General Hospital
August 23, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: Just keep drinking the tea. It'll make you feel better.
Patrick: How bad's your throat?
Anna: Oh, you know, this is my fault. When all the equipment was falling on him, I pushed -- I pushed you too hard.
Patrick: Ok, what are we supposed to do? This concert starts in an hour.
Anna: His vocal chords are going to be all right.
Robin: Well, not if they're seriously bruised.
Anna: Can we look on the bright side here? The concert is sold out, Lifebeat stands to gain a great deal of money.
Patrick: And they're paying to see Eli Love not a brain surgeon wannabe rock star with bruised vocal chords. Unless, of course, you're just trying to get out of performing?
Anna: No, he isn't. He got over the stage fright. See, I mean, you -- you do this really well, Noah. You sing great, and -- and you got the moves down, you're going to be fine. Ok?
Patrick: This isn't going to work.
Robin: You know, this was your idea.
Patrick: Yeah, don't remind me.
Anna: There's no pressure or anything, but we're kind of depending on you. Can you -- can you pull this off?
Noah: [Hoarse] I can give it a shot.
[Noah coughs]

Anna: I think it's time for plan B.
Noah: Yeah.
Anna: Yeah.

Scene 2
Epiphany: You're doing very well, Mr. Love. You're days ahead of your recovery schedule.
Eli: Must be all that good, clean living, darling.
[Epiphany chuckles]
Epiphany: You're probably getting a good night's sleep for the first time in years.

Eli: Hey, when can I bust out of here?
Epiphany: Can you walk?
Eli: Well, no.
Epiphany: Can you stand up?
Eli: Well, not yet, but --
Epiphany: So then why are you wasting my time with these ridiculous questions?
Eli: You need to party a little more, nurse Johnson.
Epiphany: You're trying to dazzle me with your rock-star pedigree, but let me tell you something. I've known real musicians in my lifetime.
Anna: Oh, honey -- hi, hi, hi. Oh, good, you're here. Hi. Wow -- I just kissed --
Epiphany: A patient recovering from brain surgery.
Anna: Yeah, and also the real Eli Love. I don't --
Robin: Mom?
Anna: Believe that. Yeah?
Robin: Focus.
Anna: Uh, yeah. Um -- I want to tell you something. You remember the concert that you gave in Dubai? Oh, that was life-transforming for me.
Eli: Wait -- you were in Dubai?
Anna: It was just -- yes, yes. I actually got onstage for a second. That was me.
Eli: What --
Anna: Oh, sorry about the security guard.
Eli: Wait --
Anna: You know, I -- I didn't mean to hurt him.
Eli: The black dress?
Anna: But, you know, he came at me from behind --
[Eli laughs]
Anna: That was just an automatic reflex. I mean, he stood up again.
Eli: You're the black dress.
Robin: Mom --
Anna: Yeah.
Eli: Oh -- oh, wow!
Anna: Yes, yes.
Robin: The concert.
Anna: Yes -- shouldn't you be healing someone or something?
Robin: Just --
Anna: Yeah, I'm getting there. Um -- we have a problem with the Lifebeat concert.
[Anna sighs]
Eli: Oh, wait a minute. Let me guess -- your doctor friend's got cold feet, right?
Anna: Well, no, actually, because he recovered quite nicely from that part.
Robin: He did, but then -- well, Noah fell and he -- and he hurt himself.
Anna: He can barely talk, let alone sing. And the concert sold out weeks ago. We have raised so much money for Lifebeat.
Eli: Look, I -- I can't disappoint all these people.
Anna: No. They're desperate for you, for Eli Love, desperate.
Eli: Then Eli Love is who they will get.
Epiphany: No, they won't! Not tonight, they won't! To get out of this hospital, you're going to have to get through me.

Scene 3
Anna: May I? Um -- listen. If Eli doesn't sing tonight, then the concert is going to be canceled. And you know better than anyone the fantastic work that Lifebeat does in aids awareness.
Epiphany: And I can't risk my job for a rock 'n' roll star who partied himself into brain surgery.
Eli: Hey, I'm much better now.
Anna: Robin, can you do something, because this is your venue.
Robin: Epiphany, Patrick will sign off on this, I promise. In the meantime, I'm going to issue a temporary release.
Epiphany: "Temporary insanity" if you ask me.
Eli: Hey, hey, hey, look, look, I can get you a backstage pass, ok, all access.
Anna: Isn't he fabulous?
Epiphany: Girl, the man can't even stand up.
Eli: I -- I can. All right? Watch this, all right? Rock 'n' roll! Oh -- na: 
Anna: Oh, oh, oh, oh, it's all right, it's all right. Stop, stop. Listen, just leave this to me. 

