General Hospital
March 22, 2012

Scene 1
Noah: So sorry about Robin.
Anna: I know. Thank you.
Noah: I wish there were better words. She was an incredible person and is greatly loved.
Anna: She was.
Noah: I'm Just so sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral.
Anna: Oh, yeah. No. That's....uh, Robert didn't come, either. Um, you know, I mean, people have to deal with it in their own way, really.
Noah: Yeah. Everybody handles grief differently.
Anna: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Some take it out on themselves, some on others.
Noah: Heard you took it out on my son.

Scene 2

Anna: Oh, God. You talked to Patrick, did you?
Noah: What were you thinking tearing into my son on the day of his wife's funeral?
Anna: It was my daughter's funeral.
Noah: Well, it's all the more reason for you to lean on Patrick, not rip him apart.
Anna: That's why I'm here.
Noah: Look, whatever problems Robin and Patrick had, they faced them as a couple. If you think I'm gonna stand here and let you beat up on my son --
Patrick: Dad. Dad. That's enough. And this is between me and Anna.

Scene 3

Noah: Whatever Anna has to say to you can wait.
Patrick: Dad, it's okay.
Noah: No, no. You don't need this right now.
Patrick: No, please. It's all right. Just go be with Emma. Go distract her with one of your exotic stories. Just keep it g-rated, please.
Noah: Sure.
Patrick: [Sighs] Yeah. I don't want her to s alone.
Noah: Okay. You know where I am.
Patrick: I'm surprised to see you. I thought you got it all out last night.
Anna: I have to sit down. My head is really pounding. I went to Jake's last night, you know, after our little conversation. T and I was there until I don't know. But anyway, I-I-I --
Patrick: I'll go get you some ibuprofen.
Anna: But I am thinking a lot clearer than I was last night, Patrick, and some of the things I said to you about Lisa Niles --
Patrick: Yeah, you could have had a little bit better timing. But what you said was true.
Anna: No. No, it wasn't. It wasn't.
Patrick: Anna, I should have been a better husband, you know. Robin deserved better than what I gave her.
Anna: You should be a better listener, Patrick. Please. I'm trying to apologize here.

Scene 4

[Noah opens door]
Matt: You made it.
Noah: I made it
Matt: good
Noah: Thanks for letting me know about Robin
Matt: yea, yea, of course, of course
Noah: How are you doing?
Matt: Honestly I've been better. My girlfriend just confessed to murder.