General Hospital
August 22, 2007

Scene 1
Anna: Hello, rock and roll! Inside voice.
Robin: Yeah, yeah, this -- this is very cool. It's very cool.
Anna: It is. Oh, I tell you, a concert stage is a thing of beauty.
Robin: Mm-hmm.
Anna: There's nothing I like better than front-row seats -- unless it's a backstage pass. I know. I'm, like, a groupie. What can I say?
Robin: No, you are a magician. I mean, you turned Noah into an exact replica of Eli Love. I mean, Noah gets to sing on this stage --
Anna: Mm-hmm.
Robin: And Lifebeat -- I mean, they raise a ton of money for aids charities. It's all good.
Anna: I can't take all the credit, you know. Noah worked really hard.
Robin: Mm-hmm.
Anna: Hey, Patrick, what do you think?
Patrick: It's amazing.
Anna: Right? You wait till you see your dad's moves up here.
Patrick: Yeah.
Robin: Uh-oh.
Anna: Yeah, all right. They're cool, they're cool. I swear, I swear.
Patrick: Uh-huh.
Anna: Hi.
Noah: Hey.
Anna: Hey.
Patrick: So? I hear you're ready for your big debut.
Noah: Actually, um, change of plans. Uh -- I won't be going on tonight.

Scene 2
Patrick: There you go, Anna. Your hard-working pseudo rock star is bailing at the last minute.
Anna: No, no, it's just a case of stage fright. You kn, the biggest entertainers in the world get it. As soon as you're on there and you start performing, it's just going to disappear.
Noah: Look, I won't be performing. I'm not a rock star, I'm a neurosurgeon. I -- I -- I'm sorry that I even agreed to do this in the first place.
Patrick: You're sorry? It's not enough that Lifebeat sold every ticket? Now they're going to have to give the money back? Or that they did a massive promotional push, and that eli love put his own reputation on the line because you said you'd be there for him?
Noah: Keep your voice down.
Patrick: Why, Dad? It's over. You're quitting.
Anna: No, he's not going to let everyone down.
Patrick: Oh, he's not?
Anna: Uh-uh.
Patrick: Anna, welcome to my world.
Robin: Patrick, don't take this personally, ok?
Noah: Oh -- oh, you don't know about Patrick? Oh, it's all about Patrick. Every -- every perceived flaw I have is a personal affront to my son, another reason for him to be disappointed in his old man.
Patrick: Oh. Well, you gave me a lifetime of practice. After Mom died, you put your own personal grief in front of everyone else's. It wasn't enough that I lost my mom. I had to watch you crash and burn because of it. I can't believe I actually expected you to walk out of that black hole, turn your life around.
Noah: You know what? I'm far enough out of that hole to recognize a pompous jerk when I see one.
Robin: Ok, that's enough. This isn't helping anything.
Patrick: No, right. You're right. You know what? I'm not disappointed at all. You did exactly what I expected. You're a coward. And now you're going to have to explain to everybody. At least you have experience admitting your failures.
[Robin sighs]

Scene 3
Anna: Here you go.
Noah: Thank you.
Anna: You're welcome.
Noah: I'm sorry about all your hard work. I mean, I'll make a sizeable, personal donation to Lifebeat and --
Anna: Why don't we just table Lifebeat for now and just try to figure out why your son laid into you.
Noah: Huh. I'm used to that. He -- my son is nothing if not unforgiving. I don't really take it to heart anymore.
Anna: Since when?
Noah: Oh, you heard. I -- his mother, my wife, died on the operating table.
Anna: Yeah, that's horrible. I'm sorry.
Noah: Well, I'll tell you about sorry. My response was to become a pathetic drunk.
Anna: Grief does that to you sometimes. You know, my circumstances are completely different, but I have to say, the results are the same. I failed my daughter miserably. Horribly. Now, I essentially left her to her own devices for -- for the most pivotal, and I know painful years of her life. The difference is that I refused to accept that distance and all the disappointment. And I decided that I was going to try to be the best mom that i could right now, in the present. And thank god, robin was gracious enough to accept me back into her life. And now, I am able to have a relationship with my adult daughter that I wasn't able to be in her childhood. So, you know, I'm not -- I'm not judging you or anything, Noah, but I really -- I feel that -- that my approach is a little happier than yours.

Scene 4

Noah: Do you really think if I get up here and do this, that my son will suddenly respect me?
Anna: Oh, I don't know. It's worth a try.
 Look, I'm not going to say you're exactly like eli, because that would be an insult to both your careers. But you are definitely good enough to pass. You know, when the lights are dimmed, and the band is rocking out, all those fans are out there screaming, you're going to be golden.

