General Hospital
August 8, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: Where the hell is my blood work on Mr. Thorpe?
Epiphany: In my hand, and if you ask like a human being, it could be in yours.
Patrick: May I have the blood work on Mr. Thorpe? Please?
Robin: Bad morning?
Patrick: I went for a run, took a shower, came to work, and then took another one -- a very cold one.
Epiphany: Ok, now the picture's getting clearer -- not that I want it to.
Robin: Patrick is taking exception with me because I'm taking exception with our parents dating.
Patrick: Ok, whoa, whoa. I don't appreciate using our parents as an excuse not to sleep with me.
Robin: Well, I can't really help it. Every time you touch me, all I think about is your father doing the same thing to my mother.
Epiphany: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Way too much information this early in the morning, people.
Robin: Look, I'm sorry, but as long as our parents are seeing each other --
Patrick: Yes, I get it -- I get cut off. I just don't see how that's fair.
Noah: Why aren't the labs back on my patient in 1024 yet?
Epiphany: Looks like you're not the only one getting cut off.
Patrick: Wait a second, did you -- something happen between you and Anna?
Noah: She bailed on me. You happy?

Scene 2
Robin: If I did anything to --
Noah: If you did anything? You go running to your mother with concerns about her and my relationship, even though we're both adults and we can -- you know, we can decide what we want to do with our lives, and if that includes mind-blowing, headboard-banging sex --
Robin: Oh --
Noah: Then I don't think that's any of your problem!
Robin: Ok --
Epiphany: Hey, keep your voice down, or it's going to wind up being this entire hospital's problem.
Noah: Why couldn't you have just left it alone?
Patrick: Ok, wait a second. Now, robin is just being honest about her feelings.
Noah: Well, why couldn't she have been honest with you, left Anna and me out of it? Now, Anna -- you know, she -- she wants to respect Robin's wishes, so she won't even return my phone calls.
Robin: I'm sorry.
Noah: Well, I'm sure you're sorry -- now you got what you wanted.
[Epiphany sighs]
Robin: You know, you don't agree with me interfering in our parents' relationship any more than your father does, so why did you just stick up for me?
Epiphany: It's simple -- now that Drake Sr. Has been cut off, Drake Jr. figures he can make up for lost time.

Scene 3
Bobbie: Noah?
Noah: Huh. [as Eli] In the flesh, baby. In the flesh.
[Bobbie laughs]
Bobbie: Very convincing. I wasn't sure it was really you.

Noah: [Normal voice] Well, let's hope thousands of screaming fans feel the same way when I get onstage.
Bobbie: Well, I don't think you have to worry because you are good. Maybe too good.
Noah: It's club soda. You're welcome to check it if you want.
Bobbie: I don't want to police you.
Noah: Well, you're welcome to. I mean, you know, the voice, the clothes, the partying -- it's just an act.
Bobbie: There's a part of you who used to be a lot like Eli Love. You know, when I first met you, you were this fun, charming playboy who didn't want to be tied down. Is there any reason that Noah Drake can't exist without losing his sobriety?

Scene 4
Man: I wasn't sure letting you impersonate Eli was going to work, but I have to admit you got the guy down cold. I'm beginning to think you may actually pull this whole thing off.

Noah: Well, it's a big difference between shaking a few hands at a cocktail party and getting up onstage and belting out Eli's greatest hits.
Man: Relax, have a little faith. I do, along with a hell of a lot of gratitude. Not only have you helped us raise a ton of cash for a great cause, you've saved Eli's life -- not to mention my career -- by keeping him off that stage. Here's to you. Yeah.
Noah: Ahh. [Noah takes a big sip of the drink]

Scene 5
Noah: Patrick? I got your page. What's up?
Patrick: A 34-year-old pregnant woman with acute subdural hemorrhage.
Noah: How far along is she?
Patrick: 19 weeks.
Noah: Whew. Wow. Pretty risky. Well, you got to go in and stop the bleeding without interfering with the blood and oxygen supply to the baby.
Patrick: Yeah.
Noah: Anesthesia will just complicate things. What do you need from me -- consult?
Patrick: Well, don't be too shocked, but, uh, I'd like you to scrub in

Scene 6
Patrick: The patient's 34 years old, 19 weeks pregnant. She slipped in the kitchen and hit her head on the marble counter. So once we move in, we're going to have to work fast or compromise the risk of the baby, having to call dr. Lee for cesarean. I could really use another set of steady, experienced hands -- yours are the best I know.
Patrick: So? You in?

