General Hospital
December 07, 2006

Scene 1
Noah: Hey, nice work on Mr. Tate in room 722, by the way. 
Patrick: That's a brain lesion, that's your patient. 
Noah: Actually, right now, he's nobody's patient. You scared him so bad about post-op blindness that he checked out of the hospital, canceled the -- 
Robin: Patrick didn't talk to Mr. Tate. I did. 

Scene 2
Noah: You know, if you're trying to cover for Patrick, you don't have to. He's already scared the patient off. 
Robin: I'm not covering for him. I was the one that explained the risks to Mr. Tate. 
Patrick: I don't think you two have met. Dr. Noah drake, this is "dark and deconstructive" dr. Robin Scorpio with her new theory -- not only is the glass half empty, it's evaporating so quickly we're all going to die of thirst. 
Robin: Hmm. 
Noah: You scared my patient out of surgery? 
Robin: I told Mr. Tate the truth. He's an artist, he's a painter. Color and light mean everything to him. He has the right to know that if his lesion is removed, he might not ever see again. 
Noah: Every surgical procedure carries risks. You know this like everybody else. Look at the risks I warned you about with Jason's surgery. I was dead set against that surgery, but you stayed optimistic and you found yourself a great surgeon. 
Patrick: And, as we know, the rest is history. 
Noah: So what changed? 
Robin: I developed a new respect for the truth. 
Patrick: But only if it's negative. 
Robin: No, there is a difference between giving a patient hope and telling a flat-out lie just to justify a procedure. 
Noah: Excuse me? 
Robin: I'm sorry, that probably was not what you were doing. But a lie of omission is still a lie. 
Patrick: You thought i was arrogant? 
Noah: Yeah -- the narcissism, tunnel vision, a fatalistic view. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were on a dry drunk -- that's my department. This is something a little bit worse. 
[Robin sighs] 

Scene 3
Noah: You know, you're wallowing in this negativity just like I used to wallow in vodka. If you're not careful, it's going to poison every aspect of your life just as surely as alcohol poisoned mine. 
Robin: Thank you. I understand the analogy. 
Noah: You know what? I don't think you do. I think one of these days, this negativity is going to hit you like the hangover from hell. You're going to wake up and realize you've wasted half your life on this hopelessness and pessimism. 
Robin: I just feel that is better to tell the patient the truth instead of lying to them. 
Noah: Being optimistic is not lying -- 
robin: It can be sometimes. 
Noah: You know what? You're one of the most gifted and generous doctors I know. 
P.A. Announcer: Dr. Noah drake, call -- 
Noah: But this negative stuff -- it's selling you, it's selling your patients and your talent short. So until you get that under control, I want you to stay away from my patients. Are we clear? 
Robin: I bet you have something to add. 
Patrick: Actually, I couldn't have said it any better myself. 

[approximately 2:41  of Noah content]

 According to US

First off, who knew a year ago that I'd still be watching GH? We all thought Noah would only be in a handful of shows and yet now 365+ days later I'm still watching GH (OK most of it...I do like the FF button).

Noah comes out sarcastically talking to Patrick for talking to his patient, only to find out Robin did the talking {Nice how either by name or room number Patrick knows exactly what is wrong with every patient!}

At first Noah does not believe it was Robin but Patrick enlightens him about! the 'ne w' Robin. And Noah scolds her for her new perspective. {It was interesting to see the quick turn of the relationship. It was Father vs. Son version 507 and then suddenly Noah was more softly addressing Robin. And then it was Father & Son vs Robin so now they were actually cooperating as if on a team. I suppose this means we need to get them a common enemy more often.}

Noah is using the analogy of his own experiences with alcohol to try to get Robin to see how the pessimism will affect her life. {I love all the wonderful and very heartfelt advice from Noah. He's clearly trying to steer her away from his mistakes.} After Noah leaves Robin gives Patrick the chance to chime in and Patrick replies "Actually, I couldn't have said it any better myself." {What? Patrick complimenting Dad? Too bad Noah did not hear it but again, the boys are on the same side finally!} - Jen H.

Noah is a bit upset right now at Patrick for upsetting his patient, Mr. Tate. The scene is the usual one, the nurses station, the gathering spot! Turns out that it was Robin who told Mr. Tate about his risk for blindness with the surgery Noah is supposed to perform. Patrick is cute here, explaining that Robin has new theories, and sees the worst of everything now, rather than finding any good in situations. Love the glass half empty analogy! Only hers is overflowing and causing them to die of thirst! Of course, the viewer realizes her behavior is due to her personal struggle over Stones untimely death from AIDS. 

Robin is very pessimistic at the moment. Noah begins raising his voice for just a second, telling Robin that she should know better than anyone that it's okay to give patients some hope (because of Jason's risky surgery, and how she was so full of hope that he'd pull through, and how he DID make it). Great point on Noah's part, I thought. Love Patrick's little, "and you thought I was arrogant," referring to Robin's attitude. It seems at first like Noah is heading off on another angry rant, but by the end of the conversation he is flattering Robin. He tells her that she is a very gifted and generous surgeon. He basically demands that she leave his patients alone until her bedside manner becomes more optimistic.   - Kelley Pearson
It was great to see Rick back on GH today. I thought for sure that when he was yelling at Robin, Patrick was going to jump in there so Dad and him could have another argument. What a relief when that didn't happen! lol  Hopefully, sometime soon, Noah will get a real life of his own, instead of being "a facilitator of other people's relationships" all the time. Rick looked good today, well rested. I think he might have had more lines in that one scene than he has had in the entire time he has been back on GH. lol December 2(was it December 2?)was the first anniversary of his going back to GH. I certainly hope they are going to give him a story of his own soon. Noah and Bobbie, I hope. Noah needs some love.-  Elizabeth S