Noah: Just the thought of -- of performing to people that are going to be out there makes me want to dive headfirst into a bottle of vodka. I don't know if I can even put one foot in front of the other and make it onto the stage.
Anna: Could you if Patrick's life were in the balance?
Noah: Yeah. I'd have to, wouldn't I?
Anna: What about his love? I don't know. If you do this, you might just turn things around for the two of you.

Scene 5
Robin: I don't know where they are.
Patrick: I guess we're too late.
Noah: We're too late for what?
Robin: Noah? How are you feeling?
Noah: Oh, tea does wonders for a singer's voice.
Patrick: So, you're going on?
Noah: I'll give it one hell of a shot, yeah.
Patrick: You know, uh, I was wrong to unload on you like that earlier. This concert isn't about our personal drama.
Noah: No, it's not. Can I ask you something?
Patrick: Yeah.
Noah: Did you really become a surgeon because of me?
Patrick: You kidding? Of course.
Noah: How did I miss that?
Patrick: Because you don't pay attention. You know, growing up, I -- you know, when you wouldn't show up to my games or my graduation or whatever you promised you'd be at, I used to tell all the other kids that you were busy saving lives. And as much as I wanted you there, it was like having my own personal superhero.
Noah: I'm proud of you, Patrick. I -- I wish I had done so much more.
Patrick: You're here now. That's all I ever wanted.

Scene 6
Robin: I'm proud of you.
Patrick: Wow. This is usually the time where you tell me you were right and I was a jerk.
Robin: Well, I don't want to be right. I want you to be happy.
Anna: Noah, be careful!
Anna: Are you all right? Oh, my God! Are you all right?
[Noah coughs]
Patrick: What happened?
Robin: My God, what --
Anna: He -- he tripped over the mic, and then these cases -- they fell on him.
Patrick: Did he hit his head?
Anna: I don't know. Did you hit your head?
Noah: No.
Anna: God, Noah --
Robin: Are you in pain?
Noah: I think I -- I hurt my throat.
[Noah coughs]
Anna: You're joking, right? You can sing, can't you?
[Noah groans, then coughs]
Anna: What do we do now?

[approximately 11:17  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Anna and Robin are on the stage prior to the showing {groupie-ing it out quite well } when Noah cautiously approaches and informs them he won't be going on stage that night. {First off, he walks up and gives Anna a smooch as if that is no big deal, wow! Sweet! But then he looks like a man walking to his death when he approaches the stage… not perform? Is he crazy?}

Patrick jumps on Noah accusing him of reverting back to his old tendencies and once again bringing up his past history with alcohol. Noah calls him a pompous jerk but that does not stop Patrick's tirade. {Seriously? Someone tell Patrick to SHUT UP. Noah never had a chance to say why he said what he said before Patrick went off on the age-old tired tangent of continued disappointments. I am glad Noah tried to stand up to him, although even that did not stop Patrick's railroading.}

Anna prompts Noah to talk about his relationship with Patrick and she relates her problems with Robin. {Oh, wait... look a little civil conversation between adults. It was sweet and touching, and far more productive than yelling…memo to Patrick.}

Noah and Anna continue to talk about his stage fright and Anna tells him that she thinks him doing the performance could be a turning point in his relationship with Patrick. {I know Anna has not been around long enough to believe that, plus I know she will likely say anything right now to get him to do it. I am glad she did not go with Patrick's life being in the balance and it *just* being his love. Tad over dramatic, but then likely the right button to push for Noah. Smart lady.}

Patrick gets a talking too from Robin and then discovers that Noah is back on for the performance. They then have a touching father/son moment. {Awww…. Noah is Patrick's own personal super hero… something we have in common…oh wait, tangent. Anyway Patrick apologizes, Noah makes some realizations and the boys have a bonding moment. I just wonder how long until their next fight…betting pool anyone? :p}

Noah trips on a microphone and is felled by cases, injuring his throat and putting his performance in jeopardy. {OMG, if that was not the corniness thing I have ever seen, and considering this is a soap that is saying a lot. But 'off-screen' he is attacked by cases and ONLY his throat is injured? Zoinks, super hero, what are we going to do now?... fade to black. At least now Noah will not be the one actually singing, but I still say soooo corny.} - Jen H.

