General Hospital
July 30, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: Hey, mom, it's me. I don't knowf you plans, but I would like to do something with you -- if you're not too busy with noah, or whatever. Call me back. Bye. 
Patrick: Hey, have you seen my father? I got paged for a consult, I thought he might want to take it. 
Robin: No. I can't get in touch with my mom, either. 
Patrick: What do you think that means? 
Robin: I don't know. She either left town to stop a rebel coup, or she doesn't want me to question her about Noah, or they're together and they turned their phones off to do god knows what. 
Patrick: Or not. 
Noah: Thank god you're here. Look, can you cover for me? I've got to get to the metro. Oh, how does eli love get along in life without a freaking watch? 
Patrick: You know what? He's got people that get him where he needs to be, when he needs to be. Don't worry, I got you. 
Noah: [As Eli] It's all rock and love, people. 
[Noah chuckles] 
Noah: Ahem. 
Robin: The metro court? I bet you he's meeting my mother for a -- 

Patrick: A quickie. 
[Patrick sighs] 

Scene 2
Noah: [As Eli] Well, it's my privilege, believe me. Maybe it'll inspire other artists to, you know, give back to a world that's been good to them. 
Woman: Oh. Well, that's what Bono says -- "it's the artist's obligation to use his power for the betterment of all humanity." 

Noah: Yeah -- who said that? 
Woman: Bono. U2? 

Noah: Me, too? Me, too? Oh, oh -- the band, the band. Sorry, I'm a little, you know -- 
woman: Hung-over? 

Noah: Exactly. Exactly. 
Woman: Well, we just need to go er a few details. 

Noah: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- 
fan: It is you! She said, "that's Eli Love," and I said, "it can't be," but it is. Oh -- I mean, you are. Oh, could I have your autograph? I'm your biggest fan. 

Noah: Uh, sure, sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh -- ok. Uh -- all right. Uh, here, right? 
fan: Thank you so much.
Noah: Here you go. Oh -- sorry. 
fan: Oh, we cannot wait for the concert. Wait -- do you mind? Do you mind? 

Noah: Oh. No. 
fan: Yeah. 
Second fan: One, two, three. 

Noah: Ok? All right. 
fan: I have your tickets and everything. 
Noah: Good thing, good. Well. Sorry about that. 
Woman: Are you feeling all right? 

Noah: Yeah. Why? I'm fine. 
Woman: You're known for being generous with your fans. I'm just wondering if this benefit is something you feel committed to. 

Noah: Oh, no, believe me -- believe me, I -- I am giving this benefit everything I've got, ok? I mean -- I just -- maybe I'm just not myself today, you know? 

Scene 3
Noah: [As Eli] All right, great. Ok. 
[Noah sighs] 
Noah: [Normal voice] Anna? Oh -- oh, I just left the concert promoter, I'm dancing as fast as I can here. I could sure use you. All right, bye. Waitress: One for the road, Eli -- on the house. 
Noah: It's a little early, isn't it? 
Waitress: That's rich. 

Bobbie: Noah? 
Noah: [Normal voice] Oh -- actually, I'm Eli Love. So, you know, hyperventilate or ask me to sign your underwear or something, but don't call me "doctor." 
Bobbie: Oh -- oh. 
Noah: Sit down. 
Bobbie: Well, that explains a lot. 
Noah: Actually, about that -- sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's not. 
Bobbie: Sounds risky. 
Noah: Well, I mean, I'm -- you know, I'm doing it for the cause. Lifebeat does great work, you know, so -- 
Bobbie: Yeah. But what's it going to cost you? Noah -- look, you're a grown man, but between trying to keep up with Eli Love's social life and having to perform on stage -- well, you know, that's -- that's a lot of pressure for a man like you. 
Noah: Hmm -- recovering alcoholic. 

