General Hospital
July 27, 2007

Scene 1
Noah: How did we get from Mrs. Feinberg's condition to me sleeping with your mother? 
Robin: You know what? Forget I said anything. It is so none of my business, and you and my mother are "way" over 18. 
Noah: Hey, watch where you go with that. 
Robin: I'm sorry; I didn't mean you're old geezers or anything. I just mean you're old enough to do what you want and know what you're doing. 
Noah: Well, you've certainly aroused my curiosity. Look, I know this hospital for a long time has been a breeding ground for rumor and innuendo. Okay? Has someone been saying I've been sleeping with your mother? 
Robin: Oh, just please stop saying that. 
Noah: Well, you brought it up. 
Robin: I blurted it out -- there's a difference. 
Noah: Well, either way, it -- it's obviously on your mind. I'd like to know how it got there. 
Patrick: Okay, you know what? It doesn't matter. Robin's already made the only one relevant point. You and Anna are adults, which means you should have enough wisdom to not be involved for one simple reason -- your children are. 
Robin: Right? 

Scene 2
Noah: All right, it's time to nip this in the bed -- bud. Look, with all due respect to you, what Anna and I do or don't do is none of your business. Okay? You have no right to -- to make obnoxious demands or ask -- or ask improper questions. I mean, don't you guys have something better to do? 
Robin: Hmm. That's it -- they're definitely sleeping together. 
Patrick: Yep, he's on his way over there as we speak. I'm so sorry. 
Robin: You? You have nothing to apologize for. Anyone with eyes can see that my mother glommed on to this whole Eli Love impersonation project. Because Eli wasn't available to her in a sexual way, she latched on to the next best thing -- your poor, unsuspecting father. 
Patrick: Whoa, "poor, unsuspecting"? Look, don't be fooled. If anybody's taking advantage of this situation, it's my father, the lady killer. I mean, before my mother was around, he was notorious, and we all know how a roving eye never settles. 
Robin: Is that a fact? 
Patrick: Okay, you know what? Cast that evil eye somewhere else -- this isn't about me. I'm afraid the -- the whole Eli Love thing is turning my father into a monster. 

Scene 3
Patrick: Believe me; throwing cold water on our oversexed parents is something I could wholeheartedly get around. But how do we do that without giving them the license to butt into our lives at any time they want? I mean, you saw the way my father reacted -- he was stonewalled. 
Robin: I can't even believe I said it. I mean, one minute I was thinking it, and the next it was just out there. And now, of course, because I said it, he's thinking about it. 
Patrick: What do we do? 
Robin: A complete 180 -- act like we don't even care. That way, it takes the drama out of it, and they won't have to rebel. 
Patrick: You know we're dealing with our parents like a bunch of oversexed adolescents? 
Robin: Yes. Unfortunately, that's exactly what they are. 
Patrick: Okay, my dad, 12:00. 
Noah: Ahem. 
Patrick: Hey. Done for the day? 
Noah: Hey. Yeah, yeah, I'm actually going to see -- see Anna. We're doing a little bit more rehearsing -- we're actually going to do the part in Eli's show where he pulls an audience member up on stage, you know, and sings to them? So, it should be fun. 
Robin: Well, that's nice. 
Patrick: Yeah, yeah. Uh, have a good time. 
Noah: See you guys. 
[Patrick sighs] 
Robin: I need a drink. 
Patrick: This is war. It's either them or us. 

[approximately 3:26  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Robin tries to backpedal out of her question and in the process calls Noah and Anna 'geezers'. {OMG the line here, Noah: "…AROUSED my curiosity" and the look Patrick gives him at that choice of word is hilarious! Loved that!} But then when Patrick says they know better than to get involved because their kids are and Robin pushes him on it Noah looks unsure of how to respond. {Back off kids! Geez. They are not asking you to be swingers in this, so back off. What about the happiness of your parents? Does that not matter? OK so yeah it would be odd, but so, Noah might be happy – that is what counts!}

Noah tells them to butt out and then saunters away {"Nip this in the BED..bud" heh heh … gee I wonder what is on Noah's mind? But really he does not tell them anything thus leaving the door WIDE open to possibilities.} Then Patrick and Robin discuss who is more at fault for this 'mess', Noah or Anna. {fault? fault? Even Patrick eventually admits that Noah is loosened up recently, so see good has come out of this. Try celebrating that!}

