General Hospital
April 04, 2013

Scene 1
Doorbell rings]
Patrick: You know what? That's probably you. [Clears throat]
Noah: [Sighs]
Patrick: Dad.
Noah: Son.
Patrick: Hey. Come in, please. Emma, look who's here.
Emma: Grandpa!
Noah: Hey, there she is -- my favorite granddaughter.
Emma: I'm your only granddaughter.
Noah: Oh, yeah. You're still my favorite, though.
Patrick: [Chuckles] So, what are you doing here?
Noah: Well, hello to you, too.
Patrick: No, I mean, of course, I'm always happy to see you. It's just today's, uh, kind of hectic, isn't it?
Emma: Yes.
Noah: Yeah. Nurses' Ball and all that, right?
Emma: Are you coming?
Noah: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it.
Emma: Yay!
Noah: Yeah! You seem kind of surprised to see me.
Patrick: I just didn't know that you'd even... I'm sorry, I just -- I didn't expect you to be here.
Noah: Supporting a great cause, and AMFAR, you know, very important cause, and...Robin is even more important. And I wouldn't miss that.

Scene 2

Patrick: Hi.
Sabrina: Hello.
Patrick: Um...
Sabrina: Oh, Emma, hey! It's almost time to go to the Metro Court. You ready?
Emma: I was born ready.
Sabrina: [Chuckles]
Patrick: Go get your jacket, sweetheart.
Emma: Okay.
Sabrina: [Chuckles]
Patrick: Uh, Sabrina, this is my father.
Noah: Oh, I know Nurse Santiago.
Sabrina: Yeah, Emma and I sometimes Skype with Noah when I babysit.
Noah: Oh, I wanted to say congratulations, too, on your graduation.
Sabrina: Oh, thank you so much. How are things going with Ingrid?
Patrick: Ingrid?
Noah: Uh, we're not seeing each other anymore.
Sabrina: Oh, that's too bad. What about Deb?
Patrick: What's going on here? Who's Ingrid? Who's Deb?
Emma: We're gonna be late.
Sabrina: Okay, okay. We are going. Are we going to see you at the ball?
Noah: I will be there.
Sabrina: Okay, great. You better get a good seat because our act is gonna rock the house, right, Emma?
Emma: Right.
Sabrina: Yeah. All right. Let's get out of here. Go, go, go, go.
Emma: [Chuckles]
Noah: See you, sweetheart.
Patrick: Bye, baby. Have fun, okay?
Emma: Okay.
Patrick: Thank you. [Sighs]
Noah: Wow. I tell you, Sabrina... you guys, Emma and you, are so lucky to have found her.
Patrick: [Sighs] Yeah.
Noah: Amazing.
Patrick: We are.
Noah: So, what's wrong?

Scene 3

Noah: Come on. What's bothering you?

Patrick: I had a moment of clarity a few days ago. It was like I was in a fog for a while, in a fog that I didn't realize that I was in. [Sighs] And I saw Sabrina for who she really is, and, truth is, she kind of saved me. I was a mess, you know. I was in a really bad place after Robin died, Emma and I both. And, um... and Sabrina, she helped put me back together, piece by piece, just little by little, and she did it in those everyday kind of ways, you know, the kind that you don't even notice. And I didn't notice. But it was her all along, and... [Sighs] I went to tell her how I felt, and then after she told me how she felt...I chickened out. I basically...I ran away, and now I'm... well, I'm afraid I might be too late.

Scene 4

Patrick: I waited too long to tell Sabrina how I feel, and now she's dating somebody else.
Noah: [Chuckles] So?
Patrick: So -- so what? What do you want me to do? Just run up to her and say, "Hey, sorry for being an idiot, but this is how I really feel"?
Noah: Well, why not?
Patrick: [Scoffs] You know, did you and, uh, Emma go over on Skype? Because this is exactly what she'd say.
Noah: Well, you sound like a coward, you know? I mean --
Patrick: Really?
Noah: Really. I'm serious. You know, you got this great girl. And, what, you're gonna just throw it away, because you can't swallow your pride?
Patrick: This has nothing to do about pride. This is about Sabrina.
Noah: Well, do you want this girl or not?
Patrick: Yeah, I do want this girl, but I can't just go in there --
Noah: There's no buts. There's no buts. You go to her and you tell her how you feel.
Patrick: I did, okay? I left her a message, and she didn't call me back.
Noah: [Laughs] Oh, my God. Are you serious? Nobody has ever fallen in love over a voicemail.
Patrick: I'm not saying that she's gonna fall in love --
Noah: How do you even know she got it? And if she got it, that she understood what you meant? You know, for a smart guy, sometimes you're just so thick!
Patrick: Oh, well, maybe I'm out of practice, unlike you with Ingrid and Deb and God knows who else.
Noah: They're just excuses. All right, you go to -- you go to Sabrina, and you have a conversation, and all of the "what ifs" and "if onlys" are gone. You can't let this girl go. I mean, don't -- don't end up like me, all right? I...I let a certain nurse slip through my fingers. Go get Sabrina.