General Hospital
July 26, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: The patient's recovering well. The surgery was a complete success. Robin -- are you with me? 
Robin: Sorry. I just can't stop thinking about your Dad's Eli Love impersonation. 
Patrick: He's going to be fine. Your Mom's doing a great job coaching him. 
Robin: Yes, but I called Noah for a consult, and I haven't heard back from him yet. He was supposed to meet my mother after work. What if they -- you know? Never mind. I'm not going there. 
Noah: Hey. Sorry I'm late, guys. It was one hell of a night. Whew. 

Scene 2
Noah: The patient's suffering from Arnold-Chiari type 1 malformation. Cervical laminectomy restored natural circulation of spinal fluid through the fourth ventricle. 
Patrick: You're really getting into this, aren't you? 
Noah: Well, you and Robin did a great job between the surgery and the drug therapy -- 
Patrick: No, no, no -- this whole Eli Love thing. 
Noah: What about it? 
Patrick: Oh, you're working it. You got the swagger, your casual confidence. 
Noah: Well, I've got to be convincing, don't I? I mean, that's the point. 
Epiphany: Mr. Becker in 712 will be on intravenous antibiotics for how long? 
Leyla: 24 hours. 
Epiphany: And why is that? 
Regina: Ooh, look who it is. 
Noah: Ah, Dr. Noah Drake. Hello. Epiphany. 
Patrick: It's my Dad. 
Jolene: Wow, you look just like the singer Eli Love. But I'm sure you get tired of people saying that. 
Epiphany: Focus, ladies. We are here to work, not fawn over doctors and wannabe rock stars. 
Jolene: Two generations of hot. 
Robin: It's getting worse. 
Noah: You mean "better." Till I introduced myself, they thought I was Eli Love. 
Patrick: Okay, relax. I wouldn't go that far. 
Noah: Look, if I'm onstage and I can fool the fans, that's the whole point, isn't it? 
Robin: And my mom is your biggest fan. 
Patrick: Well, your mom is the one making the difference, actually. 
Noah: Yes, well, I certainly give her full credit. She's amazing. Yeah. 
Robin: Yeah, it's weird. You were totally against this when Patrick first brought it up. 
Noah: Well, I didn't think I could pull it off. 
Patrick: Well, you proved yourself wrong. 
Noah: Yeah, I'm -- I'm actually enjoying it. 
Patrick: I mean, look at the nurses, for instance, practically throwing themselves at you. Anna takes you under her wing. She's got you walking the walk, talking the talk. 
Noah: Mm-hmm. 
Patrick: She's pretty amazing, isn't she? 
Noah: You have no idea. 

Scene 3
[Noah whistles] 
Robin: So where did you and my Mom go last night? 
Noah: Oh, she -- she said that she was sick of fighting off the groupies, so I think -- I think she just wanted to get me alone so I could, you know, focus. 
Patrick: To rehearse? 
Noah: Yeah, yeah, I still don't have all the songs down yet, so -- 
Robin: And where did you do this, exactly? 
Noah: My place. We worked pretty late, so I whipped us up a little pasta dinner. 
Patrick: That was generous of you. 
Noah: Well, Anna is determined to mold me into Eli Love by the time of the concert. It's the least I could do. 
Robin: So you spent the whole time rehearsing? 
Noah: Yeah, we worked till 2:00 this morning. 
Patrick: Wow. Now, that's dedication. 
Noah: Well, you know, Lifebeat does a lot to fight aids. I mean, the least I can do is get this thing down as best I can, right? 
Robin: So my mom and you didn't talk about any personal stuff, right? Your life as a surgeon, her many adventures? 
Noah: She told me some pretty amazing stories, yes. 
Robin: Oh. Did she also tell you that she's basically an adventure junkie? I mean, she is an incredible mother, don't get me wrong, but -- I mean, as far as relationships go, it's not so -- 
Noah: Wait, wait, wait a minute. Look, who said anything about a relationship here? 
Robin: I'm sorry. I was just curious, that's all. 
Patrick: So how are the songs coming? You going to be able to fake it? 
Noah: Uh -- ahem -- well, Anna said I got to put, you know, more emotion into the singing, you know, so -- oh, boy -- she -- she said that I should picture having great sex while I'm singing. 
[Noah chuckles] 
Noah: You know what? It works. It actually works. 