Patrick and Robin discuss the situation further {answering Noah’s earlier question, apparently they do NOT have anything better to do} and decide to just be nonchalant about the whole thing. Noah strolls up in his Eli attire on his way to another rehearsal. {OK, first I adore the Eli attire. I think Rick should permanently borrow it all. But does he really need to dress like Eli for the purposes of rehearsing with Anna? Well, OK I guess if I was Anna I would want him to look like that too. But to walk around the hospital like that? Again, is this not supposed to be a secret?! And also, Eli pulls an audience member up on stage and sings to them during his show? Oh really? Now would this be where he asks them to sing a particularly memorable line? Or where he puts them under the guitar? Hmm? Oh and I would love it if we could see some of this rehearsal time! HINT HINT} - Jen H.

I thought this episode started out with some funny lines. First, Noah questions Robin as to how their discussing someone's surgery has anything to do with him and Anna sleeping together. Robin tries to `take back' what she said and comes out with an "old" comment---"It's none of my business, and you and my mother are WAY over 18." Noah smiles and chuckles telling her, "Hey watch where you go with that." Then another "old" remark---"I'm sorry, I didn't mean you're old geezers or anything." LOL! What a funny choice of words! Interesting though. Do younger couples really believe that romance & sexual activity `die' after a certain age? 

The whole conversation between Robin and Noah was quite funny. I think she's really stuck her foot in her mouth at this point. Noah figures that the normal GH rumors are flying around and asks her if people have been saying that he and Anna are sleeping together. Robin cringes. She hates to hear him using that phrase. She tells him, "Oh just please stop saying that." But Noah wants to get to the bottom of this. Patrick finally interrupts and tells Noah that he and Anna should have enough sense to not get involved…for one simple reason---because their children are. Um…excuse me? I wanted to say to Patrick, "Who died and made you God?" As if it's okay for him to have a relationship, but it's not okay for his dad? I think that's pretty lame (and selfish) that they would expect their parents to not get close with each other, if they do in fact have feelings for one another. {Hey, I'm rooting for Noah to have a romance, what can I say?!} I know that for them it's because of the `weirdness' of their own parents being together, but still. Let your dad enjoy himself Patrick! What was it Robin called it?---A "Quasi-incestuous relationship with my mother and your father." LOL! Another funny line was when Patrick told Robin that Anna would eventually wake up and realize it's Noah---his grumpy father, not Eli, and she will 'basically repel out of the room using the sheets.' Well, I don't know about that…Noah's a pretty hot doc! 

Another LOL moment when Noah says, "Alright, it's time to nip this in the bed…the bud." So she DID get Noah thinking about going to bed with Anna. Hahaha! Noah basically tells them a thing or two and then asks, "Don't you guys have something better to do?" He throws his hands up and walks off, leaving Patrick and Robin believing it's for sure…their parents are `definitely' sleeping together. I thought that was kind of cute when Robin is ragging on her mom and calls Noah, "Your poor unsuspecting father," to which Patrick tells Robin that Noah is probably the one taking advantage of this whole thing. He tells her that Noah is the lady killer. (Oh YES…so true! ) And right again when he says that Noah was `notorious.` It's just odd though, because Noah hasn't exactly acted like he used to since his return, so it's interesting to hear Patrick refer to how Noah is---or used to be. It would be fun to see more of the suave doc of days past…rather than a Noah who's so uptight all the time and all about `business.' Then Robin devises a `brilliant' plan (yeah right! )---for she and Patrick to act like they could care less, and 'take the drama out of it.' Personally I think that would give Noah and Anna exactly what they want…to be left alone to make their own decisions. 

And what about the next part that refers to something that is exactly like a Rick Springfield show? Noah appears again, white doctor coat in hand, and he's looking mighty fine all spiffed up in his black jeans and black shirt. (despite the crappy GH lighting…he looked pretty good here!) He's on his way over to pick up Anna for the night so they can rehearse some more. He says, "We're actually going to do the part in Eli's show where he pulls an audience member up on stage, you know, and sings to them? So, it should be fun." Audience interaction & participation? Who does THAT remind us of?! Robin and Patrick try to act as if they're unconcerned. But as soon as Noah hops the elevator and is out of sight Patrick says, "This is war. It's either them or us." Now, it'd be nice if we can just have some actual scenes of Anna at Noah's place during their rehearsal sessions, so we can see for ourselves if there is in fact a `relationship` starting to develop! - 
Kelley Pearson