General Hospital
July 23, 2007

Scene 1
Noah: [As Eli] Here's to the good stuff. 
[Anna giggles] 
Noah: Party! 
Noah: Ooh. 
Anna: Ah. 

Scene 2
Noah: [As Eli] Here's to my vocal chords. 
Anna: Remember the cause, darling. 
Noah: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know why we're here, right? 
Noah: To, you know, party, yeah? 
Noah: And, uh, get drunk, yeah, quite possibly? 
Noah: But, mainly, we're here to raise some money for some sick kids, and it's about time they found a cure for this disease. And with your help, we will. Let's raise some money for them. 

Anna: I want you all to dig deep into your pockets and hit the A.T.M., Call your accountants. And remember that this party tonight is just the warm up for the concert -- that's the real fundraiser -- and all the tickets are selling out, so I want you to get yours while you can, because Eli is going to rock the house. Right? 
Noah: Yeah, here's to rocking the house. 
Noah: Mmm. 
Anna: Hmm --
Noah: Ah. 
Anna: You might want to pace yourself just a little bit. 
Noah: [Normal voice] I'm ok, I'm ok. 
Anna: Ok. 
Noah: I'm good, I'm good. 
Groupie: Eli? 
Noah: [As Eli] Hey, hey. Good to see you again. 
Groupie: You remember? 

Noah: Yeah, sure. How could I forget you, darling? 
Groupie: We were so wild in Cancun -- we went all night -- and you let me ride the charter jet to Mexico City.

Noah: Yeah, yeah, that was -- that was quite a ride, wasn't it?
Groupie: Oh, I'll never forget it. 
Noah: Yeah, yeah. [Normal voice] I think I can get used to this. 
Anna: Oh, stop. 
Robin: No, wait, wait, wait, you cannot go over there, you're going to ruin everything. 
Patrick: I am not going to let my father kill himself. 
Noah: [As Eli] Anyway, it was great to see you, love. Thanks for coming along. 
Groupie: No worries. Are you up for some body shots later -- in your room? 

Anna: Oh, my god, he is so busy later. 

Groupie: Call me when you ditch the babysitter. 

Noah: Whew. 
Patrick: That's it. It's over, as of now. 

Scene 3
Anna: I thought you realized I was just giving him water. I would never give your father vodka. 
Robin: Oh, we were just a little bit worried, right? 
Anna: He's a fine man doing a good deed, and I promise you, I will keep your dad out of temptation's way. 
Patrick: Mm-hmm. 
Groupie: Drink up. 
Anna: Excuse me. Could you just, like, back off -- [Anna pushes groupie off the bar and sprays her with water]
Anna: Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Bye! 
Noah: [As Eli] She's with me!
[Anna grabs Noah and kisses him]

[approximately 3:10   of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Noah and Anna are gleefully slugging back 'vodka' shots to cheers while Robin and Patrick look on with concern. {The look exchanged by Noah & Anna between shots is a cute one. A bit of a 'knowing look' of conspiracy I would say.}

Back at the bar, Noah is looking fairly inebriated and still slinging back shots {and apparently making odd toasts between each one} when Anna reminds him of the cause they are there for {so he throws in a toast to the sick kids for good measure} and then Anna makes a plea for money. {I liked how she crossed herself as she said that "Eli is going to rock the house"… ah yes she still needs to work on that!}. She then cautions Noah to slow down the drinking {since apparently at the rate he is downing the shots he should be face down on the table already.} Just then a fan who apparently had a fun night with Eli in the past accosts Noah looking for more action. {Noah could get used to this, huh? Looks like Noah is warming up a bit!} But when the fan tries to invite herself to his room Anna steps in and shoos her away. Noah goes for another drink when Patrick runs over and stops him. {OK Patrick, did you forget you were IN on the charade? If you really thought that was vodka and thus Noah was wasted, how do you figure he was still pulling off the accent and attitude? As I recall Noah was more a belligerent drunk. Since the 'act' was still being pretty well maintained I would have thought Patrick would have caught on just a tad bit quicker. But then who does not love a scene, right? Oh WAIT, we DID miss the scene since next thing you know Patrick and Robin are on the balcony discussing the 'scene' they caused because they did not trust Noah and Anna and missed that the vodka was really water. Hrmph.}

Anna is chatting with Patrick and Robin and promising to keep Noah away from temptation when Patrick points out the scene developing behind them. {Patrick's face is quite cute when he observes it, although it is funny how quickly he goes from being overly concerned about Noah to enjoying a situation that could actually be bad for him.} The fan from earlier is now splayed out across a table tipping alcohol on her belly to make herself a body shoot. {Lovely.} Noah is looking a tad concerned but Anna jumps into action, shoves Noah aside and then throws the fan off the table {nice thong shot as the fan hits the ground}. For good measure Anna hoses the fan down with a seltzer bottle until she skitters away to the cheers of the crowd. {This is all very funny, Noah looks like he just might try it but Anna saves they day. Hilarious!} Noah is quite proud of Anna's bravado and stakes claim on her only to have Anna plant a kiss on him as an agitated Patrick and stunned Robin look on. {NOAH got a kiss! That only took... 17 months to happen. But who is counting? Oh wait, apparently me and it took more than my fingers to add that up unfortunately, I had to go to my toes! :p But it looked like Anna was caught up on the moment and perhaps just going to plant a little kiss on him but it deepened a bit and he encircled her neck with his hand/arm. So it was a bit of a sloppy quick kiss but I hope it is just the first of many, many more.} - Jen H.

