General Hospital
July 17, 2007

Scene 1
Anna: Hi. 
Eli: Hey. 
Anna: Remember me? 
Eli: Yeah. I signed your underwear. 
Anna: Yeah. I'll treasure it forever. 
Eli: You've been to a lot of my concerts, and travel for your work. 
Anna: That's right. I'm going to stay put for a while, though, to help save your life. 

Scene 2
Anna: I think we probably -- you could squeeze a session in right here. It's in between the department meeting and after your rounds. 

Noah: I don't know, that's pretty tight. 
Anna: You're afraid of me? 
Noah: Oh, that's ridiculous. 
Anna: Yes, you are. You're all left brain. Logical and detail-oriented, and safe. I mean, if you're going to find your inner Eli, you're going to have to access your right brain, which is nonlinear, impetuous, and emotion-based. What? 
Noah: Well, you -- you're certainly talking my language. I am a neurosurgeon, after all. 
Anna: I'm sure you're brilliant. 
Noah: Hmm. 
Anna: But I would like to remind you, when the music goes in the ear and rolls around the brain, it comes out through the hips. 
Noah: Yeah, well, we have a bigger problem than my dormant right hemisphere at the moment. Eli is not agreeing to the surgery. 
Anna: Do you think that's his best chance? 
Noah: Yes, I do. 
Anna: Maybe I'll try to convince him -- the way that I'm going to transform you in to a rock star. 
Noah: Well, you know what? If anybody could do it, I believe you could. 
Anna: Well, I don't know. 
Robin: Excuse me, can I speak to you for a minute? 
Anna: Yeah. What? Is something wrong? 
Robin: Mom, you know how happy I am to see you. 
Anna: Yeah? 
Robin: And I think that it's great that you are, you know, throwing yourself into this project. But at any minute, you could get a call and have to go and save the world. Do you really think it's a good thing to make commitments that you may not be able to live up to? 
Anna: Well, if you're talking about Noah and Eli, I promise you, I've got that under control. But if you're saying you want me to stick around permanently, all you have to do is ask. 

Scene 3
Patrick: You can't put the surgery off any longer. 
Eli: I haven't heard you say I'll make a full recovery. I -- I need to be able to still work. 
Patrick: Look, Mr. Love, the only guarantee that I can give you is that without the surgery, you will not survive. 
Robin: No one can promise results with brain surgery. 
Anna: Hi. 
Eli: Hi. 
Anna: Sorry to intrude. How are you doing? 
Eli: Uh -- apparently, I might be dying. 
Anna: Ah. 
Robin: Eli wants a promise that the surgery won't leave him impaired. 
Anna: Yeah. That's the trouble with rock stars. They expect to get what they a ask for. 
Eli: Hmm. 
Anna: I mean, it's a shame you're just not like the others, demanding white flowers in your dressing room and no red candies backstage. 
Eli: I'm partial to my brain the way it is. 
Anna: Apparently, your affection is misplaced. Your brain is vulnerable, and it intends to harm you, and no matter how much you wish it so, you are, as Patrick so brilliantly put it, a time bomb. So just how selfish do you want to -- I thought that we had settled this earlier. I told you that it is wrong of you to choose to die. You are going to break a lot of hearts. 
Eli: I got no kids. I'm not married. Won't leave anybody behind. 
Anna: Well, I'm offended. You know, when you get up there and you accept those awards, and you say, "I would like to thank my fans," it seems like you don't really mean it. Now, look, here's the problem, Eli. Because you have set up your life so you answer to no one. And now, you're going to die the same way? Oh, god, that is so sad. It is. I would like to stick around just to make sure that my gravestone didn't say "she died lonely and alone." 
Eli: I've had my share of good times. 
Anna: No, I'm not talking about signing some woman's underwear. I mean, you're already a genius at writing about solitude and passion. What I want to hear is what you would say about deep, abiding love. You would make me cry. I know it. 
Eli: You want to keep me alive to make you cry? 
Anna: Yeah. I want you to grasp the possibilities. And -- and when you're all well, fall in love. It doesn't have to be with me. And write, and sing about it. You'll thank me. I promise. 
Eli: You know, for someone who doesn't know me very well, you sure take some liberties, sister. 
Anna: Oh, I know you better than you think. 
Patrick: So is that a yes? 
Eli: Anna has to hold up her part of the bargain, all right? She's got to make sure that your old man rocks the house. 

Scene 4
Patrick: Well, I got to say, Eli owes you his life. You are the most persuasive, determined woman I've ever met. 
Anna: Oh. 
Robin: How come you think it's so adorable on her, but not so much on me? 
Patrick: I don't know. Maybe it's the accent. 
Robin: Thanks. 
Patrick: Hey -- come on. 
Robin: You want to kiss me right now, don't you? 
Patrick: Yes, I do. 
Robin: Too bad. Ms. Sneed could be lurking. 
Patrick: Ms. Sneed can wait her turn. 
Robin: Really? 
Patrick: Ugh. 
[Robin laughs] 
Patrick: Terrible. 
Anna: I don't know her. 
[Robin and Patrick laugh] 
Noah: Hey. What are you smirking about? 
Patrick: Uh -- well, Anna convinced Eli to have the surgery, so that means the spotlight's on you, old man. 
Noah: Oh, dear god. [Anna gasps] 
Noah: Oh. Wow. This is real? Well, I'm happy for Eli, but I think I'm going to have a heart attack. 

