General Hospital
August 24, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: What's the problem? 
Man: Audio glitch -- I can't patch Eli’s mic into the sound system. 
Patrick: Well, just fix it. 
Man: What do you think I'm trying to do here? 
Audience: Eli! Eli! Eli! 
Patrick: My father is standing onstage in front of thousands of Eli's  fans. Two minutes from now, everybody's going to know that this whole thing is a ruse. 
[Cheers and applause] 
Anna: Hi. I know you're all super anxious to see the fabulous Eli Love, but, uh, you'll have to wait a tad longer because I'm not through with him yet. 

Scene 2
Robin: Why is my mother kissing Noah onstage? 
Patrick: She's vamping. She's actually quite good at it. 
Anna: Hi -- that was for luck. Uh, no one wants to rock out more with Eli Love than I do right now, but I want to just take this moment for some necessary thank-you’s. First of all, to the man of the hour, Eli Love. Not just for the incredible music that we're about to hear -- 
Anna: But also for caring enough to donate his time and his talent. Such an awesome organization, Lifebeat -- because people like you make the work they do possible. And, uh -- my gratitude isn't mere lip service.  As the mother of a daughter living with HIV, I know how devastating this virus can be. It turns your life upside down, and the people who love you. And I love my daughter more than I can really express right now. But I also know the progress that -- that has been made, and that's what allows me to stand here and say that my daughter lives with HIV and it all starts with awareness, and people like you who have turned up tonight. And organizations like Lifebeat, and the entertainers that donate their time. And -- and this journey that we're all on is going to end in a cure. 
[Cheers and applause] 
Anna: Thank you. 

Scene 3
Man: Got it -- mic's on, people. 
Anna: It's now or never. 
Noah: Here goes nothing. 
Anna: Huh. 
Noah: [As Eli] All right, Port Charles. Are you ready for this? 
[Cheers and applause] 
[Eli sings as Noah lip synchs]
Rap put the bullet into Rock N Roll's Head
Radio used her and left her for dead
Black roses bloomed from where she bled
Come on, come on is there anybody out there
Crime scene's closed there's a body on the floor
Fifty million kids knocking on the door
Everyone's horny, no one can score
They need rock n roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
There's a riot in heaven and the dead are placing bets
Angels shooting pool and smoking cigarettes
Big man's angry, as angry as he gets
God wants rock n roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who smacked her and trapped her, 
and kicked her in the head
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
I turn on my radio and all I hear is this.....
Rock and Roll's sleeping in the black abyss
All she needs is a long wet kiss
All Hail Rock
Who smacked her and trapped her 
and kicked her in the head
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Who Killed Rock N Roll

Link to performance:

Audience: Eli! Eli! Eli! Eli! Eli! Eli! Eli! 

Scene 4
Noah: [As Eli] Thank you, Port Charles! 
[Cheers and applause] 
Noah: Good night! 
Audience: Eli! Eli! Eli! Eli! 
Noah: Whoo! 
Anna: Whoo-whoo! 
[Cheers and applause] 
Anna: Whoo! Let's celebrate. Come on, come on, come on. 
Robin: Whoo! 
Noah: [Normal voice] Wow. 
Anna: Brilliant! 
Noah: Well, that's the audience, but I think Anna’s a little biased. 
Anna: No. 
Noah: What -- what'd you think? 
Eli: You were great. Your moves were almost as good as mine -- almost. 
Noah: Wow, that's -- I'd take that as -- ahem -- high praise from Caesar. 
Robin: The show was awesome. 
Patrick: Seriously, I am so impressed. 
Eli: A lot of people weren't disappointed who were counting on me. If you ever need anything, all you got to do is shout out, okay? 
Audience: Eli! Eli! Eli! 
Noah: I will. 

