General Hospital
July 19, 2006

Scene 1 
Noah: Look, I feel like I'm responsible for this tension. I mean, you two were doing fine until I opened my big mouth and said what a great couple you are. 
Patrick: Don't flatter yourself. 
Noah: Yeah, well, I feel like I put a hex on it. You two can't stand each other now. 
Robin: Noah, believe me, you had nothing to do with it. 
Patrick: Yeah, we don't need your help despising each other. 
Robin: Yeah. I've never liked him. 
P.A. Announcer: Dr. Scorpio, 3404. 
Patrick: We had sex a few times. It wasn't a big deal. 
Robin: And he's pathologically incapable of discretion. 
Patrick: Well, why bother keeping it a secret? It's over, right? 
Robin: Yeah, it is over, and not a moment too soon. I'm done with him. 
Patrick: I'm done with her. 

Scene 2
Robin: Noah -- I'm really sorry about what happened out there. It's not your fault your son is a jerk .
Noah: Well, Patrick didn't have the best role model, so -- 
Robin: I disagree and I apologize. Even though Patrick dumps on you whenever he wants to doesn't mean that it's ok for me to do the same. 
Noah: You know, my son has a good heart. This cocky attitude he's got -- it's just a cover. He's not a bad guy. 
Robin: You know, I used to believe the same thing. Patrick Drake, the incredibly good-looking, amoral neurosurgeon, but really a decent guy underneath it all. I was wrong. Call it a diagnostic error. I ignored what was right in front of me the entire time, which is exactly what I learned not to do in med school. If he acts like a jerk, walks like a jerk, talks like a jerk, he's a jerk. Anyway, even though I had to learn my lesson the hard way, it doesn't mean that I can take out my frustration on you. 
Noah: Would you like to make it up to me? 
Robin: Sure. what would you like me to do?
Noah: I'd like you to have lunch with my son.

Scene 3
Robin: Why would I want to have lunch with Patrick? You saw us. We can't even stand to be in the same room together. 

Noah: Patrick's very passionate about you. 
Robin: We're doctors. We live in a high-stress environment. We're passionate about everything. 
Noah: No, no, no. I think it's different with you two. 
Robin: Well, I -- there's no "you two." I mean, we're not, and never have been, a couple. Went on a few dates, we figured out how incompatible we were, and decided to call it quits. 
Noah: So what difference would lunch make? 
Robin: Noah, I thought you wanted to stay out of this. 
Noah: Well, no, but see, I spent --no,  I wasted -- I wasted years running from people and relationships. I was just like Patrick. I was always chasing skirts, afraid of commitment. I don't want you two to make the same mistakes I made. 
Robin: Well, we won't, because there's nothing between us. 
Noah: What  if there could be? Speaking from hard earned experience, if there's even the slightest chance that you and  Patrick could have something real, don't walk away from it. Don't act like it's nothing. And don't assume you'll get a second chance. 
Robin: Have you mentioned this crazy lunch idea to Patrick? 
Noah: No, but I'm going to. 
Robin: No, don't. Because he won't show. 
Noah: How about you? Will you show? 

Scene 4
Noah: You know, Patrick, I made lunch reservations for two at the Metro Court today. 
Patrick: You want to have lunch with me? Why? 
Noah: I want you to have lunch with Robin. My treat. 
Patrick: Did you miss the fact that I can't stand that woman? 
Noah: Maybe you're a little afraid. 
Patrick: Robin Scorpio doesn't frighten me. She drives me nuts, but she doesn't frighten me. 
Noah: I think you care about her and you want her to care about you and I think that scares the hell out of you. 
Patrick: So now you're working as a shrink just in case the whole surgeon thing doesn't work out? 
Noah: You know, you have a choice here. You can either be a coward and run from this or you can find the courage to deal with a terrific woman who you can't get off your mind and who's probably falling in love with you. 
Patrick: I liked you better when you were drinking.

