General Hospital
December 14, 2006


Scene 1
Robin: Ahem. 
Epiphany: I like it better when you two aren't speaking to each other. 
Patrick: Top of the morning to you, too. 
Epiphany: Don't even think about trying to prove your brilliance operating with a broken hand. 
Patrick: It's a minor metacarpal fracture. I'll be back in the O.R. In no time. 
Robin: As long as you keep your cast on and follow Noah's orders. 
Patrick: This is great. Mr. Malachy is responding well to the drug therapy. Keep monitoring him, and then we'll just reschedule his surgery.
Epiphany: It's already been taken care of. 
Patrick: I love the fact that you basically run this hospital. I mean, you keep the nurses in line, you terrorize the interns, you keep everybody's ego in check. But even you, Ms. Johnson, don't know when I'll be back in the O.R. 
Noah: Which is why I'll be performing the surgery for you. 

Scene 2
Noah: I'll take that. Epiphany, the nurses all have microsurgery experience? 
Epiphany: Well, that's what you asked for. Three interns have signed up to watch. The neurosurgery resident will assist. You're in O.R. Two. 
Noah: Thank you, thank you. This all looks great. 
Patrick: So what procedure do you plan on using? 
Noah: Laser optic axon transducer to separate the superficial layers. Then I'll dissect the deeper affected regions with simultaneous cauterization. 
Patrick: What about collateral haemorrhage and edema? 
Noah: That can't be avoided. And the benefits far outweigh the risk -- 
Patrick: The transducer is new technology and still has some glitches. Plus, it's not specific for this surgery. 
Noah: They have very, very good results with this -- 
Patrick: The surgery can wait, Epiphany. 
Noah: It's my surgery. You can't cancel. 
Patrick: Mr. Malachy is my patient, and he's responding well to the steroid hypertonic infusion, so -- 
Noah: Surgery is the best first line of attack for a high-grade glinoma. 
Patrick: Yes. And I am the best doctor for that surgery. 
Noah: Well, that was until you slammed your million-dollar fist into a bartender's jaw. Now, Mr. Malachy can't wait just because you had a bad night. Whether you like it or not, the surgery team will perform just fine without you. 
Robin: Maybe you shouldn't work for a while. 
Patrick: This is mostly your fault. 
Robin: Excuse me? 
Patrick: Well, you felt sorry for yourself, so you went and got and drunk, and I had to break my hand defending your honor. 
Robin: You broke your hand because you were acting like a jerk. 

[approximately 2:09  of Noah content]

 According to US

Patrick is under the assumption that a patients surgery will be postponed but Noah walks up and tells him that he's doing it.

Noah walks up, snags the file and expertly talks to Epiphany in preparation for the surgery {looking like a good doctor in shirt and tie!}. Patrick interrupts and after a dialog filled with lots of 15-dollar ‘doctor words’ where Patrick tries to stop Noah and Noah taunts him about his arm {Oh well ...looks like their relationship is back to ‘normal’ since they are yelling at each other again. Perhaps Robin & Patrick will hit another rough patch so Noah & Patrick can relate to each other again without yelling}. - Jen H.

That look on Noah's face when he first enters the scene is GREAT! He has a sarcastic "I-told-you-so" expression going on…even if it is for only a brief few seconds before the scene cuts out. He enjoys the fact that he can be the dad to the rescue and take over surgeries for Patrick. 

Wow talk about a bunch of doctor/neurosurgeon mumbo jumbo in the next scene! I cannot even begin to repeat what they said, let alone understand it. Of course, I'd be glad to intern and assist and take a few lessons…if they need some help that is! LOL I would love to see the bloopers/retakes from this day of filming. Something tells me there was more than one take to get this right. I would about bet Rick (and Jason) got a bit tongue-tied saying these lines. And they threw them out so quickly, without any thought, it appears. I bet when they handed Rick the lines for the day he thought, "Oh my God!" I know *I* would have. 

His little smart-alec line about Patrick slamming his "million-dollar fist" into the bartenders jaw was really cute. 

Ok, now I think we're ready for something in a new direction for Noah. What about actually SEEING him in surgery, rather than just discussing it? As short as his scenes were on this show, I still liked it. But I am soooo ready for something new with our man Noah. - Kelley Pearson