Scene 4
Patrick: So Robin's Mom's really into this, isn't she? 
Noah: Yeah, yeah. She's actually been to Eli Love concerts all over the world. 
Patrick: Hmm. 
Noah: She -- she knows, you know, every lyric; she knows the way he moves, the way he talks, the way he laughs. I really know I'm getting him when I see her react, because Anna loves the guy. 
Patrick: Wow, so you guys are really having fun? 
Noah: Yeah, yeah. I mean, what's not to like? You know, we're playing music, we're dancing, singing. 
Patrick: Wait a minute -- both of you are -- 
Noah: No, I mean -- no, I'm -- I'm singing. 
Patrick: Oh. 
Noah: She's -- no, she's really funny, though. She told me this story about -- about getting lost in Budapest on the way to an Eli Love concert. You got to -- I -- I couldn't do it justice. You got to ask her. It's hilarious. 
Patrick: So you guys are spending a lot of time together? Like working together in -- like, into the night? 
Noah: Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's the least -- you know, I want to do a flawless performance. I owe Anna that much. 
Patrick: Not to mention, Lifebeat and all the people who bought tickets to the concert. 
Noah: Yeah, all right. Right. All right. 

Scene 5
Noah: But do you really think I got that hip movement down, right, yeah, yeah, we'll practice tonight. I'd love to -- yeah, 7:00. Yep, my place. All right, I'm looking forward to it. 
Robin: Listen to him -- he's laughing. 
Patrick: He's enjoying the conversation. 
Robin: He's flirting. 
Patrick: Shh. 
Noah: Oh. Hey, hey, hey, do you like Indian food? I can swing by and pick some up. Yeah? All right, great. 7:00. Okay. Bye. Hey, how's the patient doing? What's the prognosis? Anything new? 
Robin: Uh -- the protocol seems to be addressing it. Are you sleeping with my mother? 

approximately   of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Patrick is discussing a case with Robin and she is distracted thinking about Noah and his Eli impersonation {glad to know patients could be at risk because Robin is not able to focus!}. As Robin explains her fears that she has not been able to reach Noah and he was supposed to meet her mom the night before, Noah saunters in from the elevator gushing about his night. {First, nice jeans and t-shirt Noah, sweet! But isn't the whole idea for Noah to impersonate Eli only at certain times? Walking around in 'rock star' wardrobe while at the hospital is …perhaps … not the best idea at keeping the two personalities separate. But the little giggle and 'woo' was funny, Noah IS relaxing and opening up. Yeah!}

Patrick calls Noah on the enjoying the Eli Love role {Noah’s little smirk reaction is classic and the best way to say OH YEAH!} Then Epiphany and the three pink goofballs stroll up, giving them an opportunity to fawn over Noah {although I have to agree on the 'two generations of hot' observation!} Robin and Patrick start grilling Noah on his experience and, in particular his feelings toward Anna. {Talk about leading questions?! But Noah's voice drops a few octaves to an almost whisper whenever he mentions Anna – 'she’s amazing' and then the whole 'you have no idea'… *sigh* the smile and the look in his eye when he says that. *happy dance* Noah is having a good time! And look, he and Patrick haven't argued in hours, this is a record!}

Noah is whistling {whistling!} and Robin continues to prompt him on his activities of the night before. Noah reveals they went back to his place and he cooked her dinner and they were 'rehearsing' until 2am. {Robin looks so concerned and just asks a ton of questions without asking the one she really wants to ask. But it gives us more details on their evening, sounds like they had a good time. Plus it is the first glimpse that Noah does anything outside of GH.}  Then Noah relating that Anna instructed him to 'picture having great sex while singing' was CLASSIC. He really enjoyed sharing that tidbit and Robin and Patrick looked fairly uncomfortable at hearing it. Although Patrick looked more like he was trying to hide amusement with his concern. Noah even throws in an extra 'actually it works'. {Extra emphasis there? So at least we now know that Noah can at least REMEMBER what great sex is like and now we just need to give him some more current experience to, you know, uh enhance his portrayal of Eli… right? The required sacrifices for the craft and all that ;)}

Patrick continues the third degree when Robin is called away. {OK this is all rather silly, the rounds and rounds of questions. But it gets Noah to talk about what they are 'doing' and all the prep work and how well he is getting along with Anna. Which seems to be fairly well. ;)}

Noah is chatting with Anna on the phone and they make a 'date' for more rehearsal time and dinner, with Patrick and Robin listening in on Noah’s end. When Noah turns and asks about a patient Robin loses it and asks him if he is sleeping with her mom. {Noah's reaction can only be described as sheer terror, his face is just pure shock. I'm not sure if it is shock because he has been caught or shock at the idea in general.} - Jen H.

