General Hospital
October 19, 2006

Scene 1
Patrick: I'll be performing the spinal surgery in O.R. One. Have it ready in 30 minutes. 

Epiphany: Did you bother to clear that, or should I just jam the patient that was scheduled out of the way? 
Patrick: Alan Quartermaine signed off, and then Salinger agreed to move his hip replacement to O.R. Two. 
Epiphany: You better be right because I don't want this coming back to land on me. 
Patrick: Look, if you don't believe me, call Alan. And don't forget the protocols we'll be adhering to since the patient, Mr. Grossman, has aids. 
Epiphany: Hmm. Multiple H.I.V.-Positive surgeries in the last couple of months -- must be a trend. 
Patrick: I'm in the healing business, epiphany. I don't discriminate between patients. 
Epiphany: Why do you think I put up with the rest of your garbage? 
Patrick: I can use you in the O.R., Too. The patient's taken part in numerous drug trials. I could use your input on their possible effects. 
Robin: Epiphany has experience with aids patients. I think she has it covered. 
Patrick: I thought you'd be backing me on this. 
Robin: I don't know -- um -- maybe she's right. 
Noah: Patrick -- 
Robin: Maybe it is -- 
Noah: You cannot perform this operation. 
Patrick: If I don't fix Mr.. Grossman's spinal column, who will? 
Noah: I will. 
Patrick: Look, Dad, with all due respect -- 
Noah: You've already been exposed to the aids virus in O.R. You need to take a break. 

Scene 2
Patrick: You tried to pull my O.R. Team from the Grossman surgery? 

Noah: Excuse me. I didn't try to do anything, I'm doing it. 
Patrick: I answer to the board of this hospital -- 
Noah: You're not qualified to perform this surgery. 
Patrick: You're not qualified to make that decision. 
Robin: Noah -- I know you're acting out of concern -- 
Patrick: Obviously not concern for the patient. 
Robin: He's right. You're interfering with his patient's care and you can't do that. 
Noah: I'm not delaying the procedure. I'm just replacing Patrick's team with my own. 
Patrick: Where do you get off -- 
Noah: You're acting unresponsibly. 
Patrick: If I want to operate on a patient with aids, that's my decision to make. 
Noah: Well, that sounds familiar. I've heard those words coming out of my own mouth when you gave me half your liver to save my life. I was acting about as reckless as you are. 
Patrick: I'm a doctor, that's what I do. 
Noah: Yeah, you've already been stuck with an infected needle. I know it was a freak thing, but the more you do these kinds of operations, the more you run the risk of it happening again. 
Patrick: Fighter pilots take risks, Nascar drivers. The adrenaline makes them better at what they do, and the same principles apply to a surgeon.  I'll prove it to you. 
Noah: Patrick -- 
Robin: Wait, hold on. Look I know you're worried. But I think he's up for the challenge. 
Noah: Yeah, that's just it. That's why he's doing it -- for the challenge.

Scene 3
Patrick: Surgery was a complete success. Mr. Grossman needs to stay in bed till tomorrow afternoon, then I want him walking around every couple of hours. 

Epiphany: Standard antibiotic and fluid drip? 
Patrick: Yes. Post-op should be by the book. No need to worry, dad. No errant needles, no infection. 
Noah: This time. 
Robin: You know, there's no point in arguing about this. I know you're worried, but Patrick is a skilled surgeon. 
Noah: Yeah, who keeps putting himself at risk. 
Robin: What would you have him do? Turn away patients with H.I.V., Or stop dating me for the same exact reason? 
Noah: Oh, god, no. You're the best thing that's ever happened to Patrick. You could actually be the one that could save his life. 
Patrick: You always this so melodramatic? 
Noah: You're always a risk taker. In the school yard it was dares, then it was fast cars, now what? The new high is surgery? 
Patrick: Thank you for your input on other people's weaknesses. 
Noah: It's not enough to hold a person's life in your hands, is it? You got to put your own life on the line, knowing that any slip could expose you to H.I.V. -- If you're not already infected. 
Patrick: I had one accident. I'm on the protocol, and so far, I've tested negative. 
Noah: Yeah, and we won't know for sure until January. What, does that add to the rush? 
Patrick: If you're saying I have a death wish, it's not true. 
Noah: I'm not saying you have a death wish, Patrick. But you just don't feel truly alive unless you put your life on the line, too. 
Patrick: Ok, dad, you're right, I like the challenge, don't get me wrong. But I'm not running with aids, and that's an insult to both robin and me. 
Noah: This has nothing to do with robin. Her viral load's undetectable. She's basically noncontagious. You keep performing these kinds of surgeries, and sooner or later your luck will run out. 
Patrick: Talk about overreacting. 
Robin: I disagree, actually. You're the most important person to come into my life in -- um -- in a long time. I'm afraid he's right about you. 

[approximately 4:09  of Noah content]

 According to US

It was so nice to finally see Noah back on GH today after such a long absence. It's a wonder the "doc" even had time to make a short appearance seeing as how he's out rockin' across the country right now!

Was it just me or did Rick look incredibly fresh and rested on this episode? I really like him in the scrubs and white jacket opposed to the suit and tie. Maybe that is it...he looks more comfortable in some outfits than in others. He looks awesome decked out but I always prefer Rick (or Noah) in casual attire. 

The scene consisted of the usual butting heads AND the usual nurses desk scene with Patrick. Noah has good intentions. He is concerned about Patrick's safety since Patrick has the HIV virus. Noah seems to think that Patrick is an adrenaline junkie and one with a death wish. Patrick begs to differ. Of course he does! These two never seem to see eye to eye. I am getting tired of the same storyline, but I won't argue. Hey, we did have some Noah…with quite a few lines this time. I like how Robin told Patrick that she tends to agree with Noah this time. But I say…come on GH! There's gotta be more depth to Noah & Patrick's relationship than this?! - Kelley Pearson

{Do my eyes deceive me? No it's really Noah back at the hospital. But oh wait, this just seems like father / son argument - take 506.} Patrick is going to be doing yet another surgery on an AIDS patient but Noah storms in saying he'll do the surgery instead. {OK I thought both of them were neurosurgeons. This is spinal surgery, isn't it?}

When we return we find out that Noah's tried to put his own team in the OR. During their argument over who is or is not qualified Noah seems to admit that he was being reckless when he was refusing surgery for his liver. Robin sides with Patrick this time as Patrick storms off. Noah is concerned that Patrick is just after 'the challenge'. {Noah's voice gets softer and more emotional when he's talking with Robin, if only he tried that tone with Patrick once!}

Later Patrick declares the surgery a success. {Patrick is wearing some nice maroon scrubs – Noah looks good in the blue ones but maybe he should try the maroon ones once or twice}. Noah again claims Patrick is just after an adrenaline rush and storms off. {OK first I like how Noah said 'truly alive' – just a cool inflection. And then the glare that he gave Patrick as he stormed off was classic.}

Who knew with this much emotion the two wouldn't speak again for weeks? - Jen H.