General Hospital
August 02, 2006

Scene 1 

Nurse: The file you requested, doctor. 
Patrick: Perfect. So how are you, Tina? 
Tina: I've been fine, doctor. Thank you. 
Robin: How are you feeling? 
Patrick: Well, I guess the word's gotten out. Nothing fuels a rumor mill like a surgeon being exposed to end-stage aids in the middle of an operation. It's definitely cramping my style. 
Noah: Why don't you give it a break, hotshot? 
Patrick: Excuse me? 
Noah: Robin was gracious enough to give you a second, even a third chance, and here you pay her back by hitting on some nurse in front of her? 

Scene 2

Noah: Look, I obviously have no room to criticize, given my past, but I can see what you're doing even if you can't You're sabotaging your relationship with Robin because you're afraid that you may have -- 
Robin: Noah, don't. 
Noah: Look, when I left for surgical clinic, I thought you'd finally grasped how lucky you were to have her. You're just making the same mistakes I made. 
Robin: Wait, you don't understand. 
Noah: Look, stop defending him. You're -- you're a compulsive skirt chaser, it's going to cost you. 
Patrick: Well, don't worry, Dad. My skirt-chasing days are over. 
Noah: Oh. Oh, I don't know why I waste my breath. 
Robin: You just got back from the clinic and he didn't have time to tell you. 
Noah: Yeah -- Patrick's on his worst behavior. What's wrong with my son? Why can't he appreciate what he's got? 
Robin: Patrick may be infected with H.I.V. 

Scene 3
Robin: Patrick was stitching up a bleeder in emergency surgery on an aids patient. He accidentally pricked his finger with the needle. He refused to stop and flush the cut.
Noah: Because the patient would've died. 
Robin: He kept working and he saved her life. 
Noah: How long did that take? 
Robin: Several minutes. He cleaned up as soon as he could. He went on post-exposure prophylactics the same day. 
Noah: I'm familiar with P.E.P. Protocol. It's highly effective if it's begun right away. 
Robin: But it doesn't change the reality. Patrick was exposed to the blood of an end-stage aids patient. 
Noah: sigh 

Scene 4

Noah: Patrick, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I had no idea. Robin just told me. 
Patrick: Don't look so worried. It's not the end of the world. 
Noah: How you feeling? 
Patrick: I'm on P.E.P. Protocol, so my odds are good. 
Noah: But how are you? 
Patrick: Well, look on the bright side -- at least it happened after you needed part of my liver. 
Noah: Could we drop the witty banter for five minutes and have a real conversation. You're my son. You've been exposed to a life-threatening illness. I'm worried about you. 
Patrick: I'm not terminal, Dad. You don't have to treat me like it. 
Noah: I heard that P.E.P. side effects can be pretty brutal. 
Patrick: Yeah, well, it gives me a good excuse for my lousy bedside manner. It's tough to be all warm and fuzzy when you're about to puke. 
Noah: Hey, I might be able to help you with that. Maybe my years spent getting plastered weren't completely wasted. I came up with a perfect cure for a hangover. 
Patrick: I'm not dealing with a hangover, Dad. 
Noah: Throwing up is throwing up. Five drops of Tabasco in orange juice, raw egg, black pepper, wash it down with black coffee and a b complex. 
Patrick: I don't think so. 
Noah: Then you're obviously not sick enough yet. Believe me, when the nausea kicks in, you'll try anything. 
Patrick: That's reassuring. 
Noah: So Robin told that you kept working after you got stuck. 
Patrick: Any doctor would've done the same. 
Noah: As usual, you're wrong. 
Patrick: Thanks, Dad. 
Noah: I've never been more proud of you in my life. 

Scene 5

Noah: You tried the hangover cure, didn't you? 
Patrick: Everything except for the raw egg. I'd rather not die of salmonella. 
Noah: I don't blame you. You look a lot less green. 
Patrick: Well, that, or I'm getting used to the medication. 
Alan: I've got the results of your first blood test. 