Scene 4
Bobbie: Are you attending your meetings? 
Noah: Hasn't really been time, you know? 
Bobbie: Hmm. Well, what about your sponsor -- you talking to him 
Noah: Well, I'm working the program. I mean, I'm 392 days sober, so -- 
Bobbie: Hey, congratulations. But, you know, your life has been relatively manageable, and this is all different -- this is crazy different. 
Noah: Yeah, I'm terrified about getting onstage and performing. I -- I admit that. 
Bobbie: Well, that's a good start. 
Noah: I just got to remember why I'm doing this, keep reminding myself. It's for Eli Love so he can, you know, have surgery and not die and still not worry about the concert, so -- 
Bobbie: Yeah, and for him, it's -- it's probably just his way of covering his own fear about having his skull opened up. 
Noah: Yeah. 
Bobbie: Oh, Noah, we all have fear. It's how we handle it that matters. 
Noah: You know, once you get past the fear, having women throw themselves at you and guys want to be you -- I think I can do that for a couple of weeks. 
Bobbie: Yeah, it's a dirty job, huh, but I guess somebody's got to do it. 
Noah: You know, there was a time when my life was full of possibilities with very few regrets. I'm enjoying taking these chances again. 
Bobbie: Well, just don't take the wrong chances. You've come so far. Hey, do you mind? 
Noah: Oh, go ahead, sure. 
Bobbie: I can't wait to see you onstage. 
Noah: Oh, God. 
[Bobbie laughs] 
Noah: Yikes. 
[Noah sighs] 

Scene 5
Noah: So, uh, call me back, will you? I'm -- I'm going to try and find a meeting. Ok, bye. 
Waitress: From a fan  
Noah: [As Eli] You know, I, uh -- I didn't give you the attention you deserved before. My head was kind of in business, you know? So, I wanted to thank you for buying the tickets. 
fan: I love your music so much. 
Noah: That means a lot to me. 
fan: The waitress said this was your brand -- that's my way of saying thank you. 
Noah: Here's to you, beautiful.

[approximately 7:19  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Noah starts the day off in Eli garb, at the hospital, on his way to go practice being Eli Love. This is where the lines of Noah/Eli/Rick start blurring for me. "Freakin watch", sounds exactly something that would come out of Rick's mouth (and Rick never wears a watch either, so more similarities between the two rock stars, the real one and the soap one). And just like Eli, Rick would probably be in trouble needing to get anywhere on time without his "people"

So Noah meets with the organizer of Lifebeat, and gets approached my some fans (the whole Bono/U2 scene was pretty cute - but is Noah really that out of it?). This is the first taste of "toned" down fans we get, after the thong woman from the party. These girls were more like Laura Ingalls straight from the prairie. The awkwardness of taking the picture was pretty funny, too. I'm not sure what the Lifebeat chick wanted Noah/Eli to do, more than what he did though. 
After Lifebeat chick leaves, Noah calls Anna because I think he senses he's over his head. The waitress brings him a drink, his brand, apparently vodka. Bobbie shows up, and offers Noah a momentary distraction. Bobbie, finally the voice of reason in this whole things, brings up the question "what's this going to cost you?" Bobbie has gotten quit wise in her older years. She pursues the line of questioning to see how serious Noah is with his sobriety and we find out he's 392 days sober (and apparently that's where his count will end). When Bobbie left and told Noah she couldn't wait to see him on stage, Noah's reaction was very cute, especially the "yikes". And go Bobbie, take that drink with you (although it was just a temporary fix). I didn't like Bobbie so much in the 80's, but I'm liking her more and more these days.
Noah makes another phone call, not sure if it was to Anna or his sponsor, but he mentions going to a meeting. Too little, too late.
Then, Laura Ingalls shows back up and apparently Noah not knowing any better feels like he wasn't nice enough so he invites her over to his table, after she had ordered him another drink. She puts a little pressure on him to drink it, showing her "appreciation" for his music, etc. And he apparently does. That whole part didn't ring true to me. Apparently Noah was ready to take that drink because he could have easily gotten out of it. How much of the drink he consumed, I guess we'll really never know. (or how much of fan girl he consumed, I guess we'll never know that either, ha) - rlh

Patrick and Robin are discussing the unreachable Anna and Noah just as Noah strolls up {again, dressed in full Eli garb. Is the hospital a 'safe' zone, I thought it was a gossip haven…so how has this master plan of theirs NOT leaked out?} When Noah whines about Eli's penchant for going watch-less, Patrick tells him that Eli has people to do that for him and then he sends Noah off to his meeting at the Metro Court. {OK so if Eli has 'people', where are they? Wouldn't THEY be in on this and thus leading Noah around? And then the kids assume he is off to hook up with Anna, because he has to get all dressed up like Eli for that? Granted (again) I really like the Eli attire but I think he could look like Noah just to meet up for a 'quickie' with Anna if that were the case. But the little salute from Noah on the elevator was cute, he is off into battle! :)}

