General Hospital
July 20, 2007

Scene 1
Anna: Oh, I thought you'd never get out of surgery. 
Robin: What are you doing here? 
Anna: I need Noah. 
Patrick: He was just in the O.R. With us. He should be coming around any minute. 
Anna: Ok. 
Patrick: Ah, there he is. 
Noah: Hey, is something wrong? 
Anna: Uh -- no. It's no biggie. I just have less than an hour to transform you from a neurosurgeon into a rock star. 

Scene 2
Anna: I warned you. I told you Eli Love's supposed to turn up at the cocktail party tonight. 
Noah: Oh, man, I just spent seven hours in Eli's head. I'm not sure I'm up for anything more.
Anna: How is Eli doing? 
Noah: Well -- 
Robin: He made it through, but it's going to be a long recovery. 
Anna: Right -- longer than two weeks? 
Patrick: Much longer than two weeks, yes. 
Anna: So, then, you've got to get it together, doctor, because it's important. Tonight is a way to prime the media for the concert -- which is too soon. 
Noah: Well, can't we just say he's sick? I mean, it wouldn't be telling a lie. 
Anna: Well, yeah -- no, because important people are coming. Warren James -- he flew in just for the event. Warren James, the publishing mogul? He has, like, two dozen newspapers in the midwest? Uh -- "Couture Magazine? No. "Architecture Today," "TV Insider" -- I don't even know what else. The point I'm making is men like that, they don't lay down the big bucks if the star attraction is a no-show. 
Robin: You might as well just give up now. You're not going to win against my mother. 
Patrick: Trust me, it runs in the family. 
Anna: There is no need to panic -- much. I will be by your side the whole time. 
Patrick: Right, and you've spent a grand total of five minutes becoming Eli Love. This -- this could be a terrible disaster. 
Robin: Just stop, ok? My mother has a point. This could be a great litmus test for the whole Noah-as-Eli thing, see if anyone gets suspicious. If not, you two can hit the ground running getting ready for the concert -- or we come up with a plan B. 
Patrick: Perfect -- plan B. 
Anna: I don't have a plan B. The go news is, if you trip up tonight, people are just going to assume you're drunk again. 
Patrick: And the bad news? 
Noah: I can -- I can handle that. 
Anna: Ok, fabulous. Uh, let's do wardrobe. Come. 
Robin: Hey, I know, I know. But it is up to your father to tell my mother that he's an alcoholic -- or not. 
Patrick: How do you put a recovering alcoholic into a cocktail party, ask him to be somebody else, and expect it not to be a disaster? 

Scene 3
Anna: Can you be more aloof? 
Noah: I'm kind of overwhelmed -- is that close? 
Anna: Noah is overwhelmed, Eli is not. Eli is known for his arrogance and his ability to be charming distracting in public. Look bored. Look like you constantly have music playing in your head. Ok, look like you're on the prowl for your next bed partner. 
Noah: That's a long prowl -- I don't think we have time. Ahem. 
Patrick: He's supposed to fool people that know Eli? 
Robin: This is the music industry, ok? These people are so narcissistic, they're not even going to notice. 
Patrick: Oh -- you're the one that just said you were nervous this whole thing was going to fall apart. 
Robin: Yes, but somewhere in between Seymour Bixby and seeing Bono in the ladies' room -- well, I just decided that tonight is a night that makes life interesting, so why not just sit back and enjoy the ride? 
Patrick: Oh, my God. Now I'm the uptight one and you're the party animal. 
Robin: Why didn't you ever tell me that party animal is much more fun? 

Scene 4
Robin: See? 
Patrick: He's definitely working it. My moody, uptight, cantankerous father has got all these people believing he's a rock star. 
Robin: Are you jealous? 
Patrick: Stunned is more like it. He couldn't do it without your mother, though. She hasn't left him out of her sight. 
[Anna pinches Noah's butt] 
Robin: Stop that. That is my mother and your father. Excuse me. 
Anna: Oh -- yeah? 
Robin: Stop me if you've, you know, heard this before, but that is actually not Eli Love that you're hitting on, that's my boyfriend's father. 
Anna: I -- I know. I -- I'm -- it -- it was all just part of the charade. 
Robin: Ok, just tell me the truth. Please tell me you are not the least bit attracted to him, because that would just be gross, and it would ruin everything that Patrick and I have built. 
Anna: Oh, honey, you worry too much. 
Patrick: What e you worrying about? 
Anna: Everything -- nothing. Everything -- you know -- look, you guys -- you little doctors here, you just need to relax, enjoy yourself, chill. I have to get Eli a drink. 
Patrick: No -- hey, hey, hey. Didn't he tell you? My father is a recovering alcoholic. 
Anna: Oh, that's genius. Yeah. Well, Eli is anything but, and everybody here expected that he's going to get plastered tonight, and I don't know how we're supposed to not give them what they want. 

