General Hospital
August 7, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: Mom?
Robin: Oh, God!
Anna: Hi. You didn't want to knock, maybe?
Robin: Well, the door was open, and then I heard a crash, so i thought I would check on you.
Patrick: Whoa. You were right. Our parents are definitely hooking up.
Noah: Ahem.

Scene 2
Noah: You guys are actually spying on us?
Robin: No, we're not spying. I -- I came by to see my mother, and then I heard a crash, so i walked in to see if she was ok.
Anna: Yes, thank you, we're fine. Thank you for checking.
Noah: I thought I said I didn't need a chaperone this morning.
Patrick: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. You've monitored my life plenty in the past.
Noah: Oh -- I'm your father. I'm supposed to help you learn from my mistakes, right?
Robin: And we are here to help you before you make a whopper of your own.
Anna: Yeah, but you can't worry about us. We are consenting adults.
Robin: You're supposed to be here coaching Noah so that he can impersonate Eli Love at the concert.
Noah: Yeah, she's doing a terrific job, too.
Anna: He's very talented.
Robin: Ok, it's not a good idea to mix work with pleasure.
Patrick: Yes.
Noah: You and Patrick have been doing exactly that for months.
Patrick: He's got a point.
Robin: Don't agree with him.

Scene 3
Robin: Mom? Listen, Eli Love is the one you want to be with, not Noah.
Anna: Oh -- don't get carried away here. No, that's silly.
Robin: Are you kidding me? You're the one that said that you obsessed with him. You went to all of his concerts, you know every song, every move -- basically, every detail about the guy, and here you are, making Noah into the guy that you're in love with.
Anna: Honey, I'm a spy. I'm not easily deceived by assumed identities, especially not one that I've helped to create.
Robin: So you're just here giving Noah the benefit of your professional expertise, huh?
Anna: Wow. We are really getting a little serious about this, aren't we?
Robin: We need to talk.
Patrick: Ok, that's our cue. We're out of here.
Noah: Wait, I'm going to get the talk, too?
Patrick: It's not going to hurt. Come on.
Noah: When did they become the parents?
Anna: I don't know, but you better do as you're told.
Noah: Yeah, you bet. I'm going to try and sneak out later to meet you.
Patrick: Ok, out, Dad!
Robin: Ew!
[Noah laughs]
Robin: Mom, look, I know you think I'm overreacting, but if you keep this up with Noah -- you're not the only one that's going to get hurt.

Scene 4
Noah: You going to sit me down and tell me about the birds and the bees?
Patrick: Can you be serious for a minute, please?
Noah: Well, if you're going to discuss Anna's and my relationship, no.
Patrick: Ok, this is exactly what robin was talking about.
Noah: You know, robin's only freaked out because it's her mom and your dad. If I was anybody else, she wouldn't give a damn.
Patrick: But that's the thing, dad -- it isn't anybody else, it's you, and you're getting carried away by fantasy.
Noah: Anna's no fantasy. Trust me.
Patrick: You are pretending to be Eli Love, the famous rock star, and it's taking you over -- I mean, the wardrobe, the swagger, the attitude.
Noah: You know what? I'm working day and night so i can get up in front of thousands of people and have them believe I'm eli love and not me -- and that's what you wanted!
Patrick: I see --
Noah: It's going to be over in a little while anyway, so what's the big deal?
Patrick: This is exactly what she was worried about.
Noah: Oh -- you know, Robin thinks that our relationship is a potential walk down the aisle. It's not. Anna and I are just having fun.
Patrick: You're living the dream, dad -- both of you -- Eli Love, the never-ending party.
Noah: So you say you think I'm having too much fun?
Patrick: I think you're drinking again. Are you?

