General Hospital
July 20, 2006


Scene 1 

Patrick: Anyone notice we were gone? 
Robin: Hardly. 
Patrick: Good. 
Noah: Hey, you two. 
Robin: Dr. Drake, hello. 
Noah: How was lunch? 
Robin: Delicious. Thank you. 
Noah: Good. What -- what's in the package? 
Patrick: Lunch. 
Noah: O kay. I guess I get to be right every once in a while, huh? 
Patrick: . Look, don't jump to conclusions. Robin and I had a good time. Just we're not making any long-term plans is what I'm saying. 
Noah: Hey, I'm just glad you showed up. It's a big step, Patrick. 
Patrick: Why'd you do it? 
Noah: I like Robin. I think she's good for you. She doesn't let you get away with a lot. 
Patrick: Is that it? 
Noah: I was loved by an amazing woman. And I've been alone. The former's much better. See how bad you can screw this one up. 

[approximately 1:11  of Noah content]

 According to US

Rick was awesome in this episode, even if it was a very brief scene. I am loving how “pleasant” and content he appears. (not to mention handsome and adorable!) Such a beautiful change from all the anger and hostility he had last month. It’s obvious he and Patrick will take some time to become close, but maybe this is a step in the right direction for them. I love how Noah kind of “busts” Patrick and Robin and totally realizes what went on for their “lunch date!” You can see in Noah’s expression that he suspects they had each OTHER for lunch, since the food is in boxes! LOL…Cute! Oh he should know….that “skirt-chasing” Noah. He would do the same thing in Patrick’s shoes! (let’s hope we get some juicy scenes as good as what his son has had lately….a girl can wish anyway!)

I really like how Noah is still throwing out a few cocky little lines, but in a different manner than months past, such as “I guess I get to be right every once in a while, huh?” or “see how bad you can screw this one up.” He would just not seem like Noah at all without a few sly remarks. So I think that’s rather cool. I just hope it doesn’t become a thing between he & Patrick again about who’s right or wrong. I also LOVE the scenes and friendship between Noah & Robin. Those are some of the best in my opinion. She is an amazing actress! - Kelley Pearson

Patrick and Robin get lunch 'to-go' and then run up to Patrick's room for some business. When they return to the hospital Noah sees them and asks how lunch went. Robin beams when answering but Noah notices the take-out containers and figures out what happened. {I love the exchange between Noah & Patrick, when Patrick solemnly replies "lunch" to Noah's query about what was in the boxes, Noah looks down in an apparent effort to hide his grin.} Patrick quickly tells Noah not to make too much of it {The emotion shows on Noah's face and in his voice when he talks about his past love and loss. But obviously Noah is showing hope – so again it would be nice if Noah had a love interest of his own.} - Jen H.