travel across the world, rappel through our skylight so that she wouldn't miss an Eli Love concert.
Patrick: Robin, you need to calm down.
Robin sighs]
Robin: Do you understand that my mother just said to your father to drop his pants?

Anna: Oh, just do it.
Noah: I have to check my pager.
Anna: You just checked it twice -- and you picked up your messages, and you called downstairs to the lab to see how Eli's doing waiting for his cat scan.
Noah: I'm not dropping my pants.
Anna: I thought you said that you would step in for Eli at the Lifebeat concert. You want to raise money for all those aids charities, don't you?
Noah: Yes, I do, but I don't --
Anna: Of course you do, because you are a healer and a saver of lives.
Noah: Yes, I'm a --
Anna: And you have the chance to save thousands of lives. And all you have to do -- a little rock 'n' roll, that's it.

Scene 2
Patrick: You know what? My father has probably already backed out of it, that's what he does. He never follows through with anything.
Robin: Yeah, well, my mother is relentless.
Patrick: And so are you, and it can be a turn-on in the right circumstances.
Robin: Hmm?
Patrick: Yes.
Anna: Oh, sorry. Don't mind us. Carry on.
Robin: You're supposed to be downstairs waiting for tests.
Patrick: Are you trying to trigger an embolism? You want to pass out right in front of your biggest fan?
Noah: Hey, hey, just relax, all right? It's me, it's your father.
Patrick: Oh.

Scene 3
Robin: Just seeing this could trigger an embolism.
Patrick: No, don't worry. Epiphany's stalling the tests. Eli's stuck downstairs until I give word.
Robin: This may take a while.
Anna: So, now, you can't walk onto the stage like a doctor heading for the E.R., All right?
Noah: All right.
Anna: You have to strut. So, this is it. You just strut, stride, strut. Ok? Kind of like this. You strut, and you take in the stage, you take in the room, and every woman in it.
Robin: Mom, I think he has it, ok?
Anna: Working here.
Noah: I -- I can handle this.
Anna: All right. So go, strut.
[Noah sighs]
Anna: Yeah, that's -- that's fine. You're really close, really close.
Noah: Ok, all right.
Anna: Um, so we'll work on that. Now, the music -- music. You have to keep in mind that it's only rock 'n' roll, that it's three chords with "attitude."
Patrick: I'm going to be sick.
Anna: I think you're going to have to watch all of Eli's videos, but I know every nuance of every song ever written. That is why I think it's going to be better for us to work one-on-one. Do you play at all?
Noah: Uh -- I've dabbled.
Patrick: Ah, see? You have secretly always wanted to be a rock star.
Robin: Shh.
Anna: Oh. Well, dr. Drake, now your dreams are going to come true. So, go for it. You hold that in this hand.
Noah: What, now?
Anna: There's a young girl in the front row just about to throw you her panties.
Robin: Mother --
Anna: I'm trying. So come on, dr. Drake, show us your stuff. A little hot power chord and a "ooh, baby." And -- go.
Noah: Ooh, baby.
Anna: Yeah.

Scene 4
Noah: Ow -- yeah, baby!
Anna: You all right?
Noah: Yeah, I'm all right. What do you think?
Patrick: You know what? It's not too late to change the plan.
Noah: What, you think I can't do this?
Anna: Oh, oh, you -- you have to.
Patrick: Ok, but the idea is to raise money for Lifebeat, not start an angry riot with fans. They're paying big money to see Eli Love, and it doesn't matter how much you look like it -- the minute you start singing, it's over.
Robin: Well, have we completely ruled out the idea of lip-synching?
Anna: Well, Eli -- he would never lip-synch his own material.
Robin: Well, you know what? It's not too late to cancel.
Noah: No, no, nobody's -- we're not going to cancel this. This was your idea, Patrick. I'm not going to back out now and have you moan for the next 20 years about how I let you down.
Patrick: You'll look like an idiot.
Anna: You will be brilliant. Shut up. Ok, so, these are the three basic chords. Memorize those, all right, and practice your strut -- try not to hurt yourself -- and I will see you in the morning, all right?
Noah: I am going to do this, don't try and stop me.
Robin: This is not going to work.
Anna: Oh, I've had tougher assignments. I can't quite think of them at the moment, but I -- I know I have.

approximately 4:52  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

While Robin freaks out over Anna's request to Noah, Anna tries to convince a very unwilling Noah to drop his pants. {OK, so isn't there a bathroom in this room? Couldn't Noah maintain his modesty that way, or does Anna want to help show him a 'little rock and roll' but also see a little bit of leg? She is a smart lady. }

Patrick and Robin are so concerned about the situation that they begin making out in the locker room right when Anna leads Noah into the room. Both Robin and Patrick assume he's Eli so apparently he passes the appearance test. {Patrick's impressed 'oh' says a lot… but seeing Noah dressed up like Eli... wowzer. Very nice, very very nice. I think Rick should borrow some of Eli's duds!}

