General Hospital
August 14, 2007

Scene 1
Epiphany: I think you should go and lay down, and wait for Patrick to examine you.
Noah: See? I think I'm getting good at this -- that even people who know that I'm impersonating Eli Love still can't tell the difference. You thought I was him, right?
Epiphany: No. Uh-uh. I think that you need to get your head examined before you actually start to believe that you are a rock star.
Noah: I'm thinking of calling myself "dr. Love." What do you think?
Epiphany: You know what I think? I think that you need to be able to do more than talk when you get up on that stage. I think that you should be able to perform.
Noah: What, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?
Patrick: You have no idea.
Robin: The labs are back on Eli.
Noah: I didn't order any labs, honey.
Patrick: I did.
Robin: Ok, well, maybe if you would put "junior" after "Drake," the staff would know who to deliver them to.
Patrick: There's only two drakes in the hospital. If it's not my father, it's me. It's really not that hard to figure out.
Robin: Well, why should I have to waste my time trying to figure it out? It would just take you five seconds to put "junior" on there, and then there wouldn't be any confusion at all.
Noah: Come on, this is so petty, even for you guys. What's going on?
Patrick: Yeah, ask her -- she's the one picking fights for no reason.
Robin: Oh. You're a jerk. Is that a good enough reason?

Scene 2
Patrick: It's not my fault that you weren't in the mood this morning.

Robin: It's not my fault that sex is the only way you know how to communicate.
Patrick: Ok, time-out, Robin. Where -- where is this coming from? I mean, did I look too long at one of the scrub nurses in surgery yesterday? Or did I miss one of those crucial girlie days that are made up to make men look like insensitive pigs when we forget it?
Robin: Oh, that would make it so easy for you, right -- just wine and dine me, smooth everything over?
Patrick: You know what? Right now I'll take any excuse to explain your behavior.
Robin: I can't believe you're blaming this on me right now.
Patrick: Well, it's not my fault. So if you're looking for an excuse, it's not going to happen. I don't even know what you think I did.
Robin: Of course you don't -- men never do.
Patrick: Wow, that's a pretty sweeping generalization, don't you think? Almost sexist, I would say. Tell me again why I got into a committed relationship.
Noah: You're asking the wrong guy. Eli love is not qualified, and neither is his impersonator. I think you're on your own.

[approximately   of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Rick, I mean, I Eli, I mean Noah exits off the elevator giving one of the female staff a little fist pump to perpetuate his rock impersonation (and I swear as he walked passed her she was checking out his butt).
He's definitely got the strut down by now and is very proud of himself. The whole portrayal is pretty cute. Epiphany does point out that no matter how well he has the persona down offstage, he still is going to have to pull off a performance. The whole "Dr. Love" thing, very funny (but hopefully Noah was just pulling Epiphany's leg and isn't really that caught up in it). 
One thing that doesn't make sense to me (did I say "one?", I mean one of many), why are Noah and Patrick supposed to distinguish themselves with the terms "Sr." and "Jr."? How about Dr. Noah Drake and Dr. Patrick Drake (it's not like they have the same first name, and Patrick isn't technically a "Jr."). Noah looks slightly amused by the argument between Patrick and Robin. It's nice for him not to be in the middle of it and for him not to be doing any yelling.
The 2nd scene finds Noah as pretty much an observer, although at least he gets to do it in some really cool clothes (love, love the jeans!).
Of course, least we forget, the last time Noah was on, he fell right off that sobriety wagon, and today it's like nothing even happened. I continue to be so disappointed in the writing, and lack of follow through on what should be some really interesting storylines. - rlh

Noah strolls off the elevator in his Eli grab (black t-shirt, necklace and ripped jeans…nice!) and Epiphany calls him out on believing that he IS a rock star. {I loved the playful mood he was in and his idea of calling himself 'Dr Love' and then the smirk he had on his face as Epiphany reminded him he would have to perform on stage, just really like the relaxed Noah.} Then sexually frustrated Patrick appears and an inane argument erupts between Patrick and Robin with Noah's head swiveling back and forth between them {Junior? Really? Patrick and Noah have DIFFERENT first names therefore he is not a Jr and it would have made much more sense for Robin to ask Patrick to use his first initial rather than Jr. But back to Noah, he actually called Robin 'honey'! And Robin did not notice THAT?}