Turns out Noah is due to meet up with a concert promoter from LIFEbeat {OK where is Anna? Where is ANYONE that can help him? Poor Noah does not even know who Bono is and since he was reportedly at the party the other night apparently they did not even meet then. What, the celebs did not mingle?? :p} Two fans accost Noah and ask for an autograph and photo which he obliges them with. {Blondie sure jumped all over Noah, not sure what the photo was since she really never stopped moving!} Then the promoter wonders about Noah's commitment because he is normally known to be generous with his fans but Noah assures her everything is OK. {Wait, how was he NOT generous with those two girls? Should he have dumped the meeting and gone off with them? He did what they asked and was friendly about it, what is with the third degree?}

When the concert promoter leaves Noah puts in a phone call plea to Anna just as a 'gift' shot of vodka is delivered to his table. {I would have said, "Oh Anna, this is YOUR grand plan. Why are you not attached to my hip 24/7?" And then picked up the glass and walked out with it, dump it somewhere. Easy enough. But nooo…} Bobbie appears and pegs him as Noah {apparently she is not hip to Eli?} and quickly shares her worries. {I was going to say, wow is it not nice to see Bobbie since we rarely see her any more. But no, she has to be Ms-Debbie-Downer. Right off the bat, she does not check to see if it is even alcohol, just assumes and then puts on her annoying treating-you-like-a-two-year-old tsk-tsk voice and shows her real lack of confidence in Noah. He has been sober for awhile, does he not deserve a little credit? With so much faith showed by Bobbie is it any wonder what Noah's frame of mind is?}

Back at the table, Bobbie is still chiding Noah and giving him cliché lines. {Noah actually says to her, "I'm enjoying taking these chances again" and ends it with a breathless voice. And Bobbie's response? A stern, "Just don't take the wrong chances." What? He is almost flirting with her and she says that? *sigh* And then she moves the glass of vodka all of 12 feet from Noah. Oh wow, what a helper. And speaking of helper she runs back to Patrick to tell him about the vodka. So Bobbie's role has been relegated to spouter of gloom and doom and tattle-tale? Gee, cannot wait to see her again...}

Noah is served yet another glass, a gift from a fan. So Noah invites her to join him at the table and chats to her a bit as Eli. The fan guilts him into taking a sip and he grimaces as he does so. {Well at least it appeared to be Noah's first drink in awhile, he looked pained as he drank that. Perhaps if Anna had been around this little fiasco could have been avoided. Well either that or Noah needs to stop hanging around the Metro Court lobby dressed as Eli.} - Jen .
Quite a lot of Noah content today! Robin can't reach her mom, so of course she figures Anna and Noah might be `doing it!' How cool is it to see Noah dressed in something other than his blue scrubs or his hospital coat?! Very cool in my book. Noah comes hurrying around the nurses desk asking Patrick if he can cover for him. I'm liking him dressed up as Eli. But I also thought that this shirt from today made him look a bit like Noah during his free time, or out on a date for the night. He used to dress pretty `hot' when he played Noah before. And to think he was `roaming' the halls of GH looking like that! So in some ways it wasn't really an Eli outfit as much, (even though he was acting as Eli and meeting a concert organizer at the Metro Court) but a new and really sexy look for Noah. Maybe when Eli is about to leave Port Charles, he'll leave behind a few clothes for Noah as a thank you. Noah realizes he has no watch and asks how that dude can make it without one. This was `eerily' like Rick when Patrick replied, `He's got people that get him where he needs to be, when he needs to be.' I've often wondered how Rick keeps up with it all, and finds any personal time to himself and with his family. It was ironic, but some fans said to me the other day (before this episode was shown)---that Rick has people who work for him and do a lot of stuff for him, allowing him possibly more free time than we have each day. That is probably true. I know he has some people who organize things for him and get him there on time. So this was another one of those 'Rick' moments in the storyline. 