Back in Eli’s room Anna gives Noah a lesson in strutting and strumming with Patrick & Robin as the audience. {Rock star 101. Unfortunately Noah's strutting looked more like 'walking-with-a-pole-up-his-butt' and his strumming was off key and uncomfortable. But it was entertaining to see Noah and Anna interaction and Noah's complete concentration and yet abject failure at Anna's requests. He was trying but just not succeeding but still looking very cute in Eli's clothes.}

Noah injuries himself on the guitar and Patrick is ready to abandon ship. Noah insists he can do it and storms out with Anna's homework and the guitar. {I'm shocked he did not damage the guitar with how he stormed out of there and the awkward way it was flung under his arm. Also pretty funny how he went from totally against this idea to positive he can make it work, if for nothing else than to prove to Patrick he can. Great, this is how we work on the father / son relationship?} - Jen H.

Robin's distaste towards her mom, her supposedly mature mother, being an Eli groupie is pretty funny. I wonder how many daughters really feel this way in real life about their mothers who frequent Rick shows?! I know my daughter thinks I'm a bit over the top when it comes to Rick. Noah is too funny. He's making excuses like crazy to keep from dropping his pants in front of Anna--"I need to check my pager." And apparently he'd made calls and checked messages too. Would he be stalling?! I love how he's trying to talk and make excuses and Anna keeps butting in. This scene made me think of the `shy' real-life Rick that we all know and love, but not Noah so much. Back in the day, Noah probably wouldn't have given it a second thought if an attractive woman was insisting he drop his pants! He might have locked the door and did as she asked. 

So Anna finally manages to get Noah into the rock star clothes, and my oh my does he look FINE in his black jeans, black leather jacket and necklaces. (But where is his earring? Must not be anyone available to pierce his ear at GH. Maybe Anna will do it later with an ice cube and a sterile needle! Hee hee!) And I guess he DID drop his pants for Robin's mom. I wonder if he pulled the curtain?! With any luck on Anna's part…maybe not! Robin and Patrick are jabbering back and forth, when in walks Anna and Noah. Patrick immediately begins scolding "Eli" for being up and dressed, asking him if he's trying to trigger another embolism. Noah tells him, "Hey, hey. Relax, alright? It's me. It's your father." If I didn't know any better, I'd think Rick Springfield had just entered the room, not Noah OR Eli Love. Ha ha! 

I found the next scenes to be pretty funny too. Rick could have just walked like himself, or like Noah would normally walk…with that sexy strolling/saunter type walk that he has…and he would have had the rock star walk pegged! But I know it's for the sake of the story. Noah is supposed to know nothing about being a rock star, so he `needs' to listen to Anna's advice. After all, if anyone around that hospital would know how Eli walks and struts, it'd be Anna…his life-long groupie. Right?! 

Once his walk is down pat (which was cute, watching Rick/Noah pretend like he doesn't have a cool walk. That must have been difficult for him while filming!), then it's time to learn the guitar, practically overnight. Noah tells them that he's `dabbled' on the guitar, and Patrick jumps in---"Ah, see. You have always secretly wanted to be a rock star." (well, I know that *I* have!) Another scene that was also comical and ironic was watching Rick pretend to NOT know how to play guitar, or how to be cool. (I mean, we're talking about the 'King of Cool' in my book! ) The "Oooo baby" and the "Ow, yeah baby" lines were priceless! LOL Noah says this because Anna tells him to picture a girl in the front row who's about to throw her panties at him. Even funnier! And she says, "Come on Dr. Drake, show us your stuff. A little hot power chord and an `ooh baby.'"

Noah is willing to give this a try, but it's obvious he's pretty hesitant about whether or not he can really pull it off. But then the minute Patrick speaks of any doubt about Noah's ability to transform into Eli, Noah is bound and determined that he WILL do it. A bit of an ego going on there, or just that he wants to prove Patrick wrong, or both? Now am I dreaming, or did Patrick contradict himself on today's show? I thought that just the other day he felt really good about Noah singing as Eli, but then on today's show he says, "it doesn't matter how much you look like him, the minute you start singing…it's over." Huh? I thought HE---Patrick---was the one who said it wasn't going to be a problem. It appears that both of the Drake men are pretty contrary, always changing their minds and contradicting what they say. At least Noah called him on it---"This was your idea Patrick." Thank you Noah…that's what I thought. J Patrick: "You'll look like an idiot." Oh no he won't! He'll look GREAT! LOL 

I love how Rick pretended to be so awkward carrying the guitar when he left the room. He tries to "tuck" it under his arm and marches out, nearly whacking Robin and Patrick with the neck of the guitar. Hahaha…now just how many times has RICK whopped a fan in the head, or nearly hit someone in the head with the neck of it?! Noah---"I'm going to do this. Don't try to stop me." Whoo Hoo…GO NOAH! 

Right now, I'm liking this storyline a lot more than I thought I would. I'm quite anxious to see what's on the horizon for our man Noah. - Kelley Pearson