Scene 5
Patrick: So, I mean, how does it feel? 
Noah: Wow, man, it's, like, so much higher than alcohol ever made me feel. I take back every criticism I ever said about Eli Love and his music. 
Patrick: Wow. It's probably going to take a while to come down still. 
Noah: No, but, see, I -- I don't want to come down. I -- I'm going to call Eli and -- and say if he ever needs me to stand in, I'm there. 
[Noah laughs] 

Robin: Thank you for everything that you said out here tonight. 
Anna: No, I meant it, every word. You make me so proud. 
Robin: It goes both ways. I mean, it's because of you that Noah had the courage to come out here and save this benefit tonight. 
Anna: So you're not mad at me for anything? 
Robin: No! No, I'm not mad at you. 
Anna: You sure? 
Robin: Of course not. 
Anna: Well, I don't know. I mean, you kind of seemed like you've been pretty tense recently. 
Robin: Oh. Yeah, I kind of freaked out for a few days. I mean, I thought it was because of you and Noah getting together, but I think it was just the whole pregnancy thing. 
Anna: What "pregnancy thing"? 
Robin: Pregnancy scare! Pregnancy scare -- false alarm. Sorry, I should've said at. 
Anna: Oh. Whoa. 
Robin: Yes. That was, um, Patrick’s reaction exactly. 
Anna: No, no, no, I -- I don't want it to seem like I was relieved at all, but -- you know, I'm -- I feel like I've hardly got the mother thing down, I don't know about the grandmother thing. You know what I'm saying? 
Robin: Yeah. I mean, I -- I was relieved, too. You know, just bad timing all the way around, but, um, I have to be honest. It kind of got me thinking that I might want a baby. 

Scene 6

[Helicopter flies] 
[Noah laughs and coughs] 
Noah: Look -- Eli must've sent a helicopter for me so he could finish the night in style. Hey, why don't we go to Manhattan, huh? We'll party till they arrest us. 
Anna: I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but -- 
Noah: That's -- 
Anna: The chopper's for me. I just got a call -- assignment in London. 
Robin: Hmm. 
Anna: All right, bye, handsome. 
Patrick: Bye. 
Anna: You look after my little girl. 
Patrick: I'll do my best. 
Anna: Um -- and you -- 
Noah: We don't say "goodbye" in the music business. 
Anna: What do we say? 
Noah: I don't know yet. I'll tell you next time. 
Anna: You be good. 
Patrick: That was some kiss. You just keep surprising me. 
Noah: Well, I -- I learned a lot walking in Eli Love's shoes this past couple of weeks. 
Patrick: Such as? 
Noah: Take your life off hold. Find your dream and hold on to it. Live life Eli Love style. 
Patrick: Ah. Groupies and rap sheets? 
Noah: Yeah. [As Eli] Whatever goes with it. 
Robin: I guess this is it. 
Anna: For now. I'll be back sooner than you think. 
Robin: Okay. 
Anna: I Love you. 
[Robin giggles] 
Anna: I love you so much. 
Robin: I love you so much. 
Anna: Oh! 
Robin: Be safe, okay? 
Anna: I will. You look after yourself. 
Robin: I will. 
Anna: Hey -- and, you know, I've been thinking about the grandmother thing, and I figure if I can do international espionage, what's a baby or two, right? You go for it. 

[approximately 11:59  of Noah/Eli content]

According to US

While the sound guy tries to fix the sound problem Patrick is freaking out. Anna runs on stage to stall and plants a kiss on Noah. {Good stall tactic! And Eli's amused shock at that was cute too!}

After the extra long smooch, Anna continues to stall but launching into a tribute to LIFEbeat and to Robin. {Awww, she even teared up. Very nice touching tribute to Robin and the cause. Pretty good, once again, for an on-the-spot speech.}

Sound problem is fixed and Noah rocks out on guitar with Eli singing. {Hmm ... Noah's second "All right Port Charles" sounded a LOT less hoarse than the first one! But YEAH, at long last it's THE moment. Rick is singing on GH! New song, lots of typical Rick moves. Happy happy day! And it was funny to see Anna, Epiphany Patrick and Robin rocking out on the side. Both Eli and Noah had some killer smiles too. All very fun to watch.