Noah observes the continued snit between Patrick and Robin and then just tells Patrick he has no advice and walks off. {OK so the observing was just for fun? He did not have any other advice to give so he was just being entertained or wanted to make sure it did not come to blows? I do not know, just did not like Noah being just an audience for these two mostly today.} - Jen H.
I'm really not sure what the point was of having Noah show up today, unless it was just so he could be aware of how Patrick and Robin are at odds right now. I'm certainly not complaining, because it's always a joy to me when he has some screen time! And my, my was he looking good in that black and red fitted T-shirt and faded, ripped-style jeans! I love how Noah `strolls' off the elevator looking rock star cool. But today, like many of the recent episodes Noah's had, it seemed more like Rick Springfield just entered GH…not Noah Drake the neurosurgeon. Ok, so that is sort of the point of the whole story…that Noah pulls off acting like a rock star. I realize that. But I tell ya, it's just very bizarre to me! LOL 

So Noah comes off the elevator dressed as Eli and a nurse nearly trips on herself getting on the elevator. She is turning around watching him, thinking he's Eli Love. Cute! Then Epiphany tells Noah a thing or two. For just a second I believe she thought he was Eli. (but she won't admit it if she did.) She tells him he needs to `go and lay down and wait for Patrick to examine him.' He tells her that she thought he was Eli, and that even those who KNOW he's impersonating Eli are fooled by him. But she says, "Uh uh." I'm not sure about what she was really supposed to be thinking here. She did in fact look `fooled' right at first. Well, if nothing else, Rick was looking really great today in the Eli attire and I LOVED it when he dropped his voice down low and told her, "I'm thinking of calling myself---Dr. Love." YEAH BABY!!! That he IS! Now the big question Noah---Do you make house calls?! LOL! Being a Kiss fan…my brain suddenly began chanting: `They call me Dr. Love, they call me Dr. Love. Dr. Love. I got the cure you're thinking of. Dr. Looooove!' 

I have to correct myself on something that became apparent on today's show, as I've been saying that I could definitely see Rick's cross tattoo. When Noah is leaning up at the desk and Patrick comes over, I can now see that the makeup team has covered up Rick's cross tattoo! I could have sworn I saw it peeking out from under his T-shirt sleeve a few times, but I guess not. I'd have to go back to prior shows and look again to be sure. But on today's show I can actually SEE a darker area there where it's been covered up. I'm glad they went ahead and did that, because it'd be strange to see Eli with the tattoo…and then Noah with the same one! (Um…that's with the hope that Noah ends up in a shirtless love scene!) They did a fairly good job of masking it, but for those of us who know it's there…we can tell. :-P 

Robin arrives and begins badgering Patrick about adding "Jr." to the paperwork so she will know which Dr. Drake is in question. Of course this is not the real issue…something major is going on between them and they're fighting over petty things instead. Noah is caught in the middle as they bicker back and forth. He tries to 'break it up' a bit, but it's obvious it's not going to help. Noah leans in on the counter and becomes a very sexy background image as the two argue it out. He listens on but says nothing. Robin finally storms off, and then Noah wanders over by Patrick (now that the 'coast is clear!'). Patrick asks his dad to remind him of WHY he got involved in a serious relationship. Noah is no help. He kind of rubs his hand down his chest and stomach and says, "You're asking the wrong guy. Eli Love is not qualified and neither is his impersonator. I think you're on your own."

Ok, so when will we see Noah again? Soon I hope! And I also hope it'll be more than just a few lines. I like the momentum that's going on for Noah lately. Please GH…let's keep the stories in motion for the handsome doc!  - Kelley Pearson