Audience: Eli! Eli!

Patrick: Eli's in his trailer.
Woman: He's supposed to be onstage.
Patrick: They expect him to be late, it's no big deal.
Woman: He should be out there pitching Lifebeat! 
Audience: Eli! Eli!

Patrick: Ok, I'll take care of it.
Woman: He better not be too drunk to play.
Patrick: He's fine, ok, just relax. 
Audience: Eli! Eli! Eli!
[Cheers and applause]

Patrick: How you guys doing? Good? You guys ready to see some Eli Love?
Patrick: All right. He's going to be out here in a second. I want to welcome you to the very first Eli Love benefit concert for Lifebeat.
Patrick: What is Lifebeat? In 1992, some sic business people got together to help fight aids. No preaching, no judgments, just help. Lifebeat is about getting the truth out there, accurate information about how to protect yourself and what to do if you contract H.I.V., Because it happens. One hour of every day, two people between the ages of 13 and 24 contract H.I.V. Now, that's a lot of kids, and it doesn't have to be that way. And thanks to you, Lifebeat is using music to help fight this disease and find a cure. But we can do more, right? We can always do more. We can volunteer, can raise money, we can practice safe sex. To learn more, go to www.Lifebeat.Org. Well, you guys ready for a little Eli loving?
[Cheers and applause]
Man: Whoo!

Patrick: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Eli Love.
[Cheers and applause]

Scene 4
Woman: What?
Patrick: No, no, no, no, he'll go on, don't worry about it.
Woman: You can't just wave to the crowd and then go offstage!
Patrick: He knows what he's doing. You better check with security before there's a riot out there.
[Noah sighs]
Noah: [Hoarse] I'm sorry.

Patrick: No. Hey, you tried.
Anna: It's ok, it's ok, we have everything under control, it's all under control.
Patrick: You didn't?
Epiphany: I tried to tell them, but would they listen.
Robin: He's fine.
Eli: Get me out there.
Epiphany: It's not part of my job description.
Anna: Uh, nobody wants to see Eli in a wheelchair.
Patrick: Ok, but he cannot stand. I'm a surgeon, I know this.
Anna: This is not a problem, because we're going to work with what we've got.

Scene 5

[Cheers and applause]
Patrick: This is crazy.
Robin: No, it's going to work, it's going to work.
Anna: It's going to be fine. All your dad has to do is play the guitar, act the part, and Eli will do the rest.
Noah: [As Eli, hoarse] All right, Port Charles! Are you ready for this?
Man: Damn -- we lost the vocals!

[approximately 7:55  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

Robin pushes tea on Noah, Patrick assumes this was part of Noah's master plan to avoid the performance and Anna assumes all will be fine. Well that is until Noah tries to talk and only barely gets the words out so she announces it is time for Plan B. {Well the father/son bonding did not last too long, super negative Patrick was right back up to bat. Although I was chuckling at how bewildered Noah looked while the three of them tried to rationalize it all out.}

Eli Love reappears, in a wheel chair being pushed by Epiphany. {Amazingly Eli's hair shows no signs of recent brain surgery.} They establish that Eli cannot stand nor walk just prior to Anna and Robin running up. Anna goes into groupie mode again after kissing Eli and starts reminiscing about a concert she had gone too. {Wow, apparently Anna was quite the fan, even getting up on stage and in a black dress. Perhaps GH should follow her escapades a little more closely.} Robin finally gets her back on track and Anna tells Eli about the dilemma and he wants to jump in to help until Epiphany steps back in and reminds him of his situation. {Watching Anna get distracted was quite funny. Although why Eli thought he could jump right in again was a bit silly with the whole standing/walking issue.}

Anna pleads with Epiphany and Robin issues a temporary release. {I love how Eli tries to convince Epiphany with an all-access pass. Her retort of "Girl the man can't even stand UP" is hilarious. And when he proves her right Anna moves into Plan C.} Meanwhile at the venue the fans are chanting and it is revealed Eli is late but that is not entirely unexpected {really, shocker. There is Eli Time?} So Patrick kills time by going up and talking about LIFEbeat {I know this is the community service announcement but Patrick sure pulled those stats right off the top of his head quickly!}. Then Noah appears and Patrick introduces "Eli". {OK gee, Noah does not look like a rocker as he hesitantly takes the stage. His hands are even shaking. Not a surprise for Noah but one would think it would be tip off for true fans!}

Noah walks back off stage after realizing he cannot sing. Just then Eli is wheeled in. No one but Anna seems to know what's going on. {So Noah just bolted stage right? Ha! And I like how Noah and Eli are eyeing each other… as if they are looking in a mirror :p

Noah goes back on stage and Anna reveals the plan. That Eli is going to sing and Noah will do 'the rest'. Unfortunately they lose the vocals right as the song is to start. {Panic! Eli looks panicked and Noah looks scared as he stares off the stage. Great acting, eh? ;) But now it is the big, will it or will it not happen cliffhanger and another wonderful fade to black.} - Jen H.