Noah: Not this time, no.
Patrick: Why not?
Noah: You don't need me.
Patrick: What -- dad, this is your procedure.
Noah: No, Patrick, you've taken this procedure and made it your own. The patient couldn't be in better hands, ok?
Patrick: Am I dreaming, or did my dad just give me a surgical triumph?
Robin: I believe he did.

[approximately   of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Patrick and Robin are discussing their disrupted sex life {because that is SO appropriate for the hospital nurse's station, what great examples of good behavior these two are..hmm} when Noah comes up just as agitated as Patrick was {OK so now we learn that when the Drake men do not get sex they snap at co-workers… good to know :p} and Noah admits Anna spurned him. {I loved the snappish "Happy?" to Robin ...she so deserved that and so much more!}

Robin actually tries to act innocent in this and Noah blows his top {OK, new absolute favorite line "mind-blowing head board banging S-E-X", hehe Noah said head board and SEX! I only watched that scene a couple, few, several times… you know I had to make sure I got the line just right… yeah that is it} Robin apologizes but Noah calls her out on it again and storms off {She did get exactly what she wanted so her whole injured or innocent act is so stupid.}

Noah is back at the Metro Court bar when Bobbie pops back up. She gets nostalgic and wonders if the fun-loving Noah can exist and be sober. {OK now she is trying to see if he has it in him to be fun, happy and sober? Why take the 'assume the worst' mode and NOW come around and say that?}

Noah is still at the Metro Court with some random guy associated with Eli who is all impressed that he is pulling off the Eli Love charade and the guys makes him a toast which means Noah drinks again. {OK if this guy is 'in on it' why the heck can't Noah skip the alcohol? That is ridiculous. And apparently this amber colored alcohol is more Noah's style because he takes a much longer drink of it and then gets a devilish look on his face. So what pushed him into this? The first drink? Anna's rejection? Bobbie? His own stupidity. Ugh, take your pick.}

Patrick calls in gum-chomping Noah for a case {oh because the gum chomping is not a big red flag for either "I had garlic for lunch" or "I am drinking!"}

Patrick would like Noah to work with him on the case but Noah declines, telling Patrick he does not need him. {Patrick is all excited that his dad gave him kudos but he misses the major red flag. Normal Noah would have kicked Patrick to the curb and taken over the case himself, the fact that he walked away… huge warning. Way to be in tune with your dad there Patrick.} - Jen H.

Noah shows up at the hospital in a not so good mood, and tells Robin and Patrick that Anna bailed on him, and he tells Robin "you happy?"

Noah continues to give it to Robin good (but not in the same way that he wanted to give it to Anna good ), telling her she needs to mind her own bees wax (but not in those words). He then delivers the line that sent Rick Springfield fans everywhere somewhat of a stupor - If that includes mind blowing, headboard banging sex, then I don't think that's any of your problem" (it just now occurred to me he probably should have said "any of your business", but who really cares). Patrick tries to take up for her, and Robin wonders why since she knows that Patrick basically agrees with Noah, and Epiphany is quick to point out that with Noah being cut off, now "Drake, JR." can make up for lost time.