Scene 6

Alan: You tested negative for H.I.V. 
Noah: Oh, thank God. 
Patrick: Well, don't get too excited. I got to test again in six months. 
Alan: That's right, and you need to complete the P.E.P. Protocol. 
Noah: But you're over the first hurdle. 
Patrick: Yeah

[approximately 4:37  of Noah content]

 According to US

Noah observes Patrick being rebuffed by a nurse and brings him to task for hitting on someone right in front of Robin. {Apparently it's time for the monthly swoop down to drop parental advice, I think Noah needs to keep in a little better contact with his son and then maybe he could stop coming on so strong every time they see each other and then getting off on the wrong foot.} 

Robin tries to interrupt Noah's ranting to no avail {and look we got an excuse – he was away on a 'surgical clinic'}. Noah calls Patrick a skirt chaser and Patrick smirks and stalks off. Robin then reveals Patrick did not have a chance to tell his him that he was exposed to HIV – Noah looks stunned {OK, Noah does not have a cell phone? answering machine? Patrick could have left him a message, as in "Dad, there is something I need to talk to you about." But no, apparently not. Plus again, apparently HIPPA does not apply to Port Charles because there goes Robin throwing around Patrick's medical information again.}

Robin gives Noah the run down on what happened {Noah listening intently – showing his concern, even groaning at Robin's restatement of the obvious (the exposure)}. 

Noah finds Patrick and attempts to talk to him. Patrick responds with pithy answers and attempts at sarcastic humor. Noah tries to have a 'real conversation' with him but he does not relent and so then Noah proposes a possible nausea cure {I like how Noah has a little trouble with the pen, took a few clicks to get it to pop! But his 'hangover cure' sounds disgusting! Ewww!} Whether it was the emotion of talking to his dad or getting ill at imaging the hangover cure Patrick seems to be getting emotional. When Patrick tries to brush off Noah's praise Noah tells him how proud he is {wait an emotional moment between father and son? How about some time outside of the hospital guys.}

Patrick is looking better – Noah chalks it up to his 'cure' – when Alan walks up waving a folder that contains Patrick's blood test results {why not just announce it over the PA? The way news travels in this hospital it seems like the best way to handle the information.}

Alan blurts out that Patrick is negative and Noah is visibly and audibly relieved {No, 'hey would you like to go in a room and get these results?' from Alan - I suppose that would have taken too much time. But it was nice that Noah could be there - the relief was clear on Noah's face and the father and son shared a sigh of relief, without any flippant comments...perhaps a new record.} - Jen H.

Finally an episode of GH with lots and lots of Noah!!! And how very refreshing to see he and Patrick joke a bit and talk halfway decent to one another. I loved this show!!! One of my favorite parts would have to be where Noah tells him about the special "concoction" that will make him feel better! LOL….Raw eggs, tabasco sauce, etc….EWWW! Yeah, all his years getting wasted were NOT a total waste, eh?! LOL What a cute reply from Patrick about how instead he could just die of salmonella poisoning! (or something to that affect!) There were even a few great smiles out of Noah today. So nice to see that smile. That man simply sizzles in every scene he is in….he just "has it." Yeah I'm partial when it comes to Rick, I admit, but I DO think he has an amazing onscreen presence. Anyone else almost pales in comparison. Although Jason Thompson is doing a pretty darn good job of keeping up! 

Poor Noah…comes in so clueless, not knowing what's up with Patrick and the AIDS thing…."why don't you give it a break hot shot." That was cute! He rashes Patrick out for all his flirting…only to learn what's really going on. When Robin tells him of Patrick being exposed to the virus…Noah looks like a distraught father. The scenes with Robin & Patrick going separately in to see the patient were very touching, I thought. I am glad that Patrick's bedside manner softened up a bit. I like when they show his "human" side from time to time, rather than always the flirty/cocky/playboy side of him.

Cool how Noah tells Patrick to drop the "witty banter" for a minute and have a real conversation. YEAH…tell him Noah. (of course, Noah has been at fault lately too….it wasn't too many weeks ago that he was snapping off at his son.) I like the love and concern in his eyes here. Could his eyes be anymore beautiful or intense than in these scenes??!!! Wow…loved the look of relief and the smile from Noah when they hear the results of Patrick's blood work. 

I believe this story will open up a new path for he and Patrick. So far, I am liking this angle and I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers do with it. I think a bonding between the two is definitely in order at this point. - Kelley Pearson