Scene 5
Noah: You know, I've had a liver transplant. I'd be crazy to start drinking again.
Patrick: That wasn't exactly an answer.
Noah: I don't have a death wish, Patrick. You know, I'm having fun, I'm sober -- the two aren't mutually exclusive.
Patrick: I'm glad you're having fun, and I'm not asking you to stop.
Noah: Then just let it go. You know, don't worry so much.
Patrick: Well, I am worried that you're going to lose your balance along the way.
Noah: I'm happy. I haven't felt this good in I can't remember when. You know, I mean, after I lost your mom, I just didn't think I could go on. You know, I hated myself and I wanted the world to feel the same way, and the only peace I could find was -- was in alcohol.
Patrick: Until you needed a new liver.
Noah: Yeah -- proverbial blessing in disguise. You know, but I -- I needed to stop drinking. I needed to find a light at the end of the tunnel, something to get me through the day that wasn't alcohol. I have you to thank for that, and, you know, my work at general hospital. And now this -- man, I can't tell you how great it feels to have women interested in me.
Patrick: Yeah -- when they ask you to do shots out of their underage navels.
Noah: I'm not going to go that far.
Patrick: Dad, the point is, though, this -- this isn't the kind of attention women give to a good-looking, obnoxious, abrasive neurosurgeon. They think you're Eli Love, the famous rock star, and they're throwing themselves at you. Now, that kind of power is like a drug in itself. I wouldn't blame you for getting sucked in.
Noah: Well, I'm not giving up my day job, if that's what you're thinking.
Patrick: Well, there's a start.
Noah: You know, and -- and I'm not chasing groupies, you know? I mean, I -- I'm working my butt off so that I can get the moves, you know, and -- and the songs down so I don't make a fool of myself when I get onstage.
Patrick: Ok. But what happens when the concert's over?
Noah: I go back to being, you know -- what did you say? -- "The obnoxious, abrasive neurosurgeon" that everyone's come to know and love. You know, until then, I'll take advantage a little bit of my genetic good fortune, and I'm having an incredible time with a really, really sexy woman.
Patrick: Ok, so what happens to her when the concert's over?
Noah: I mean, I -- I don't see a future for Anna and me, you know? I mean, apart from the concert, our lives are completely incompatible. You know, so -- so tell robin to quit freaking out -- it's not going to go anywhere.

Scene 6
[Knock on door]
Noah: Can I come in, or am I off-limits?
Anna: Well, if you are brave enough to show up, I'm brave enough to let you in.
Noah: No good deed goes unpunished, you know?
[Anna giggles]
Noah: Wow. Am I interrupting something?
Anna: It's my standard equipment check -- I do it every night.
Noah: Well. I guess you can't be too careful, huh?
Anna: You need your scalpels sharp. I like my gun loaded.
Noah: Ok.
Anna: So, you and Patrick sort things out?
Noah: Oh -- oh, God, yeah.
[Noah sighs]
Noah: You know, when -- when he first came to me with this -- you know, this idea to impersonate Eli --
Anna: Mm- hmm.
Noah: My first, you know, reaction was no. And then he kept on, and I said I'll do it for the good of the cause. And now he says that I'm getting carried away, after all my hard work.
Anna: Yeah, that's what Robin said about me, too. Ahem.
Noah: He said it's taking over my life.
Anna: She says I'm transferring my Eli Love crush over to you.
Noah: Well, that's not the worst thing in the world, is it?
Anna: She says it's going to end in disaster.
Noah: I think she worries too much.
Anna: Exactly.
[Noah and Anna start making out]
Scene 7
Anna: Sorry. I can't.

Noah: What?
Anna: I keep thinking about Robin.
Noah: But I thought we agreed not to think about our kids.
Anna: I know, I know, I know, but, you know, she's -- she's upset, and she -- she kind of brought up a few pertinent things.
Noah: Really? Name, you know, just one.
Anna: I don't know, I don't know. But her face keeps popping into my head, and it's -- it's just not working for me, do you know what I mean?
Noah: Well, can I get it working?
Anna: I'm sorry. I can't do this tonight, I can't.
Noah: So I -- are you saying that we can't sleep together until your daughter says it's ok?
Anna: Oh -- I'll call you tomorrow?