So we pick up today with the continuation of the `goofy' scene from yesterday where Noah is tragically injured by the 2 ton mic stand that keeps him from being able to sing. :| (Noah looked awesome here in his Eli `get-up,` it's was the idea itself that didn't jive with me too well! I'm glad things got better as it went along.) The scene opens with Anna, Patrick and Robin tending to Noah and his `bruised' vocal chords! LOL! Patrick suddenly has doubts, wondering if Noah is just doing this to try and get out of singing. Of course he's not, that ultra heavy mic stand wrecked the man's throat. Cut him some slack Patrick! Haha

A favorite scene for the day is the next one with Eli and Epiphany. He's wearing a green robe (which, I might add, really makes Rick's gorgeous green eyes jump out on screen! :x) and hanging out in a wheelchair being pushed by the head nurse and drill sergeant Epiphany. Eli is not pleased with still being in the hospital. He and Pip go back and forth. He wants to `bust outta here." He's telling Pip, "You need to party a little more." (which comes out as "Potty a little more." LOL…Cute! :D) She assumes he's trying to `dazzle her' with his `rock star pedigree.' She won't take any crap! She says, "But let me tell you something. I've known REAL musicians in my lifetime." I love the look on Eli's face here!

Suddenly Anna and Robin burst off the elevator. They have a plan in mind. Anna runs up and kisses Eli saying, "Oh good you're here," before realizing she just kissed the `real Eli Love.` Pip reminds her that he is just a `patient recovering from brain surgery." Anna is actually shaken and speechless here. Ha, I bet! I thought it was cute when Robin told her, "Mom…focus!" Anna then reminisces with Eli about one of his old shows in which she got on stage and tackled a security guard in the process. Eli remembers the show and laughs about it, remembering. (I bet Rick would have 1,000's of crazy stories he could tell about `incidents' at some of his shows!) Did Rick not look adorable here, or was it just me?! :"> The women tell him about Noah's situation, and Eli says that he will indeed be there for the show to fill in on the singing for Noah.---"If it's Eli they want, it's Eli they will get." I couldn't help but crack up at Pip. She comes flying around the nurses desk, "NO THEY WON"T! Not tonight they won't. To get out of this hospital, you're gonna have to get through me!" :)) Um, no thanks! That woman can crack a whip. Haha! Anna tries to convince Pip of how important it is to let Eli go for the Life Beat show. Eli claims he's `much better now.` Robin issues a temporary release for Eli, against Epiphany's wishes. Eli offers Pip backstage passes, trying to bribe her & turn on that `rock star charm' like she mentioned. As Eli sits there grinning up at Pip & Anna, Anna says, "Isn't he fabulous?!" (I tend to agree with Anna!) And Pip says, "Girl, the man can't even stand up!" Eli wants to prove he can in fact stand up. But he's wrong. He makes an attempt and shouts, "Rock and roll," but falls back to the chair.

Back at the show Patrick is stalling until they get their plan in motion. The concert organizer is quite perturbed at his absence! Patrick gives a touching speech about AIDS, and a history about Life Beat and what it stands for. I do love how a real-life organization is tied into this story. It really does bring awareness and added donations. I liked Patrick's line after his talk with the crowd, "So you guys ready for a little Eli lovin'?" :p Noah hit's the stage, but when he grabs the mic, his hands are shaking and it cuts off to a commercial. This is still so tongue-in-cheek to me, seeing him this nervous on stage. Noah runs off the stage and Eli, Pip and the women have arrived. And boy did Pip change up her clothes in a hurry! She was in her nurses smock one minute, and then what seemed like no time later, she comes in pushing Eli in the wheelchair, and she's all fixed up in regular clothes. She's even added a bit of makeup and jewelry...LOL! I guess it doesn't take the woman long to change her mind and get into her `concert gear!` :D

The crew sets Eli up with a mic to lip-synch for Noah. They are all ready to "hit it" when suddenly the sound guy says, "We lost the vocals." :-s But of course!!! A day on a soap wouldn't be complete without something going wrong! Noah is left standing on stage looking more frightened than ever, staring out into a waiting crowd. The episode ends here. Since it was Rick's birthday on Aug. 23rd, I was sort of hoping that his performance would land on the same day. Ok, we can't have it all, can we?! ;)  - Kelley Pearson