General Hospital
December 11, 2006


Scene 1
Robin: I can't believe that that resident made you wait for an x-ray. I mean, doesn't she know who you are? 
Patrick: Well, she does now after you ran down my whole resume. 
[Robin sighs] 
Noah: What's the problem? 
Patrick: Hurt my hand. 
Noah: How? 
Patrick: I tripped and -- 
Robin: He got it caught in a bowling ball. 
Noah: Sounds like you two had a pretty interesting night. 
Patrick: You can say that, yeah. 
Noah: Let me take a look. Oh, sister, I'm getting a tequila buzz from your breath. 
Robin: I only had five -- or was it six? 
Noah: Well, it looks like it's broken -- you can't say until we see the x-rays. You know what we used to call that? The moron fracture. See it a lot in hotheaded young guys who slam their fists into walls and jaws trying to impress babes. 
Robin: Whoa -- I am not a babe. 

Scene 2
Noah: Well, Patrick did break it, but it's not bad. He'll have to refrain from defending someone's honor for a while, though. 
Robin: How long will it take to heal? 
Noah: Well, that depends if he can keep his hand still. 
Patrick: It's my father's polite way of saying "no more surgery." 
Noah: Absolutely no more surgery. You're going to need a practical nurse to help you get dressed -- and keep you from overdoing it. You need to let that thing heal. 
Robin: That won't be necessary. I'll take care of him.

[approximately 1:22  of Noah content]

 According to US

Patrick injures his arm in a bar fight with Coleman over a drunk Robin. Noah comes upon them as they are getting it checked out at the hospital. He believes it is broken and informs Patrick they call that the "moron fracture" {I love the gleam in Noah's eye as he tells Patrick this tidbit a little laughter mixed in with a stern parental voice about stupid behavior.}

Noah escorts the now arm-casted Patrick and informs the coffee swilling Robin that it is broken and thus no more surgeries for Patrick for awhile. {Wait, does this mean more Noah for us in Patrick's place??} - Jen H.

This was a great Noah episode today. The witty, funny lines he had were a nice change! I love seeing that man smile! Patrick has fractured his hand in a fight with the bartender, Robin is buzzing on tequila, and Noah is "preaching" at his son about his bum hand. Yep, they're standing by the nurses station. LOL Robin does a good job acting like she's under the influence. 

Pretty cute line when Noah leans down to take a look at Patrick's hand and waves his hand telling Robin he could catch a tequila buzz off her breath. LOL. When she says she "only had 5, or was it 6?" I like how the camera pans up from Patrick's hand to show the men looking at her sideways like she's senseless. What a hoot! Noah tells Patrick that is what they used to call "the moron fracture." The look on Robin's face is priceless when Noah says something about Patrick trying to rescue the "babe." Robin, of COURSE, says…"I am NOT a babe!" 

I will be interested to see where they go with the Patrick's-injured-hand story. I wonder if Noah will now be performing some of his son's surgeries. That would make for some interesting discussions between Noah and Patrick, while Patrick's hand heals. Patrick undoubtedly will be trying to tell his dad how HE would perform the surgeries. He's not going to like NOT being able to use his hands! - Kelley Pearson