General Hospital
April 15, 2013

Scene 1

Noah: I'm really gonna miss you and Emma.
Patrick: Yeah.
Noah: But I am a little worried about how you're gonna handle things without me there to talk some sense into you. [Chuckles]
Patrick: I'm pretty sure I know where you stand on that one.
Noah: I'm gonna say it anyway. Don't let that woman who claims she's pregnant with your child ruin your relationship with Sabrina, okay?

Scene 2

Patrick: If I wouldn't have listened to you, I wouldn't have went after her -- Sabrina -- and, well, it might have been too late.
Noah: I've found that when love shows itself, you got to grab it with both hands.
Patrick: Really? When did you become a romantic? [Chuckles]
Noah: I think it comes with getting older and wiser.
Patrick: All right. So, wise one, are you gonna take your own advice?

Scene 3

Patrick: So, what do you say? Is there a Sabrina out there for you somewhere?
Noah: Wow. Look at the time.
Patrick: That's...
Noah: I got a plane to catch.
Patrick: That's cheap. You always this good at keeping secrets?
Noah: Oh, I never tell.
Patrick: Oh. Excuse me. Ma' dropped this.
Dr. Obrecht: So I did. And they say chivalry is dead. Thank you.
Patrick: You're welcome.
Dr. Obrecht: Are you Patrick Drake -- the doctor?
Patrick: Uh, yes. Yes, I am.
Dr. Obrecht: Then I have something important to tell you about your wife.
Patrick: I'm sorry. What? You have something to tell me about Robin?
Dr. Obrecht: I watched the Nurses' Ball on television last night. And I was quite moved by your tribute to your wife. Love like that never dies, does it? It's a shame that your speech was interrupted, but I must congratulate you on your new child. When the happy news was announced, I turned to my own daughter, and I said that you seemed like a wonderful father, and she agreed.
Scene 4

Patrick: Uh, thank you. I appreciate your good thoughts.
Dr. Obrecht: Don't thank me. You're a good man, Dr. Drake.
Noah: There's something really strange about that one.
Patrick: Yeah. I agree. [Sighs]
Noah: Well, I'm gonna go grab a snack before I go through Security.
Patrick: All right, so, uh -- so that's it. Okay.
Noah: Great to see you.
Patrick: You too. Be good, okay? Good luck with the new job.
Noah: Good luck with Sabrina, okay? Don't let anything come between your happiness with her.
Patrick: You do the same. Bye.
Scene 5
Bobbie: Thank you. Oh, is there a long wait to get through Security?
Agent: Oh, I'm afraid they're backed up. Could be close to 20 minutes.
Bobbie: [Groans]
Noah: Would it help if you had some company?
Bobbie: Noah! Hey. What are you doing here?
Noah: I'm, uh, leaving Port Charles to report to my new job.
Bobbie: Your new job? Really? Where?
Noah: Seattle General.
Bobbie: Oh. That's where I work.
Noah: I know.
Bobbie: [Laughs]