Today was a pretty cool Noah/Eli day. It was fun watching Noah pretend to be a rock and roll party animal. Anna gives him shot after shot and "Eli" shouts, "Party!!!" A minute later they are at the bar and "Eli" raises his glass once again and says, "To my vocal chords!" Then I loved his little speech to the guests about curing AIDS and what the concert is all about. Noah is looking cool & casual propped up there on the bar. Funny how they keep flashing to Patrick and Robin watching this display and Patrick is looking quite upset by the whole thing. Ok, I know he is concerned about dad having a relapse, but it's just comical to watch his expressions. Hey Patrick, this was your idea! Anna whispers to Noah, "You might want to pace yourself just a little bit." So then my mind says, "OK…so maybe it IS vodka?" 

Noah/Eli gets approached by a groupie who claims that Eli showed her a great time in Cancun, and that they went "ALL night!" I loved "Eli's" accent here when she says, "You remembered." And he goes, "Yeah, sure. How could I forget you, darlin?" Awww, that was cute! {I could really get used to hearing Rick use his accent on a regular basis, but I know it won`t last forever. So I`ll enjoy it while it lasts! } I can't help but wonder, how would you really be able to pull off being someone else in cases like this? It could get tricky in some situations. Thank goodness she didn't ask him to recall any of the details from that night, or Noah would have been clueless! He played it off pretty well. Anna jumps in and tells the girl that Eli is very busy later that night, since the `chick' asked Eli if he wanted to do a few `body shots' later on…in his room. Hey, can you blame her?! LOL! {All I could think of here is that Noah may begin to really love all of this female attention he's getting!} Patrick ends up jumping in too, just as Noah is about to drink one more `shot of vodka' and yanks it from his hand telling him---"That's it. It's over…as of now." {Again…really Patrick? This WAS your bright idea! } Noah looks confused.

Then this is where we have a strange moment when it appears a whole scene is left out of the show. I actually thought my brain had shut off right here and I'd missed something. I had to rewind it a few times to be sure. Nope. I didn't miss anything. The next scene goes to Robin and Patrick on the porch/balcony discussing how Patrick made a mistake and almost blew Noah's cover. It turns out the `vodka' was only water and that Anna knew not to give him the real thing. Whew…a big sigh of relief for Noah! It was odd to me though that the actual scene wasn't shown where Patrick confronts Noah and Anna about the `vodka.' Anyway…I'm glad we had the scene outside or else we wouldn't have known for sure. Patrick realizes that this may have been a big mistake, and that HE is the one who put him in this `bad' situation. It was also weird how Anna had told Noah to `pace himself,' when she was the one giving him water. I guess that was for the sake of leaving the viewers in suspense, wondering if Noah was really getting drunk. 

The last scene was totally hilarious today, and also cool how Anna surprises "Eli" with a kiss. {Well, it's one of the moments Rick fans have been waiting for…Noah having a lip-lock scene! Except, it was so quick and unexpected for Noah, as he was caught off guard, that it certainly wasn't a `perfect' on-screen kiss. She almost missed his mouth! But I'm not complaining. It's nice to see Noah doing something else lately besides bitching at Patrick. The man needs some 'action!' *grin* } One part that really cracked me up was how "Eli" almost took the bait and leaned in to drink liquor off the groupie's belly! LOL {Well, he IS supposed to act like Eli, right?!} She is laid out across the bar with liquor on her stomach and she tells him, "Drink up." He hesitates for just a second and then looks like he was just about to go for it, when Anna interrupts just in time. What a riot when she pushed the chick off the bar and grabbed the seltzer hose. She drenches the groupie with it, much to the girl's shock! {Great way to cool her off! Ha!} The crowd claps and cheers. Noah strolls over and joins Anna behind the bar. {And was it my imagination, or did Noah look quite pleased with Anna for 'taking up for him?'} Then we get an adorable smile from "Eli," and he points to Anna and says, "she's with ME!" Anna plants one on Noah at this point, and unfortunately the camera leaves their kiss and goes to Patrick and Robin. They could have held on that kiss for just a few seconds longer, couldn't they?! But the look on Patrick and Robin's face was great. Robin's eyes go wide and the scene ends. 

Oh yeah…this Anna/Noah thing could become quite interesting. I'm am really enjoying the direction this story is taking. *We* have been screaming for Noah to have some fun, and it looks like that is exactly what he's in for!  - Kelley Pearson