[approximately 9:32  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

From background player to 7 scenes in one day. I think this is the most screen time Rick has had since he came back.
By Robin's reaction, you'd think they would be standing there naked. They were even upright, so not sure what was so alarming about that.
We get another indication that Noah is really slipping from his sobriety when he looks longingly at the ad for the Vodka.
So the kids insist on talking to their parents one on one. Very cute when Noah tells Anna he'll sneak back later (and he actually does)
Noah is none too happy with Patrick for trying to rain on his parade - the same parade that Patrick talked him into participating in. And who can blame him? Noah hasn't had any kind of a normal life since his wife died, and the first time something comes along, they're giving him hell about it. Patrick shows some concern for Noah's drinking, but Noah reassures him. Maybe Patrick should have been more concerned about that, than Anna because that really is the bigger problem. One of the funnier lines from this when Patrick talked about "shots out of underaged navels".....that one chick was definitely not underage.
Hopefully when this is over, Noah won't go back to being the "obnoxious, abrasive neurosurgeon" that they keep mentioning. 
So then Noah does make his way back over to Anna's place (room 234), apparently to pick up where he left off before those meddling kids got involved. Noah's not quite as smooth as he was back in his bachelor days, but he's definitely still got it. And the moment so many of us have been waiting for - some love in the afternoon! But damn Robin! Anna just couldn't get into it (whatever!). And poor Noah, he tried, but to no avail.
Anna shows him the door, and we only imagine that bottle of vodka is becoming more and more appealing. - rlh

Robin goes to Anna's room, finds the door open and hears a crash so she barges in to discover Anna wrapped around Noah. {OK, Robin – turn around and slam the door and run away… run away… wait, she did not do that did she. Grr. But then I suppose if she did we would just see more scenes of Patrick and Robin talking about it and not anything on what was going on at Anna's, right? *sigh*}

Noah and Anna pick up the lamp {apparently the cause of the crash} and then argue with Patrick and Robin. {The way Noah relaxes on the couch, makes it seem as if he is quite comfortable there. Although how far along were they before they were interrupted? Apparently Noah worked up quite a sweat – if his t-shirt is any indication. I love the little mutual compliment thing Anna and Noah do and then the head tip/take a bow thing. Very cute. Why do they not just kick Patrick and Robin out??}

Robin is trying to reason with Anna by whispering at the side of the room and then decides she needs to talk privately so Patrick decides he should talk to Noah as well and drags him out the door. {I really liked how Patrick grabbed Noah and pushed him along and the cackle Noah released as this happened. HA! Anna even seems amused until Robin continues her pleas. Robin… butt out!}

Patrick takes Noah all the way back to his apartment, for what these two do best – bicker. {Favorite line from Noah: "Anna's no fantasy, trust me" with the eye brows raised. Ha! Then when Noah is saying "… having them believe I'm … Eli" hmmm.. tad bit of a hesitation there. Was he about to say Noah? :p And then apparently sober Noah can never have any fun without the assumption that he is drinking again. OK yeah so he DID have a drink but he was having fun before that too.}

Noah tells Patrick he would be crazy to start drinking again {and then licks his lip, wow major *look I am lying* indicator right there}. Noah assures Patrick that he is happy and pulls out the whole 'first time for fun since the death of his wife/your mom' and assures him he is not giving up his day job {after all there is a new CD coming out soon.. oh wait, not that day job….. New favorite line "I'll take advantage - a little bit - of my genetic good fortune" HA! I could not agree more, great fortune!} Patrick pushes and wonders what happens after the concert and Noah says he sees no future in his relationship with Anna and then leaves. {How freaking sad. Noah looks and sounds so sad when he says there is no future. Nice. What will make Noah have a drink faster? Having fun or being depressed? I think it is the latter. Nice job Patrick. Although really I was happy to see that they could have this whole discussion at normal vocal levels instead of a scream fest. But really, I would turn this around on Patrick and Robin. Tell them to go get married pronto or just end it if they cannot guarantee this is permanent. Is that not what they are asking Noah and Anna to do?}

After being the bearers of doom and gloom, Patrick and Robin decide to just let their parents have fun {Oh, nice timing you dimwits. Could you not have come to this conclusion before freaking Anna and Noah out?} Meanwhile Anna is back at her room cleaning her weapons when Noah returns. At first they seem a bit awkward around each other as they talk about the lectures they got from their kids but then things heat up. {He starts by playing with her hair! Eeeee! :) Or maybe it was the change in music that triggered it? :p But Anna leans in for the kiss even a bit more than Noah and then they wrap around each other like ivy on a trellis. Nice. Love Noah's move of running his hand up her leg. Very sexy.} 