This particular episode mirrored Rick Springfield's real life in so many ways. Of course, it`s no wonder so much of what they're doing makes me automatically think of RS…he is a rock star in real life, and Eli is a fictional rock star. It's too close not to see the similarities. One part that bugged me a little bit though, was the initial way the blonde fan acted when she first spotted Eli. (PLEASE tell me *we* don't act quite that 'strange' as fans when we meet Rick! LOL ). I thought the Eli `fan' acted fake---acting-wise---when she ran up to "Eli" at the Metro Court. It was a bit too overdone or something. I can't put my finger on it. But that is pretty much how Rick lives, connecting with his fans at unlikely times, signing stuff, taking a picture. I thought it was cute though and humorous the way Noah was sort of awkward when he posed for the picture, like he had no idea what to do. LOL Well, I guess not. Neurosurgeons generally don't get flogged by fans in the hall! 

Noah's little salute while he was on the elevator, and Patrick's fist pump was funny. I liked Robin and Patrick's assumption that he was actually just going to the Metro Court to have a quickie with Anna. Lol How funny! Even after Noah put on his Eli accent and said, "It's all rock of love people," they believed he was up to something. So is it no secret amongst the nurses and staff that he is Noah acting as Eli, or would they think Eli is running loose after brain surgery…looking all spiffy? I would think Noah would tone it down a bit near the nurses desk, the breeding spot for rumors! And why isn't Eli recovered yet?? It's usually a speed recovery in soap time. That's okay…I'm not ready for him to recover yet. I'm really liking Noah's new confidence and attitude, and I figure when Eli has healed up, then Noah will be back to doing his usual. With any luck, maybe all of this will help him in his own life, IF he doesn't return to the bottle. Sadly…it looks like he will. (ok, so it's good drama. I just hate to wish harm on my man Noah!) 

The "Bono" scene was SO funny. Especially knowing that Rick is a pretty big U2 fan. He did a good job on this scene with the confusion. I was feeling a bit awkward for Noah and the thought quickly crossed my mind that he should pretend he's drunk, when about that time, the woman said, "A little hung over?" Whew…that was a close one Noah! LOL Definitely a good future excuse, since Eli is a known drinker & partier. 

Another ironic Rick comparison…Right after "Eli" visits with his fan and sits down, his concert organizer wants to know if he's feeling okay. She tells him he is usually so generous with his fans (so she saw something wasn't right about him), and wants to know if this benefit is something he's committed to. Noah assures her that he is all for the benefit and that maybe he's just not `feeling like himself' today. How true is that? Rick is also sweet and generous to his fans when he meets them. (the lines here are getting really thin! )

I thought it was nice to see Noah and Bobbie have a scene together today! (and lots of great close up shots of Rick!) She preaches at Noah a lot, but it's obviously out of concern for him. It's cool that these two still have a friendship between them. Who knows…maybe at some point they'll have more, once again! She congratulates Noah on being 362 days sober. Huh? Has it been that long? Doesn't Bobbie still work at GH? I couldn't help but wonder why she didn't find it odd to see Eli at the Metro Court. (I wish my mind would quit picking apart the details. It's just a soap.) As Bobbie leaves, she does Noah a big favor and asks if she can take his drink. They share a really sweet hug and before she gets on the elevator, she sets it down across the room. Little did she know, his adoring fan was across the room and she's ordered "Eli" his favorite drink. Later, Bobbie is back at GH and warns Patrick about the vodka Noah had. 

Now is it just me, or did anyone else go weak in the knees & into `swooning mode' during Noah's last line of today's show?---"Here's to you beautiful." LORD…was it the accent, or just hearing those words uttered from his mouth? Maybe it was both! That's got to be one of my favorite lines yet since Rick returned to GH. And to think, he raised his glass to her and invited her to his table. *Thud* Wouldn't that be every fan's dream? Then to top it off he gets up and helps her to her chair and says, "You know, I didn't give you the attention you deserved, before." (Oh yeah! I like that line too!) The actress is doing much better here, I thought. She's fairly calm now. LOL. She tells him, "I love your music so much." They smile a bit at each other. "Eli" thanks her for buying the tickets, and she tells him the drink is her way of telling him thank you. He stares across the table at her for a second, licks his lips, raises his glass and says, "Here's to you beautiful" all the while he's still looking intensely at her. He takes a drink without a second thought. (or so it appears). Seriously…where is Anna when Noah needs her?? She is the one who's supposed to be leading this whole thing, right? Noah left her a message, but she didn't get there quick enough. 

I don't like that he easily drank some vodka because of a fan. But Noah is so set on convincing people he's actually Eli, that he just kind of fell into it. (and was tempted by the alcohol). This could be interesting…Kelley Pearson