Anna: Oh, no, no, no, it's fine. You'll be lovely. I mean, you almost look the part. You just need a little grooming. 
Patrick: And the show's in two weeks, so you have time to prepare. 
Anna: Exactly. I mean, there's just that fundraising cocktail tomorrow. But you don't have to sing there. You just have to prove that you're the real deal, you know? Oh -- one thing. Eli is a really heavy drinker. I hope you can hold your liquor. 

approximately 6:29  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Anna is in Eli's room flirting with him. {Nice how she hangs out in his room, waiting for him to wake up. And of course, it is nice he remembers her since I think that all happened only the day or so before (thus no short term memory loss).}

Anna then is talking to Noah or rather flirting with Noah until Robin interrupts. {Left brain / Right brain?! Nice one Anna. And he is embarrassed at her calling him brilliant and then swings her hips for to demonstrate her music theory. Nice very nice. Noah appears to be flirting back with her before Robin appears. So apparently Anna is working on both guys? Hey they are both Rick so this all works out well for us.

Patrick is trying to convince Eli to have the surgery but Eli is afraid of what he will be like post surgery and so he is resisting… until Anna appears and talks him into it. Thus he agrees to the surgery AND the Noah impersonation. {It was very sweet and touching how Anna is very stern in talking to Eli but talks to him in a way she knows he will react too. And presses the important buttons, his fans, his songs, his writing, how he touches people emotionally. All very smart. In fact, if GH is smart they have set up for the possibility of a future song about 'deep abiding love'… listening GH? }

Patrick gives Noah the good news, which causes Noah to almost hyperventilate. Then Anna fills Noah in on their first obligation – the cocktail party tomorrow. And she drops the bomb that Eli is a heavy drinker. {OK, first… they have two weeks until the show. If memory serves … didn't Jason, Alcazar… any possibly others, all have some type of brain surgery and were already up and about causing more problems two weeks later? Right? So is Eli just a slow healer? And then the dramatic turn (with appropriate music) when the drinking angle is brought up.. Noah looks appropriately panicked at the suggestion.} - Jen H.

Anna is on top of a mission. Eli is shown in the first scene today. YAY! Anna enters the room and talks to a sleepy Eli, telling him she is planning to help save his life. 

Absolute favorite line of the day, and in my top favorite lines since the Noah/Eli story began---Anna is discussing with Noah how he is left-brain and `detail-oriented,' and how he needs to access his right brain attributes if he really plans to transform into Eli. Then she tells him, "When the music goes in the ear and rolls around the brain, it comes out the hips." Classic! (and so, so true! Or it comes out in the feet, as in foot-tapping. LOL) 

I liked the conversation between Anna and Eli when she goes in to convince him to have the surgery. He acts unconcerned, saying he has no family, no kids. I thought it was good how she pointed out that if he risks his own life (by not having the surgery) that he could die, and thus break a lot of hearts. {As fans of Rick's and our concern for HIS well-being, I think we know that any one of us would surely have this same conversation with RS himself, if we thought he was ignoring an important, life-saving surgery.} She tells him that it looks as though he's set up his life to be this way…alone. And she made another great point---that she didn't want to have to set up her `gravestone to read, "She died lonely and alone."' It begins sinking in with Eli…you can see it in his eyes as he's listening to her. She is getting through. Robin and Patrick listen on as Anna speaks to Eli, speaking of things that really do make sense to someone who's a fan (and the rock star as well needs to understand this). And then---"You're already a genius at writing about solitude and passion. What I want to hear is what you'd say about deep, abiding love. You would make me cry. I know it." {I thought this was a really good Anna line. She is as passionate about Eli`s writing and the way it moves her, as we are about Rick`s songwriting!} 

Ok, twice now (or maybe 3 times?) Noah or Eli have used the term "Sister," which is so much like what Rick would say. LOL! Noah called Robin sister that time when she'd had too much tequila (or I think that's when it was), and now Eli responds, "For someone who doesn't know me very well, you sure take some liberties sister." Cute! Eli finally agrees and says that Patrick's "old man" (hey now!) better rock the house. 

On to the best part…I have to admit, I've rewound and watched this particular scene several times, just for the cracking up factor if nothing else (maybe I have a warped sense of humor). But I thought Noah was hysterical in his reaction when Patrick told Noah that Eli agreed to the surgery and said, "the spotlight's on you old man." Rick did such a great job here, and it was just comical to me. He says, "Oh dear God," and begins bending over, blowing into his hands, puffing out air from his cheeks (LOL…too funny! ), grabbing his forehead and generally breaking out into a cold sweat---"I think I'm gonna have a heart attack." Great job Rick! I swear I loved his reaction. Then for the `punch line'---Anna tells Noah about a cocktail party at the Metro Court the next night and that she `hopes he can hold his liquor' because Eli is a heavy drinker, and Noah will need to be convincing. Hmmm…looks like this could be interesting!  - Kelley Pearson