Well, it was the week we've been anticipating…getting to see how GH pulled off the `Eli performance' with Rick's new song "Who Killed Rock and Roll." (CD due out in `early' `08. With Ricktime, I'm guessing end of summer, early fall! LOL) :D But lo and behold, it wouldn't be drama in the land of soaps without something happening to mix up the plans. Noah gets a case of cold feet. (cue up the music for Rick's song…"C-c-c-c-c-cold feeeeet." ;)) The Life Beat stage looks pretty cool, Anna's Eli tank-top is hip, the docs have taken the day off to watch Noah perform, and everyone is geared up to go. But then in walks Noah looking sexy as ever…wearing blue jeans, a gray & black shirt and a scarf. (a scarf?!) Or maybe I should say, "he creeps in." He strolls over to Anna and they share a quick kiss. He tells them he isn't going through with the show.

Patrick is furious that Noah is backing out---"quitting." He rashes Noah out (and in a lot of ways, I can see why. Noah committed to do it and now he's trying to quit when the heat is on.) Anna assures Patrick it's just a case of `stage fright.' Noah tells them he's not doing it and that he's sorry he agreed to it. Patrick snaps off, "You're sorry?!" X-( In anger he points out how Life Beat put out a lot for this benefit concert and that now Noah is quitting & disappointing a lot of people tonight. Anna tries to calm Patrick down, "No. He's not going to let everyone down." Patrick comes back with, "Oh he's not? Anna, welcome to my world." Noah gets defensive with him. The guys go through the whole `You-let-me-down-after-my-mom-died' argument once again. The emotions flare over the old wounds. Patrick tells Noah he did exactly what he expected he'd do. He tells him he's a coward and that he used to have experience in admitting his failures. Patrick and Robin leave, and the next thing we see…Patrick has decided to work for the day after all. Robin follows him to GH & tries to convince him that his dad is not all wrong. She talks it over with Patrick and he begins to understand that maybe he should treat his dad differently.

When I first watched this…I thought, "Here we go again!" :-s But by the end of this episode, I was quite happy to see there was a reason behind yet another father/son screaming match. Today's show left me feeling quite content. For some time now I've been wanting to see some resolve and positive development between Noah and his son. GH definitely gave me what I wanted to see. I only pray that it lasts. :)

I really think the intervention from the women had a lot to do with making the two come together and work out their feelings. I loved Anna's chat with Noah about being the best parent you can be now….and not to worry about the mistakes of the past. It was interesting to realize that Anna and Noah do have this in common, the `bad parenting' issues from when their kids were younger, and all the healing that had/has to happen for them now…as parents and children. I loved Noah's solemn, thoughtful expression as Anna was talking to him. :x He was taking her advice to heart. If nothing else…Anna served a huge purpose in saying the right things to Noah, to make his walls come down a bit. I dig that black shirt on Rick!!! Take it with you on tour Rick! Noah asks Anna, "Do you really think if I get up here and do this, it'll make my son suddenly respect me?" Then a LOL moment when Noah fusses about how nervous he is about getting up in front of all those people. Right Rick…we hear ya! LOL! :)) (ok, I know it's supposed to be Noah, but he's looking and acting sooo much like Rick Springfield, it's hard to find the difference lately.) So stuff like that tends to make me chuckle out loud.

Later the 4 are together again and Noah is drinking tea to help his "singer's voice." Patrick makes the first step and tells his dad he shouldn't have went off on him that way. I absolutely LOVED the touching lines when Patrick basically tells Noah that he thought his dad was his hero, even though Noah couldn't show for a lot of his childhood events. He'd tell the kids at school that his dad was `off saving lives.' I thought this was a great scene. I could see some steps in the right direction for these two. B-)

THEN…of all things, we have a dumb, soap opera-ish scene where we hear Anna yelling & something falling. The scene goes to Noah lying hurt on the side (or back?) of the stage with a MIC STAND across him. Apparently it fell on him and damaged his vocal chords?!?! Really? OKIE DOKIE! 8-| As ridiculous as that was, (and TOO staged, if that makes sense!) I must say…I'm glad they did come up with a reason for Noah NOT to be the one singing. I mean, it really is quite unrealistic for a doctor to become an excellent singer (as Rick is…or should I say "Eli?") in only 2 weeks. So an accident of some sort needed to happen. But why not laryngitis? Or a cold??? Anything at all…but oh my God…the mic stand? How heavy IS a mic stand?! #-o Or what about Robert coming into town and stumbling onto Noah and Anna in a kiss. He discovers that Noah is with `his woman,' and attempts to choke Noah backstage at Life Beat. Hahaha! :D That would have worked. Despite this strange & rather unrealistic ending, I felt it was a really great episode that made some relationship strides for the Dr. Drakes! (it's probably in my top 10 favorite Noah days thus far, since his return.) Things seem to be pointing in the right direction for them now. Good, let's please let them exist together in peace & find a new story. :-P - Kelley Pearson