Unfortunately Anna halts things because Anna is worried about what Robin said. {Noah offers to get things working for her by running his hand up and down her thigh …..ahhhh and that does not work?! Is she human?} A visibly frustrated and disappointed Noah leaves {OK Robin has just surpassed Sam on my most-annoying-GH character list.} - Jen H.
Could a Rick fan ask for a better day?! Well, in a word…YES. I'm hoping those writers will come up with more fun stuff as this goes along. I LOVED today's show! I must say that for the first time in a while (where Noah is concerned) I felt there was some depth to his scenes and that some issues were finally discussed in more than just a word or two. GH was chock full of Noah today, practically the entire show. I think there may have been 5 scenes altogether…or 6. That's breaking a record! (And the scenes were long!) I was surprised with each scene when it didn't cut off in the `usual' spots. I was actually expecting the scene to cut, cheating Noah out of screen time (which has been the case so many times), but no….they actually made some ground and had complete conversations today. Yay! 

Robin accidentally catches her mom and Noah engaged in an intimate moment. She acts like it's the grossest thing she's ever seen. I thought it was beautiful to finally see Noah having some `fun.' It's not actually shown at this point, but it appears they were kissing until Robin showed up. They're shown in more of a hugging position. Then along comes Patrick, right behind her saying, "Whoa, you were right. Our parents are definitely hooking up." Noah is perturbed that the `kids' are `spying' on them. He tells them he doesn't need a `chaperone.' I agree with Noah on this one. I DO see how uncomfortable this is for Patrick and Robin, but the Noah/Rick fan in me is screaming for them to leave Anna and Noah alone. Let them have some fun. After all, it WAS Robin and Patrick's idea. They pushed this whole Eli Love thing in the first place. But I can also see that Robin is protective. She doesn't want her mother to make a mistake. She knows her mom pretty well, and also knows that mom will not be in town for the long run. She's afraid someone will end up getting hurt. Good point, but it's starting to come across as overbearing and intrusive. 

While the 4 of them argue back and forth, Noah sits down on the couch and notices a magazine lying open on the coffee table. Lo and behold, it's a liquor ad. (Vodka? Gin? It's called Belka…whatever that is) He looks at the ad just a few seconds too long. It's obvious the temptation is still there.

Practically every move, mannerism & vocal inflection reminded me so much of Rick today. The line has been becoming thin for a few weeks now. I'm seeing Rick the person, or Rick the musician more and more. When Noah and "Eli" were doing scenes together or on the same day, I was actually beginning to believe it. I was seeing two separate personalities. But now that "Eli" has not been in the scenes lately, Noah is more and more like Rick. {Well, Noah IS portraying a rock star, and Rick is a rock star. So it makes it very difficult for my mind to separate the two}. Maybe it's the clothes? I don't know what it is, but as soon as Noah is out of his `doctor' clothes and he's talking about other stuff besides brain surgery, I am seeing Rick Springfield. Some of the clothes he's been wearing, like the jeans and the interesting T-shirt he had on today are a lot like something Rick would wear. {Here's to hoping RICK will take home some of Eli's clothes. The man needs a new concert wardrobe, in the worst way!} The thick gold necklace he had on, not so much like Rick. But everything else…to a "T." I'm betting this isn't so weird for regular GH fans who are not fans of Rick's music. But for myself, it's just odd. (but in a good way!) I'm thrilled to see Noah have some potential storylines, finally. 

Way to go Noah on calling Patrick out! Patrick thinks the two are mixing business with pleasure, and Noah tells them that is exactly what those two do on a regular basis. Yeah, who are THEY to talk? 