Scene 5
Patrick: Oh, hey -- 
Robin: Hey. What? 
Patrick: Didn't your mother hear a word I said? Alcohol ruined my father. 
Robin: Listen, my mom is not going to do anything to hurt your dad. 
Patrick: She might not be able to handle it. How naive was it of me to put my father in this position? I didn't even consider that it might jeopardize his sobriety. 
Robin: Listen, we were all thinking about the charity. Your father hasn't relapsed in over a year. He knows exactly what to do in these types of situations. 
Patrick: Robin, people can relapse after decades. 
Robin: Or they can take it a day at a time. I have faith that your dad will not drink again, because it took him so long to get sober. 
Patrick: Well, let's hope so. 
Nina: I would love backstage passes to the next show. I've always been curious about what goes on backstage -- if all those rumors are true. 

Noah: [As eli] Well, you're with Warren James, you know? I mean, we'll get the best of everything with anyone with warren, right, mate? 
Warren: Just exactly how big a donation does Lifebeat need from me? 
Noah: Uh -- 
Warren: Ladies and gentlemen, a toast -- to Lifebeat and all the good they do in the aids community. 
Noah: Yeah, yeah, uh, good deeds, good deeds. Yeah, um, and here's to raising some big money tonight. Yeah. And -- uh -- to rock 'n' roll! 
Warren: To rock 'n' roll! 
Anna: And Eli's drink of choice -- vodka. Whoo-hoo! 
Noah: To vodka. All: To vodka! 
Warren: To vodka. 
[Noah stares at his shot glass]

[approximately 8:23  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Eli undergoes surgery, Anna greats Patrick, Robin and Noah right afterward and tells Noah she has less than an hour to turn him into a rock star for the cocktail party. {I do not get it – did Anna not know about Eli's surgery or did the rest of them forget about the cocktail party? Hello!} Meanwhile, Marty at the Metro Court hotel tells Carly that he has a call into Eli's people to see how late he plans to show up. {Hmm… so there is notorious "Eli time" too?}

We establish that the Dr's forgot about the cocktail party, Eli's surgery took 7 hours and that yes his recovery will take much longer than 2 weeks {which means about 16 days in soap time, right?}. Anna talks Noah into going to the party and it is revealed that Noah has not yet told her that he is a recovering alcoholic. {OK so now Patrick is convinced this will never work, Robin thinks it will work? It was his idea. And after the opportunity the other day, the alcohol topic was not discussed with Anna. Uh, why?}

Robin and Patrick get to the cocktail party first, name drop and commiserate over how badly the night is going to go. Then Eli makes his appearance to applause with Anna right at his side. {Nice wardrobe rock-star Noah, very nice. The sunglasses were a nice touch but that shirt is pretty sweet. And apparently Anna got Noah's ear pierced to match Eli as well. We never hear any other applause, so are we to assume that Lenny Kravitz and Bono do not rate applause? }

Anna asks Noah to be more arrogant or aloof. She then tells him to look like he is on the prowl for his next bed partner, to which Noah replies "that's a long prowl I don’t think we have time". {OK, at least Noah recognizes that… now maybe HE an do something about it … oh wait, this is about Eli right now… But Noah looks visibly uncomfortable and unsure of himself, not too rock star at the moment.}