There have been some good Noah & Eli days lately, but this has got to be one of the best for me. It is so nice to finally see Noah smiling. He was actually laughing and smiling. And Patrick and Robin are squirming! LOL Now that is funny. Their scenes have been so comical with all of the `gross out' remarks as they envision Anna and Noah sleeping together. {I didn't think it sounded gross at all! } And then to confirm their fears, Noah enters with a, "Sorry I'm late guys. It was one hell of a night. Whew." Noah looks like a man who's quite content and happy with the recent turn of events! 

The docs go into some chatter about surgery when along comes Epiphany with her `traveling nurse team.' Gee…Noah is getting quite the stares lately. {Not like *I* wouldn't want a second look! } It really does remind me of his early days on GH when the nurses were practically tripping on themselves to `hang' with Noah or steal a few moments alone with him! Except this time it's because he `favors' Eli Love. (More like…he's the split image of him! Ha ha!) Noah is obviously eating up the attention, even though he knows it's because of Eli. He tells them, "I'm actually enjoying it." 

Then for the killer sexy line when Patrick asks Noah about Anna---"Pretty amazing, isn't she?" And Noah says in a low voice, "You have no idea." *Thud* I like the way he said that, and I like how it left Patrick and Robin wondering…'did they sleep together???' That was cute. Make them suffer a bit more Noah…go ahead! 

Patrick and Robin continue to `pick' Noah for information about his night with Anna. LOL! I kept laughing at Patrick's "Oh REALLY?" expression and that set look on his face and brow like he didn't believe a word of what Noah was saying…like he was leaving out the most important detail. Noah's lines are really cute here as he's all nonchalant, chuckling as he remembers the fun night he and Anna had rehearsing…at his place. Again, another hint of the `old Noah' when he told them that he made a pasta dinner for the two of them. I remember Noah used to cook for his dates! (unlike Rick who claims he never cooks! ) 

Obviously as the viewer we know that Noah and Anna are going to have a relationship in all of this, but I think at this point, Noah really is a little bit innocent to the fact that something is developing. I loved the line when he told the `kids' that Anna told him to picture having great sex while he's singing, and that it worked! LOL (Hmmm…I wonder if RICK does that? Inquiring minds want to know! ) He kind of covers his face and chuckles when he says it, like he's almost embarrassed to tell them what she said. 

Robin gets interrupted by Kelly's drama of the moment and Patrick ends up drilling Noah without her help. It's obvious again that Patrick just wants to explode and say something, but he doesn't. He continues to act suspicious. I liked the line when Noah said that Anna knows every Eli lyric and was telling Patrick how she's teaching him how to move, talk & laugh just like Eli. He says, "I really know I'm getting him when I see her react, because Anna loves the guy." (Uh yeah…I bet she IS reacting alright! I mean, she has her favorite rock star's TWIN in her control, for heaven's sake! ) Noah assures Patrick that it's the least he can do for Anna. Patrick is not really buying it. He reminds Noah that this IS an AIDS benefit. Noah agrees, but he's hesitant and he walks off, looking like he had in fact forgotten the whole purpose of this Eli Love thing. 

During Noah's phone chat with Anna when he sets up a rehearsal date for later (and asks her if she likes Indian food!), Robin is squirming again. Patrick tells her he's `enjoying the conversation' and Robin argues, "He's flirting!" It's rather funny how the two docs are getting all weird about their parents hanging out so much. I know it's a strange situation, but personally I don't think they have much right to jump in and tell Noah & Anna who they can or cannot date! Let the man have some fun Robin! It's one of the best storylines he's had since his return to Port Charles. When Noah gets off the phone he asks Robin about a protocol and she begins to answer him, but then suddenly blurts out, "Are you sleeping with my mother?" Another LOL moment for sure. I like how it just kind of `slipped' out of her mouth like that! A shot of Noah looking completed blindsided by the question, and then the Noah stuff ends there. 

Ok, so I don't know how I'd feel if my boyfriend's dad was dating my mother, especially a mom like Anna who may `take flight' at any time. But really…it's so much nicer watching Noah have a good time than it is watching him grouch around and fuss at Patrick all the time! Rick has a beautiful smile and it's great to see him finally showing it off. I am really getting used to this story. It's looking better all the time. Let's just hope that Robin and Patrick don't interfere with any possible romance that Noah might end up having with Anna.  - Kelley Pearson