Robin gives her mother a "talk" right in front of the couch where Patrick and Noah are sitting. How private was that supposed to be? You know that Noah could hear the whole thing. He was only 2 feet away. She tells Anna that she's getting carried away, and that it's Eli Love who Anna wants to be with. She says that Anna is `obsessed' with him, knows every move, every song, goes to all of his shows and knows everything about the guy. {Hmmm…doesn't that sound like Rick fans? Except for the last part. We don't know everything about Rick, but we do know a lot! } Anna assures her that all is `okay.' I loved the part when Robin says, "We need to talk" and Patrick slaps Noah's knee and says, "That's our cue. We're outta here." Noah looks like a child who knows he's about to be scolded. LOL He says, "Wait, I'm gonna get the talk too?" Patrick pulls Noah towards the door as Noah looks back at Anna and says, "When did they become the parents?" {that is my question too!} Too freaking funny when Noah grabs his keys and tells Anna that they'll try to sneak out later! {Yeah Noah…you do that! Sounds like a plan if you ask me. Don't let them stand in your way!} Patrick says, "Ok…out!" He's manhandling Noah, pushing him out the door, with Noah laughing & smiling all the while. In the background you hear Robin say, "Ewww!" Was that a Rick laugh or what? Too cute! 

Another `Rick moment' for me: The guys arrive at Patrick's place and Noah cannot be serious about all of this. He's grinning as he heads for the couch---"Are you gonna sit me down and tell me about the birds and the bees?!" {Rick, who is normally clowning around and being sarcastic in real life.} I really liked the line when Noah raises his eyebrow and says, "Anna's no fantasy. Trust me." I thought this whole scene was great. Patrick and Noah go back and forth. Noah tells Patrick that he and Anna are just having `fun.' Then he sits back---quite sexily I might add ---on the couch, one arm across the back, long legs stretched out in front of him, and listens to Patrick. Noah asks, "So you think I'm having TOO much fun?" Patrick asks him point blank if he's drinking again, and the scene cuts out without showing Noah's face. {Well, I'm glad that this `little' point wasn't ignored, seeing as how Bobbie---a few days ago---had told Patrick she saw Noah at the Metro Court with a glass of liquor. I was beginning to wonder if he'd ever confront his dad about it!} 
During Anna and Robin's talk, Robin has an affect on Anna. It's clear from Anna's expression that she is seeing Robin's point and that Robin truly does know her very well. Meddling kids! The scene switches back to a serious discussion between Noah and Patrick. Noah tells Patrick that he would be crazy to start drinking again, ("I don't have a death wish") after he was blessed enough to get a new liver from his son. Noah tells Patrick not to worry so much. Is that RICK'S necklace I see here, the one he wears in concert? The black one that looks like it needs a charm? {After viewing this scene again for this review…I just noticed that!} I thought it was touching when Noah talks to Patrick about his struggles after Patrick's mom died, and how he turned to alcohol. He even thanks Patrick for putting him on the right track. Wow, it's so good to hear conversations like this between these two! I believe their father/son relationship is finally making some progress. I've been waiting for this for a long time now. It's nice to see the guys swallow their pride for a few minutes and actually act like they care about one another. Noah tells him, "I can't tell you how great it feels to have women interested in me." {LOL! Good one Rick, I mean Noah! Lines like this are comical to me…because we all know what a `chick-magnet' Rick is in real life! Women are very interested in him. } Patrick reminds Noah that this attention is only because people think he's Eli Love. Man, he's brutally honest, isn't he? He tells Noah he's a `good-looking, obnoxious, abrasive neurosurgeon.' Noah tells him, "I'm not giving up my day job, if that's what you mean." {Um no Rick! Please don't give up your real job! I like having you on my TV, but your real life `day job' is what matters the most to me!} I also liked his line about `taking advantage of his genetic good fortune.' That is OH SO true! We all know what great genes Rick has! Noah admits that he doesn't see a future between he and Anna and tells Patrick to tell Robin to quit `freaking out' and that it's not going to go anywhere. Yeah Robin, quit messing around in their business! Noah leaves & Patrick is left with a worried look on his face. 