Noah says good night to the crowd and runs into Anna's arms for another kiss. He even receives kudos from Eli. {I like how Eli said his moves were ALMOST as good as his. Uh huh. And wow, even Patrick was impressed… wonders never cease!}

Noah is still riding the high of the performance while talking to Patrick {I love the laugh at the end, as if he was kidding about calling Eli to help him out in the future…maybe.} 

Noah sees a helicopter and thinks Eli sent it to party in style but Anna reveals it's her exit call. Anna says her goodbyes and then flies off. {OK I had a bit of a vision of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy saying goodbye to her friends in Oz as she was preparing to head back to Kansas. In this case Anna is Dorothy! Ha! Noah and Anna at least share another big kiss. And mention 'next time'. Hopefully?!} Patrick and Noah share a nice moment once again. {Noah talks about 'taking his life off hold' but will he actually follow through? I hope so! And in the end I just have to say I did not care for such an abrupt ending to this storyline!} - Jen H.

Well, the day finally arrives to see Rick/Noah/Eli perform "Who Killed Rock and Roll" on GH! It's still a weird, mixed feeling knowing that Rick actually did one of his new rocking songs on the soap…but I have to admit, I was excited to see how it would turn out. Of course, I know Rick never disappoints when he performs live. He's always energetic and amazing, rocking out and getting the crowd into it. He's a master performer and one of the most skillful guitarists of our time. Maybe those who watched (who didn't know how great Rick is live) will finally see for themselves. But I still think a real Rick Springfield show would seal the deal, full set list and all! ) My worry was that GH wouldn't pull it off `right,' and that somehow it would make Rick look `dumb.' (I still don't get how Noah could play guitar THAT well in only a few weeks…but hey, it's a story, and one I've decided to just go with. I have to look over odd things like that for enjoyments sake!) But much to my surprise, they kept the song pretty much intact, only cutting out a few places in the chorus and leaving in all of the verses, which I'm especially happy about. If I didn't already know the song, I probably wouldn't even miss what they cut, although you can kind of tell where it's been pieced together. (Maybe only because I was listening for it?) I kind of figured they'd have to do that though, since the scenes are on a time frame. Again, thank God they didn't butcher up the song! I do love his new song…and think it says a lot about the place that the music industry and radio are in today. 

The sound problem with Eli's mic is still going on from the day before. Anna rushes out on stage to try and salvage the situation until the sound comes back. She tells the crowd, "You'll have to wait a tad longer, because…I'm not through with him yet." She plants a "long wet kiss" on him. I like how Noah is left looking like maybe that kiss wasn't quite long enough for him! And man, did she have a grip on his face or what?! She even wipes at his lips a bit, as if she smeared him with lipstick! Anna goes into a great speech about AIDS and what the fundraising means to her, as she has a daughter who lives with HIV every day. I thought this was touching and appropriate with Robin having the disease. Anna speaks about it with tears in her eyes and Noah stands quietly, listening to her pour out her heart. When she's finished, Noah embraces her. Suddenly, the sound guy informs them that the sound is back up. Anna looks at Noah and says, "It's now or never." Noah takes her hair in his hands, rubbing her head a bit and says, "Here goes nothing." Anna quickly exit's the stage and Noah looks nervously into the crowd and in his best Eli accent says, "Alright Port Charles. Are you ready for this?!" Eli cues them up from the side and we hear the `ting ting' of Rodger's symbols, starting up the song---"Rap put the bullet into rock and roll's head. Radio used her and left her for dead." The band looks great, Rick looks awesome & all is good. HEY, the doc is rocking Port Charles! LOL! 

There were a few parts here and there that were obviously for the sake of the soap---like when Noah is singing and jamming and he looks over to the side of the stage and smiles at the gang as if to say, "How am I doing?" I liked his facial expressions there, and I also thought it was kind of neat seeing Patrick, Robin and Anna rocking out & dancing along to his song. It really ended up being pretty cool, I thought. There are many points in the performance (well, ok…the whole thing basically! :-P) where I just don't see Noah pretending to be a rock star named Eli Love. I only see Rick…the rock star…being a rock star on the soap---and then the `guy who looks like him' on the side "singing" while Noah is supposed to be lip-synching! All of those moves---the looks, the guitar mannerisms (that windmill move he does so often!), the way he's standing with his legs bent out---legs going to the music, the bouncing up and down to the beat, the jumps, the smiles…all of it is pure Rick Springfield in action! As the song ended, I was literally shouting at my TV, "Smash the guitar Rick. Smash it!" LOL! But no go. Oh well! So Noah doesn't have the same angst towards the guitar that Rick or Eli might have. That's okay…the performance ROCKED out! 