Scene 5
Noah: Look, I've been where you are. 
Patrick: I doubt it. 
Noah: I understand your refusal to commit. I'll even take some of the blame. Your life would've been much easier if I hadn't crawled into a bottle when your mother died. 
Patrick: Look, I'm over it. 
Noah: I loved your mother very much, Patrick. When she died, I trashed my life, and I think that you worry that if you fall in love with Robin and lose her, that you'll crash and burn like I did. 
Patrick: Where you and mom are concerned, things happen. You either move on or you don't. Now, as far as me being like you, don't worry about it because that's never going to happen. I'm already a better surgeon, I'm not a drunk, and I enjoy playing the field. 
Noah: Even at the expense of losing Robin, right? 
Patrick: What Robin wants, I cannot give her. We understand that and we both decided to move on. There's not a problem. 
Noah: Well, that explains why you're enjoying your life so much without her, doesn't it? 
Patrick: My life is fine. It sounds like you're the one that needs a project. Just do not make it me. 
Noah: Patrick, I had my choice of women, too, when I was your age. I didn't want to be tied down. But that's no way to live your life, believe me. 
Patrick: What do you want me to say? What do you want me to tell you? Robin and I -- look, she's great. We were honest with each other from the beginning. I'm not looking for a commitment and neither is she
Noah: Well, maybe that's what she says. 
Patrick: I guarantee you she will not show up for that lunch you arranged. 
Noah: Then what do you got to lose? Go. If she doesn't show up, you're right. But if she does, you know, maybe you got something worth fighting for. I don't know. 

[approximately 6:20  of Noah content]

 According to US

Wasn't this episode great? Right from when Rick....sorry Noah, sauntered off that elevator in the beginning I was woo-hooing at my TV. :-) Ya know, I don't know what it is now, but when he's on I still think of him as Rick. I can't help it.

Other than his makeup issues - I mean the man had no lips ... his scenes were really good with both Robin & Patrick. It was nice to see he & Patrick just talking with each other, not screaming at each other. Although Patrick was still being a stubborn ass - I guess we can't expect him to change overnight. 

What was up with Patrick doing a wardrobe change, and they come back from a commercial and we miss the pants coming off? Huh? It was bad enough I was yelling at Noah that he should've been changing as well... but jeez give a girl a break. I was waiting for the answer to the question of whether Patrick is a boxer, brief or commando kind of guy. ;-0

As much as I love seeing Noah in a suit - the scrubs are much more sexier, hands down. Forget the GH t-shirt for an encore change, let's just make it scrubs - shall we? - Michelle P.

I like how Noah comes off the elevator as if he's been leaning on the doors. 

And then the locker room scenes, I thought since we've seen enough girls in their bras we'd get something from Patrick. Although the chest was good - and the scrubs dipped down low enough that I wondered if anything was under there (OMG I cannot believe I wrote that ). Noah stripping.... err changing clothes, would have worked too. Are his scars in right spots for a liver transplant? Ohh wait, Patrick didn't have a mark on him, guess they are really good with their stitches at GH. 

In addition - I really thought a quick flashback to Noah's skirt chasing days was in order. That or I half expected him to say "Go talk to Bobbie and she'll confirm how I was". It was also an opportunity for Noah to say he changed when he met his wife or after he met her or something, to give us a little more on that history. 

But overall - lots of Noah yeah! And I like the idea for the scrubs on stage - blue scrubs would look lovely. As much as I like the suits - there is just something about the blue scrubs w/ black shirt underneath. - Jen H.

This was probably one of my favorites episodes so far since Noah returned to Port Charles. He looked so relaxed, rested and sincere with his lines. I was totally buying into the storyline. It looked like he's gotten some sun too. I think he needs to do more outdoor concerts and if that means shirtless encores well then so be - Charlotte P.

Finally!!!! I loved this episode. Finally, Noah shows up and has more than a couple of lines. Finally, Noah isn't oozing self pity all over the place. Finally, Noah goes the entire day without yelling at anyone. Finally Noah actually behaves like the dad and lets Patrick be the son and doesn't react like an 11 year old when Patrick tries to get to him. Finally, Noah takes his clothes off....oh wait, that didn't happen.....

I thought Rick looked really good, especially his hair. I guess I was so memorized by his hair that I didn't notice the make-up issues. The hair and the dark blue scrubs. And I agree, in the same way that Noah seems to have borrowed Rick's black t-shirt and his simple shoes, Rick needs to borrow those scrubs.

I am so glad that Noah seemed to be in a better mood and does seem to have crawled out of that hole of self pity he's been so consumed with. And it was nice to see him be more humored by Patrick's little fit than be pulled into an argument because of it. Even when Patrick said "I liked you better when you were drinking", you could see that comment probably stung a little, but he let it slide. 