Robin and Patrick are seen later at the apartment and it appears they've both done a 180. They say that their parents are just having fun and Patrick says, "Who are we to rain on their parade?" The scene switches to Anna, who is loading her gun, when she hears a tap on the door. She opens the door to find a sexy Dr. Drake leaning on the door jam---"Can I come in, or am I off limits?" Anna peer out under Noah's arm to make sure the coast is clear. She lets him in and he says, "No good deed goes unpunished." Ok, so my first thought at this line (which is a common phrase, I know) was that it was a lyric from one of Rick's songs. I've been racking my brain since I heard that, trying to figure out what song has that same line in it. I finally got it, but it's not from a Rick song (or so I don't *think* Rick uses that line in one of his songs). Funny how your mind will grab onto a line and realize you've heard it before, in a song. John Cougar Mellencamp says that very line in his old song---"Crumblin' Down." Again, it still sounds like a line Rick may have used. I'll have to check into that one to be sure! Noah sees the gun and says, "Wow, you can't be too careful, huh?" The two sit back on the couch and discuss the whole Eli Love thing and how their kids think they are getting way too involved in all of this. (As Noah brushes lint---?---from his jeans while he talks) The chemistry between Noah and Anna is awesome, I think! 

Ok…one of my favorite lines of the day---Anna says about Robin, "She says I'm transferring my Eli Love crush over to you." Noah's face is adorable here. His voice drops down a few notches and he says with a sweet & genuine smile, "Well, that's not the worst thing in the world, is it?" {ANOTHER eerie Rick moment! I know, it IS Rick for heaven`s sake…but damn that smile! I'm just having a hard time seeing Rick as Noah in these scenes. Speaking of `freaking out'…this is freaking ME out!} They gaze at each other and Noah plays with Anna's hair. {Whoo hooo!} Anna--- "She says it's gonna end in disaster." Noah, still looking intensely at Anna---"I think she worries too much." Anna says quietly, "Exactly." They suddenly go into a kiss. Oh yeah…NICE! Very nice! Noah rubs Anna's leg and she runs her hand around on the back of Noah's hair. HOT!!! Thank you GH! 

Robin, Robin, Robin! That woman is so indecisive! We see a short scene of she and Patrick trying to be intimate, but Robin is back on her `kick' about her mother. Granted, she tells Patrick that her mom has a big heart, and she---Anna--- has a hard time protecting herself emotionally. I DO find it nice that Robin cares so much about her mom, but enough is enough. She can't get `in the mood' because Anna is on her brain. She puts the breaks on anything happening between her and Patrick and kisses him goodnight. He says, "Great. So, so long as our parents are sleeping together…we're not!" LOL! {Yep, they dug this hole. Now they'll have to learn how to deal with it.} 

Over to the next scene…YOW! We see Noah practically on top of Anna on the couch, kissing her, still rubbing her leg. She abruptly pulls away and says, "Sorry, I can't. I keep thinking about Robin." Yep, Robin got her way alright! Now why did she have to go and mess up a good thing!? Noah chuckles and says, "But I thought we agreed not to think about our kids." Anna tells Noah that Robin's face keeps popping into her head and it's just not `working for me.' Very sexy…Noah puts his arm and hand around her knee, leans in with those dimples and says, "Well, can I get it working?" He rubs her leg again, and for one brief moment I thought Anna was going to `go for it.' {Hey, you can't blame Noah for trying!} Instead she jumps up from the couch and tells him, "I'm sorry. I can't do this tonight. I can't." Noah is obviously frustrated. He stands up, hands on his hips---"Are you saying that we can't sleep together until your daughter says it's okay?" Awww…Noah looks crushed when Anna replies, "I'll call you tomorrow." He has his hand on the doorknob and turns to look at her as he's leaving {maybe hoping by some weird chance that she will change her mind?!}. But instead, Anna has a neutral look on her face. So he shuts the door behind him and stands in the hall for just a second with a funny look on his face. I'm not sure of the expression, unless it's disbelief that Robin and Patrick caused him to 'miss out' on some fun. She blew him OFF! And all the while I'm seeing this I'm wanting to scream at Anna, "Are you CRAZY woman??! What is the matter with you?!" LOL {Maybe SHE is the one who needs her brain looked at!} 

Ok, not fair for Anna and Noah. But I *knew* this would happen if the docs meddled long enough. Let's just hope that Anna and Noah decide to do what is best for THEM, (and that their kids will back off) and that we'll have some more `nice' scenes later on. A love scene? A shirtless Noah scene? Am I asking for too much? As much as Jerry Jax has been seen in his underwear and running around with his shirt off lately, I do believe it's only `fair' that Noah also has a few shirtless scenes as well! Ha! I still say he will put the rest of those men at GH to shame! - Kelley Pearson