General Hospital
December 08, 2006

Scene 1
Patrick: Once again, you seem to have forgotten the pecking order around here. 

Epiphany: Is that so? 
Patrick: Yes, that's so. 
Epiphany: Well, why don't you remind me? 
Patrick: My pleasure. I'm a surgeon, you're a nurse. 
Epiphany: Which means what? I'm supposed to bow down before your god-like presence? 
Patrick: Which means you're supposed to treat me with some modicum of respect. Commenting on my personal life is completely inappropriate. 
Epiphany: Let me tell you a little something about on-campus relationships. Folks start out floating on air. Stealing time in supply closets. Then things go south, and those same people start slamming around, barking orders, and running the staff off their feet. 
Patrick: What's your point? 
Epiphany: If you and dr. Scorpio don't want comments made about your romance, then don't play it out in the middle of a hospital for everyone to see. That, surgeon drake, is inappropriate. 
Patrick: In case you've forgotten, Mr. Owens is in 712. 

Noah: I haven't seen epiphany ticked off like that in a while. What'd you say to her? 
Patrick: Don't start with me right now. 
Noah: Well, let me guess. It has something to do with Robin. 

Scene 2
Noah: You know, I -- I know I'm not your first choice as a confidant, but if you got something on your chest, I'm here and I actually do care about you, Patrick. 

Patrick: You know about Stone Cates? 
Noah: Yeah. Robin's first love, right? He died from aids? 
Patrick: Yeah. How am I supposed to compete with that? I mean, you know, there's a reason why Juliet killed herself. She could live till she was 105. No man will ever compare to the love she had and lost when she was 14. And that's -- that's Robin. Stone is permanently enshrined in her memory. Perfect and tragic. The minute that memory is threatened, the minute she feels anything real or lasting with me, she freaks out like she's being unfaithful to the guy. I mean, no disrespect, but he's been dead for 10 years. 
Noah: Maybe you should, you know, see it from her perspective. I mean, she fell in love with this guy, Stone, right? And what happened? He died. Now she's falling in love again. Why don't you connect the dots? 

Scene 3
Noah: Nobody knows better than you how I fell apart completely when your mother died. And even now, it still feels like my loss. Though, for the record, I know you lost her, too. 
Patrick: Well, let's not worry about that right now. 
Noah: Maybe it was because she died on my table under my hands. I'll never know for sure. I -- I just would have spiraled out, I think, anyway. Just she was that central to my life. Anyway, the point is that -- that even now, years later, thinking about feeling that and risking that devastating loss again -- it just -- it just stops me in my tracks. And Robin is actively in a relationship with you feeling love again. And she's taking risks. 
Patrick: So it's the potential of loss that's got her all freaked out. 
Noah: Yeah, sometimes fear can be pretty debilitating. And it's often easier just to blow off the thing that's causing the fear. 

[approximately 3:30  of Noah content]

 According to US

Patrick is sniping at Epiphany (while Epiphany gives it right back) and then Noah walks up and notices the emotion in the air and correctly diagnoses that Robin is at the heart of it. {Obviously Noah enjoyed Epiphany's rage too! Love the smirk! But by the way… blue scrubs day #2}

Noah reaches out to Patrick and tells him he really does care {!!!} and Patrick accepts the offer {Am I dreaming?}. Patrick tells Noah about Stone and asks how he can compete with a dead guy. Noah explains it from Robin's perspective {I love how after Patrick's strained and emotional explanation, Noah's voice was softer and he’s sweetly trying to help. Awww!}

{ALERT! ALERT! Possibly the first truly emotional scene between Patrick & Noah is coming! And I say first because they are both conscious and sober!}

Noah talks about the loss of his wife and how important she was/is to him. And admits that even now he is not willing to 'risk that devastating loss' again. {Oh what is this? Is this a possible opening for a storyline? Doesn't some sweet damsel need to swoop in and help Noah heal and try love again? Anyone? Please someone be listening to our pleas!} In the end Noah helps Patrick understand where Robin may be coming from. - Jen H.

Epiphany cracks me up in this one!!! I get the biggest kick out of her telling Patrick off, and trying to knock him down a notch or two. My favorite line of hers by far is when Patrick says that she is forgetting the pecking order around the hospital, and that HE is a surgeon and she is a nurse. She replies, "which means what? I'm supposed to bow down before your God-like presence?!" LOL I love how she pretty much sums up the whole gist of soaps in one session when she lashes back at him. She tells him that if he doesn't want his love life or problems discussed, then do NOT play them out in front of the entire staff for all to see. LOL Hysterical!!! I mean really. That is so true. When my husband and I have issues, we don't "play them out" in front of family, let alone co-workers or strangers! That woman has got to be one of the best actors on the show. I just love her J 

Then along comes Noah at the right moment, just in time to see her "ticked off," and storming away with an angry look on her face. Noah in SCRUBS! Why that thrills me, I'm not sure. Maybe because it's his more "casual hospital look," rather than a suit and tie. The less layers the better, right?! Rick looked amazing in this episode! I found it very sweet how he tells Patrick he cares about him and will basically be a sounding board for his son. NICE change of pace. And MUST he stand against the nurses station with that hip jutting out like that?!

They go to the famous couch for a chat. I like how Patrick uses the Romeo and Juliet comparison to describe to Noah how he thinks Robin is acting. (I love that story!) He realizes she is having guilt over Stone. I like this side of Patrick. It's nice to see his caring side come out from time to time. What a great scene, and a lot of lines for Rick! Noah uses Patrick's mom as an example to help Patrick understand WHY Robin is acting this way. The close-ups of Rick here are great, and so is his peaceful even tone. And what a sweet smile…so good to see a couple smiles from Noah rather than anger every time he hits the scene. - Kelley Pearson