Bobbie Runs into Noah at the Metro Court (dressed up as Eli). He has a drink and he tells her it's club soda, and she's welcome to check it if she wants (she declines, but maybe shouldn't have. I still wonder if it was club soda).
Bobbie tells Noah he's doing a very convincing job impersonating Eli. He tells her it's just an act. Bobbie reminds Noah of how he was when they first met, and wonders if he can't be more like that without losing his sobriety. (If Noah finds any more neckwear to put on, he might not be able to stand up straight, they seem to be adding something every day)

So we watch as the bartender pours a drink into Noah's glass. And finally, someone from Eli's camp actually shows up to check things out. He tells Noah he's doing a great job, and Noah reminds him that there's a difference between impersonating Eli at a cocktail party and belting out his greatest hits. Eli's manager (?), who looks like he might have borrowed Rick's glasses, tells him to have some faith. Noah takes a really big drink out of that glass, then smiles a wicked little smile. It does appear he's heading for trouble in a big way.

Noah comes back to work, chewing a huge wad of gum (to cover up the smell, no doubt, as if that ever really works). Patrick asks him to scrub in on an operation.

So Noah, in order to avoid operating after having taken a drink (or two), tells Patrick he doesn't need him and that the patient couldn't be in better hands, given him what Patrick called a "surgical triumph". It just goes to show how far Noah is falling when he is no longer in showing Patrick up on the operating table. Now the question is, will we get to see this play out, or will we have to use our imaginations yet again.
- rlh
I do believe that today's show had one of the funniest, hottest & most classic lines yet for Noah! 

Patrick charges up to the desk demanding the blood work for one of his patients…Mr. Thorpe. Hmmm…now what did THAT make my Rick-mind think of? Springthorpe of course! Epiphany is quite funny when she hears Robin and Patrick arguing back and forth about their lack of sex now that their parents are `together.' As soon as Robin says that it's weird to her how every time Patrick touches her, she pictures his dad doing that to her mom, Epiphany tells them, "Hey hey…that's way too much information this early in the morning people." LOL Noah then arrives at the desk, also sounding like he's had a grouchy morning. Epiphany makes some comment about how it seems that Patrick isn't the only one who's been `cut off.' So Patrick questions Noah if something happened between he and Anna, and Noah says, "She bailed on me." Noah looks at Robin and says, "You happy?" Noah is quite upset that Anna blew him off last night, and I can't say as I blame him! It's obvious they are attracted to each other {so maybe it IS because he looks like Eli, or maybe not}, but nonetheless…they have this incredible chemistry and Noah can feel it. So yeah, Robin pretty much busted that up for them the night before. {Let's hope it's not for good.}

Noah is expressing his anger to Robin in the next scene. She had the `nerve' to say, "If I did anything to…" and Noah jumps in, "If you DID anything?!" He basically tells her that his relationship with Anna is none of her business. Then for the line that caused an outburst of laughter & an audible gasp!…partially from shock and partially because it was a GREAT line---Noah shouts, "We're both adults and you know, we can decide what we wanna do with our lives. And if that includes mind-blowing, headboard banging SEX, then I don't think that's any of your problem!" LOL! Ok, so that is not a bad thing to hear coming out of Noah's mouth. Could he have been more visual?! {An actual SCENE similar to what he just said would be even better! Haha } I have to say `way to go' to the writers for this line. And the expression on Robin's face when he said it was quite funny, not to mention the nurse who happened to be standing nearby in the background behind her! She runs from the scene, paperwork in hand, like it was the most shocking thing she'd ever heard!! LOL! Epiphany jumps in and tells them to tone it down before it becomes the `problem' of the whole hospital. I was actually glad that Noah `scolded' Robin for her intrusion. He says that Anna won't even return his calls now, because he figures she is trying to respect Robin's wishes. She tries to tell Noah she's `sorry' and he says, "Well, I'm sure you're sorry. Now you got what you wanted." And away he goes. 

