General Hospital
August 6, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: Can you believe your eyes right now? Dr. Noah drake is bopping around to music in the middle of the hub. Really, what is our world coming to?
Patrick: Robin, I just covered like crazy to avoid tipping my father's suspicion radar.
[Robin sighs]
Patrick: Having your eyes glued on him is not going to help this.
Robin: I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's just Noah is acting so Eli lately. I mean, not even like a role he's playing, but like a new way of being, which I'm sure my mother loves --
Patrick: Ok, I --
Robin: Her favorite rock star in the face and body of a brilliant neurosurgeon.
Patrick: Didn't we agree to downplay and ignore?
Robin: It's a little bit difficult. I just talked to epiphany, she said that my mother stopped by to see Noah earlier. Aren't you the least bit curious about that?
Patrick: I am, and I agree. If our parents decided to get into a real relationship, it would be awkward and disconcerting. But right now, he's just looking for attention -- from your mother, mostly from himself.
Robin: What does that mean?
Patrick: It means my dad gave up everything but booze after my mother died. He passively aggressively committed suicide for years. Now this magical opportunity comes up. He gets to reinvent himself, rediscover his adolescence -- if you will. And your mom is a perfect companion for this. She's -- she's intelligent, she's adventurous, and, you know, let's face it -- she's ridiculously hot.
Robin: Now you're checking out my mother?

Scene 2

Patrick: Don't be absurd, there's no way I'm attracted to your mother. But I have eyes, and I can see how other guys -- especially my father -- would find her smoking hot. Like mother, like daughter -- you're smoking hot, too, in your own way.
Robin: Oh -- "in my own way." Let me interpret that --
Patrick: Ok --
Robin: With what I have to work with, I'm not doing so bad.
Patrick: Robin, hey, listen to me, that's not what I said. You know I find you amazingly beautiful and very sexy, you know that. I'm just saying your mom's got the whole accent, the rappelling from helicopters, the whole kung-fu'ing people thing going on for her.
Robin: So you're saying she's unique?
Patrick: Yes, yes. She's unique.
Robin: And I'm depressingly ordinary.
Patrick: No. Hey, you're unique, too.
Robin: Ok, maybe, but you would prefer it if I sounded like Keira Knightley and if I climbed into your apartment through the skylight. Maybe I should wear a ninja suit to bed.
Patrick: That's not a bad idea. Come on, seriously, you -- you don't think I'm attracted to your mother?
Robin: I don't know.
[Robin sighs]
Robin: Ok. No.

Patrick: Good. Now, I'm just saying -- for the sake of the conversation -- your mother is a catch, and I wouldn't blame my father for wanting to attract her attention. 
Noah: I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. I'll be sure and let Anna know you approve.

[approximately 2:47 of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Wow, Rick Springfield has been reduced to a background player.  WTF is up with that?  They had such a pivotal moment the last time Rick was on screen (7/30) and then failed to address it at all the next time he showed up.  Such a waste of an opportunity. - rlh

Patrick and Robin are continuing the 'freak-out over their parents' thing while Noah jams to music in the background. {So I wonder, what was he listening to? New Christmas CD? WKRNR? I really liked Robin's line "Noah is acting so Eli, not even like a role he is playing, like a whole new way of being." Oh really? Maybe because he is now a rocker playing a doctor playing a rocker? No? Ha!}

As Patrick is talking about how he would not blame Noah for trying to attract Anna's attention, Noah strolls to the elevator and makes a snarky comment since he is now carrying the earphones and can hear Patrick. {OK so in today's GH we got to hear lots and lots of TALK about Noah and Anna. Oh great, that is so much better than seeing them in action, great idea GH writers, just great.}

VERY little Noah today…but about 20 minutes in, we see Noah in the background, hanging out at the nurses desk (or in the `middle of the hub' as Robin called it). He must be on break, right? He appears to be rocking out on an Ipod, most likely listening to Eli's music and becoming more familiar with it. Robin and Patrick banter back and forth about their concerns for Anna and Noah. Personally I think they should've stepped farther away from Noah if they were going to talk about him. LOL I know when I have earphones on and I don't have it up too loud, I can definitely hear some outside noises and people talking. 

So the two finally step over by the couch…still not far enough away though. I like how Patrick is beginning to feel more understanding about Noah's position in all of this (he's doing much better with it lately than Robin is). He says things to Robin like, "He gets to reinvent himself, rediscover his adolescence," or "my dad gave up everything but booze after my mother died," and "he's just looking for attention." I think it's nice that Patrick is kind of siding with his dad now and trying to see things from Noah's perspective, for once. So Patrick is coming around…sorta. I thought it was cute when he told Robin that her mother is `ridiculously hot.' LOL Now did he really have to end up easing Robin's mind that he's not `into' her mom? That was pushing it just a bit. I know Robin has trust & self-esteem issues, but that was a bit much I thought. 

Then to their surprise, Noah busts them! He strolls over to the elevator, headphones & Ipod in hand and says, "Tell ya how much I appreciate your support. I'll be sure and let Anna know you approve." I would think that their behavior would cause Noah and Anna to become `rebels' in a way, and all this drama over the two of them getting together would CAUSE them to want to get together. It's usually human nature to go against what others want or expect from you. The so-called `forbidden' areas are usually the most tempting! 

So my question…was he intentionally eavesdropping and pretending to listen to music just to see what those two are all up in the air about? Or did he just happen to hear them because the music was down lower than they thought? Hmmm…anyway…I thought that was cute, and perfect of him to `call them' on it. But I DO hope that these two tiny little Noah clips were filmed on the same day as something else. Surely to goodness GH didn't drag Noah to the set to do such a small amount of footage! I'm betting this piece was done on a day when he had several other scenes. It was nice to see him on screen though. I'm anxious to see more! - Kelley Pearson