Now…as the audience, we are supposed to assume that Noah and Eli did a whole concert, and not just one song. If not, that was one very expensive benefit show…a one-song concert. Haha! My absolute favorite clip of all is at the very end after they show Robin and Anna clapping. The camera goes over to Noah who looks back at the gang and smiles the sweetest (almost sneaky though at first!) smile! Just precious I thought. Again…that was not Noah smiling like that. That was *our man* Rick, all the way! And how strange was THAT, seeing Rick's real band on the soap?? Wow. We look around and see Rodger, Derek, Matt, & George. Trippy! I'm loving Derek's new haircut. I think it's nice-looking on him. And Georgie even got a few little smoke-hazed guitar spotlights for himself in there. :-P Noah runs off the stage with a Rick Springfield "Whooo!" and grabs Anna for a hug and kiss. Eli, Patrick and Robin praise Noah for pulling it off and tell him how impressed they are. Eli is quite grateful and tells Noah that if he ever needs anything, to just `shout out.'

I really liked Noah's laugh and smiles when Patrick gets him alone and asks him how it felt. Noah says it made him feel higher than alcohol ever made him feel. He even takes back all the bad things he said about Eli Love and his music. Noah tells Patrick he doesn't want to `come down' after the performance. He says he will be telling Eli that if he ever needs help again, he'll be there. Patrick is left looking like he's not too sure about that.

Anna and Robin chat a bit, and Anna learns for the first time that Robin had a pregnancy scare. I thought it was cute when she sort of freaked out about it, then told Robin that she `barely has the mother thing down, let alone the grandmother thing.' Patrick is at Rodger's drums and overhears the conversation. I'm glad they had a chance to talk one on one some more, seeing as how it may be awhile before they are together again.

The ending of this one was sad and bittersweet. I thought it was somewhat appropriate when I think of the schedule of the actors, but for the story itself, it was quite depressing to see Noah and Anna part at such a time. I was hoping to see some more of these two, and possibly for their romance to continue on further. (But thankfully, from what I've read in recent spoilers…that just might happen for Finola and Rick fans this fall! Whoo hoo!) When the helicopter came in, the timing seemed a bit too convenient for reality sake. (It's not reality though, it's GH!) It came at just the right moment, when it was all `said and done.' In real life, they would've shown up before the show started, or about half-way through. Despite a few details here and there, I have to hand it to the writers this time. At least they had some decent closure for the foursome. That much I was happy about. I thought it was cute how Noah thought the chopper was landing for him, to take him & whoever into the city to party the night away. LOL! Anna informs them it's her helicopter, and that she has a job to go to. Anna and Noah share yet another kiss (wow, Noah is really getting some action the past few days!) When they pull away, Noah tells her, "We don't say goodbye in the music business." (They both keep wiping at their mouths. More lipstick?! Hmmm…I wanted to tell Anna not to be wiping off his kisses! Was she crazy?! ) Anna asks, "What do we say?" Noah shrugs, "I don't know yet. I'll tell ya next time," and touches her face lovingly. SWEET, but sad. She smiles and tells him, "You be good." (Awww…does he really have to?! ) Patrick and Noah chat about how Noah learned a lot in those few short weeks `walking in Eli Love's shoes.' The two end in a hug.

But I just wonder how hard it's going to be for Noah, after so many weeks of excitement and attention (not to mention, I think he was becoming attached to Anna, and that he could sense some romance on the verge of developing). I wonder how he's going to take going back to GH and doing nothing but regular stuff, doctor type things, with no real social life on the side. The man needs time to have fun, just like the rest of us! LOL! I only hope it doesn't lead him back into drinking once again. Robin and Patrick should be happy now. Their parents relationship has come to an end, as Anna had to leave off on a spy mission. But I think the docs had almost gotten used to the idea of their parents being together, and now it has to end. Booo! I'm waiting for fall on GH. I say---Bring it ON. And what about some love triangles? There are more great stories to be had from some of these characters, and maybe even mixing in a few others along the way.  - Kelley Pearson