General Hospital
March 21, 2012

Scene 1
Noah: I know Anna is a grieving mother, but that does not give her any right to attack you on the day of your wife's funeral.
Patrick: I-I-I cheated on Robin. I caused her daughter the worst pain possible.
Noah: And she forgave you. Robin loved you. The last thing she'd want is for her mother to cause you any more pain.
Patrick: Dad.
Noah: Anna and I need to have a conversation. She's not the one who lost Robin here.

Scene 2

Patrick: I made a terrible mistake when I slept with Lisa.
Noah: And you spent every day after it making up for it.
Patrick: Dad, how would you know?
Noah: 'Cause I know the kind of man you are.
Patrick: Right. Right. Kind of man I am. [Sighs] I'm the kind of man that had true love and almost threw it away -- a wife that adored me, the most precious daughter in the world, and I spent the last two years of my life doing damage control because of a one-night stand.
Noah: Patrick, Robin forgave you.
Patrick: Yeah? What did she get for it? She's got a drawer full of airline tickets she's never gonna use. There's blueprints to a house she's never gonna see built. The last years of her life were wasted, wasting time because of the mistake that I made. And I have to live like that. That -- that -- that's the man I am.
Noah: Wait, wait, wait. Look, look, look, look. The kind of man you are is human. You make mistakes like the rest of us. God, you've been a better husband and father than I've ever been. I don't care what anybody else says, Patrick. I'm proud of you.

Scene 3

Noah: Wow. I could have watched Emma sleep all night.
Patrick: Yeah, she's pretty amazing, isn't she?
Noah: Yeah. Absolutely beautiful.
Patrick: She was sleeping when you came in, but wait till you get her in the morning and she's talking.
Noah: [Chuckles]
Patrick: Even on a day like this, the kid's pure joy. It's like... she gets excited about everything.
Noah: She's sure Robin's daughter.
Patrick: Yeah. [Sighs] Is it always gonna be like this? 'Cause...I don't know if I can do this.
Noah: There's no timetable to it, son. You just... put one foot in front of the other.
Patrick: [Sighs] I'm glad you're here. [Sniffles]

Noah: So am I.