I really thought this was the last we'd see of Noah for the day, but to my surprise he's seen hanging at the bar, decked out as Eli at the Metro Court, drinking what appears to be a glass of liquor. It's set up to look like he's drowning his troubles in booze. Bobbie appears and says, "Noah?" He looks around and loudly says in the Aussie accent, "In the flesh baby. In the flesh." Bobbie worries that Noah is drinking liquor, but he tells her it's club soda and that she can check it if she wants to (but she doesn't.) Was it just me, or was Noah looking pretty good in this scene? I'm not too sure how I feel about that gold `scarf' though, or whatever it was around his neck. That was a bit much! A lot has reminded me of Rick…but not that scarf. I absolutely loved it when Bobbie told him that there's a lot about him that used to be like Eli Love. She says, "When I first met you, you were this fun, charming playboy who didn't want to be tied down." Noah appears to be remembering how he was back then. She says, "Is there any reason THAT Noah Drake can't exist, without losing his sobriety?" YAY Bobbie…tell him how it is! LOL Noah sighs and looks off as if he's considering what she said. {I do believe there could be story for he and Bobbie later on, once the storyline with Anna is over. I think this might be why Bobbie has been appearing in so many scenes lately with Noah. I hope so. I was a fan of these two as a couple, even though they had a lot of ups and downs. It would be fun to see them rekindle what they once had.} 

I liked Patrick's line during the Patrick and Robin scene back at the hospital when Robin `changes her mind' again about Anna and Noah. She says, "What is wrong with me?" Perfect line from Patrick---"There's nothing wrong with you. You just gotta figure out what you want. Or at least let the dust settle in between 180 degree turns you keep making." VERY true comparison of how she's been acting. And when did this become about what SHE wants anyway? Let Noah and Anna have `mind-blowing headboard banging sex' if that's what they want! LOL! Ok, I think that phrase is etched in my psyche now…forever! 
We see the first scene where one of Eli's people is talking to him about Noah pulling off the concert without anyone knowing what's going on. I had wondered who else knew about it. Is this supposed to be Eli's manager? It must be. They sit down with drinks and the man tells him he is grateful to him for doing this. He says it helps him out, and is saving him tons of money since Noah is keeping Eli off that stage. The man lifts his drink and says, "Here's to you." Noah looks longingly across the table at the drink the man is holding, then glances down at his own. He appears to be thinking hard about it for a few seconds, but he lifts his drink and does a `cheers' with the manager (?) and puts it to his mouth. He closes his eyes while he drinks, looking almost `pained' by it. He takes a long drink and let's out an "Aaaa!" as if it tasted sinfully good to him. What about that smile and an almost `evil' look on his face after he got that taste of the alcohol?! That was great, I thought. 

Again…I figured that was it for Noah for the day, but then he appears back at the hospital. He comes in chewing gum. It wasn't until the second viewing of this scene that it dawned on me WHY he was chewing gum in that scene---to cover the smell of the liquor he'd just drank. When I watched again I realized it before they did the `flashback` memory of him taking the drink. {LOL! I guess it was a `DUH' moment for me. Apparently I didn't realize he had JUST left the Metro Court and returned to the hospital very soon after his meeting there. Well, with soap time, you never know!} It was funny though that when I first saw him chewing the gum, I thought they were just trying to make him look casual, normal…as so many people chew gum. {Doesn't Rick chew a lot of gum?! } I was actually sitting here like, "What the hell? I've never seen Noah chewing gum on the job?" Again…my mind must've been elsewhere, as I didn't quite catch it the first time. Patrick is discussing a surgery with Noah. Noah thinks that Patrick wants him to consult with him about the procedure, but Patrick tells his dad he wants him to scrub in. Uh-oh! Noah looks stunned. 

I found it touching that Patrick wants Noah involved in the surgery. He tells him this is HIS (Noah's) procedure. He needs another set of `steady' hands by his side. I suspect Noah is flattered, but then he quickly remembers that just awhile ago he was drinking at the Metro Court with Eli's manager. He ends up telling Patrick "no," rightfully so. But it's rather sad that Patrick sees it as a stepping stone in his and Noah's relationship, when in fact Noah passed it up for `other reasons.' He is left looking shocked and amazed that Noah gave up doing this surgery. It'll be disheartening for Patrick when he realizes that Noah was not putting his ego aside at all and really praising him for his skills, but that he was only backing out to protect the patient from his shaky (alcohol induced) hands. Any other time, Noah would have been competing with him for that procedure. This could prove to be interesting…Kelley Pearson