General Hospital
April 05, 2013

Scene 1

Noah: Bobbie.
Bobbie: Noah. [Laughs]

Noah: Wow. Good to see you again.
Bobbie: Oh, yeah. It's been a long time.
Noah: Way too long. I didn't mean to interrupt your call. I just wanted to say hello.
Bobbie: Oh, no, it's okay. I was just checking in with Scotty.
Noah: Oh, you and Scotty, uh...
Bobbie: Oh, no, no, no. Actually, um -- actually, I'm not seeing anyone right now. And it's been ages since I faked blindness to keep a man.
Noah: Well, that's good to know.

Scene 2

Anna: Noah, good to see you.
Noah: Sure you wouldn't rather see my rock 'n' roll look-alike?
Anna: [Chuckles] Did have a little bit of a crush on Eli Love, didn't I?
Noah: Yeah, even though he, uh... seem to remember he was too drunk to actually go onstage.
Anna: Yeah, but you were pretty quick to jump in there and take his place, even though you swore you never sung a note in your life.
Noah: Well, through the technical wizardry of Spinelli, I think we all pulled it off.
Anna: I don't know. I thought you were pretty good swinging that mike. [Laughs]
Noah: Well, I -- I mean, I had fun. I got to admit -- Eli Love's got a pretty good gig.
Anna: Any chance we're gonna get a surprise visit from him tonight?
Noah: Maybe. Maybe from someone. I don't know.
Anna: Who?

Scene 3

Patrick: Sorry I'm late.
Anna: That's okay. It hasn't started yet.
Patrick: You look beautiful.
Emma: Daddy, what's that on your collar?
Patrick: I don't know.
Noah: Looks like you found her.
Patrick: Yeah.