I get the whole "Rick is touring and is busy and can't film very much" argument. But if they are going to have him bother to show up, give him something to do. They finally did that and I hope this is a trend that continues. - rlh

I loved this episode. Although, I can't really understand WHY Noah would be so insistent on getting Robin and Patrick together, I am not complaining, as long as we get to see RICK! 
I also love the scrubs and the black t-shirt underneath. I am so glad he dresses cool. The suits were a little much even though they looked great on him. Those simple shoes are just soooo cute! I have always loved to see him in those shoes. Don't know why, just one of my weird 'ways'.
I almost had to laugh when Noah tells Robin "Don't Walk Away from it".....hee hee....I think I look for those little Rick related things sometimes.
It was so great to see Noah for more than a couple lines worth, I am just hoping that it continues now. - Amy L.

All I can say…it’s about time Noah had some substantial screen time on today’s show! Thank you GH!!! Now, I only hope it will continue. Rick was amazing as always, and looked GREAT. One thing about it though, it appeared to me that the makeup department went a little crazy on him. He looks so fine with his natural face, but I realize they’d never put any of their actors on screen without some makeup…so, it’s all good J I love love love the blue scrubs. I kept watching to see if a bit of Rick’s tattoo would peek out under that short sleeve. LOL Do they have ways to cover up tattoos for TV?? It seemed so nice to see he and Patrick talking like normal human beings. I kept talking to the TV though saying, “come on baby…give us a smile.” I love to see him smile! He did “grin” a few times, just a bit, and that was nice…real nice. 

So Noah is now wanting to play matchmaker for Patrick & Robin? Okay…whatever gives us some Noah, works for me. That is a nice change of pace really. I LOVED his line to Robin about being a “skirt-chaser.” What a hoot! Um…yeah, he sure was. (and those skirts were chasing him too! Well they still are! OH no, that’s Rick, not Noah…not yet anyway. LOL) I had NO clue what Noah was going to say for a second when he asked Robin to do him a favor. I thought, “oh no…he’s not about to hit on Robin, surely.” Way off…whew…that would NOT have been cool! We definitely could use some scenes of Noah changing in the locker room. Maybe soon?? The GH viewers who don’t normally see pictures of Rick are in for a REAL treat when and if that day ever comes. At the risk of sounding crazy…I LOVE how Rick walks: the walk (stroll) off the elevator, and that precious walk out of the locker room. Any and all of the above, where he’s concerned! 

I’m hoping that Patrick & Robin will find they’ve missed one another, and that Noah did a good deed by setting up a lunch date. Then….maybe Patrick will thank Noah for “interfering!” I want more than anything to see father and son become close and begin sharing “old” stories, making new memories, etc…The anger thing was way overdone recently. I guess I’m just itching for some love & goodness between the two. AND to see Noah smile on a more regular basis. Rick has the most contagious smile anyway. Let the man smile GH….we need smiles in the worst kind of way. And my my, didn’t Patrick look HOT when he walked into the restaurant to meet Robin. He looks amazing in green. Come on GH, give us more Noah, like now! - Kelley Pearson
While Epiphany is berating Patrick & Robin for their childish behavior Noah exits the elevator {what an entrance – arms bracing the elevator doors, dressed in the dark blue scrubs and then the inquisitive/contemplative look that showed him taking in the scene.} 

Noah says he feels responsible for the tension since he brought up their relationship {what…almost a month ago? 6/29 till 7/19} Robin and Patrick snipe at each other and storm off. Noah just watches it and you can see the wheels turning in his head. 

Robin comes upon Noah in the locker room and apologizes {what NO changing scene? He’s just hanging out?!}. Noah defends Patrick, listens to Robin rant and then asks her to have lunch with Patrick. {Odd, now wouldn't a smarter move have been to ask her to lunch himself and do the same with Patrick? too underhanded?}

Robin doesn't see the sense in Noah’s idea. Noah speaks wistfully of his past trying to convince Robin not to make the same mistakes. {Oh what a cool little flashback to Dr. Noah Drake and his skirt chasing days that could have been! I liked when Noah could tell Robin is considering the lunch idea – he got a little smirk on his face.}

Noah tells Patrick about his lunch idea {OK I like Patrick changing too – but again, no Noah changing clothes? Missed opportunities! I like how Noah knows the right buttons to push, with Robin it was a favor and with Patrick he uses the idea of him being afraid of it – something his huge ego would not be able to deal with}

Noah again goes down memory lane trying to convince Patrick not to make his mistakes over again {With Noah being so sentimental, wouldn't this be a good time for HIM to get a new love interest going? ..hint hint hint…}

The lunch – both Robin and Patrick show up {kudos Noah, you did it! But why wasn't Noah lurking in the background? Wouldn’t he have wanted to see if it worked? If you are going to meddle, why not go all the way?} - Jen H.