General Hospital
April 08, 2013

Scene 1

Lucy: All right. Hi, everybody. I'm so sorry for all that, shall we say, commotion, but I am dressed -- sort of -- and I am so excited. I am thrilled to let you know something that is gonna thrill you and astonish you. Noah Drake, our own from General Hospital, has arranged this amazing performance, and I cannot believe I'm going to get to say these words. Ladies and gentlemen, would you put your hands together? Because I am going to introduce a music legend -- Mr. Rick Springfield. Aah!

[Cheers and applause]
Rick Springfield performs Jessie's Girl

Dr. Obrecht: [Clapping] Finally, a performance worth watching.


Scene 2
Bobbie: Hey, good job putting all that together. Aren't you full of surprises.
Noah: I wanted to do something special for the cause.
Bobbie: You know, I never realized how much you resemble Rick Springfield.
Noah: You're kidding me, right?