Eli has apparently chilled out and is entertaining the crowd as evidenced by the laughter of the crowd. {We have to go by the laughter because it is not like we can hear them!?} Then Robin freaks out and pulls Anna away from Noah to reprimand her and remind her that Noah is Patrick's father. Then, when Anna heads to the bar to get Noah a drink Patrick informs her that Noah is a recovering alcoholic. {OK so Robin is all into this plan and yet she pulls Noah's safety net (Anna) away just so she can tell her mom to watch her hormones? Really? Plus, well, butt out Robin! Didn't you hear? It's been a long prowl – go away! At least Noah is apparently able to entertain the crowd as more laughter is heard and Noah looks quite happy with himself. And Patrick finally clued Anna into the alcoholic side of Noah, that sure took long enough.}

Patrick passes Anna coming from the bar carrying alcohol and Patrick fears that his idea will cost Noah his sobriety. Noah is smoozes the magazine mogul Warren James, who then hands Noah a champagne flute for a toast. Noah is apparently feeling more comfortable in his role and tosses in a toast to Rock and Roll. But before Noah can drink the toast Anna switches his glass for Eli's drink of choice – vodka. Noah glances with trepidation at the glass. {Good to see Noah is getting more comfortable as Eli and bantering back and forth with people like Warren James. I fully believe that Anna was smart enough to have water (or some other non-alcoholic clear liquid) be in the glass instead of vodka. I doubt she would have made as big of a deal switching the glasses if she was not replacing an alcoholic drink with a safe one. But I suppose the whole "oh no, Noah is going to drink" is a good suspense device for a Friday show. } - Jen H.

"Poor Noah," he's just left surgery and finds Anna by the nurse's desk, anxiously waiting for him. She tells him she has less than an hour to transform him from a doctor into a rock star. Noah is exhausted from operating on Eli for the last seven hours. Noah appears to be trying to back out of the cocktail party. I can't say as I blame him. Brain surgery would be grueling work! Anna tells Noah, Patrick and Robin just how `important' this party is for Eli and that Warren James, a famous newspaper publisher is supposed to be there. I liked Noah's expression. It appears that none of them have a clue who Warren James is! Noah says he can handle it and they set off so Anna can `groom' Noah for the part of Eli. Patrick worries that his father may fall off the wagon with his sobriety. I think Patrick's worries are justified. It wouldn't take much for a recovering alcoholic to trip up in a situation like this. 

The cocktail party is upon them and Robin and Patrick chat at their table. It turns out that some big names are there. Lenny Kravitz being one of them! {Oh really?! Eli Love MUST be pretty famous to have guys like Lenny showing up for his function!} "Eli" and Anna enter the Metro Court arm in arm, and WHOA…Noah is looking hot in his Eli get-up! (brown open shirt, jeans, an earring) *sigh* I liked the line Anna said to Noah at the party, trying to give him tips on how to act more like Eli---"Look like you constantly have music playing in your head." Now doesn't THAT sound like Rick Springfield?! I'm quite sure I've heard Rick say that this is actually the case for him. She also says that Eli is known for being `charmingly distracted' in public---"look bored," "look like you're on the prowl for your next bed partner." LOL Noah tells her, "That's a long prowl, I don't think we have time." {Well, um…I think the woman on his arm may just be his next bed partner---Noah's that is! And really, I don`t think he`d have much trouble finding one, if that's what he was after! } 

The bantering back and forth between Robin and Patrick is quite funny. Patrick has the most worried look on his face…the set look of his mouth and the furrowed brow. Patrick tells Robin he is `stunned' at how his dad is making this Eli thing so believable. Then we have a little butt grab from Anna. Go Anna! She squeezes Eli's buns and suddenly Robin charges over when she sees this, to drag mom away and remind her that this is Patrick's DAD, not Eli Love. Anna tells her that it's okay, that she worries to much and needs to `chill.' She says it's all part of the act. 

Anna brings "Eli" a shot of vodka. (I'm thinking at this point that it must be water, since she knows he's a recovering alcoholic.) Eli is drinking down on the shot, showboating to the guests, as Patrick watches and worries some more. Noah is actually doing a good job acting like a rock star. He raises his glass to the crowd and shouts, "To rock and roll!" 

The scene ends with "Eli" holding up his shot glass and then looking at it with a worried expression, leaving the viewer wondering---"Was Anna smart enough to not give Noah a `real' drink?" I think it's interesting how the writing for the new Noah story has brought up his alcoholism again. Let's hope Noah can stay sober. But then that wouldn't make for good drama, now would it?!  - Kelley Pearson