General Hospital
July 8, 2008

Scene 1

Patrick: Patient coming up from E.R., It's a head trauma from a roof fall. I want O.R. One. I want you both on the team. Book Morucci, please.
Epiphany: Not available, but you can have Halstead.
Patrick: Halstead's a hack. I won't have her.
Epiphany: Well, there's nobody else, so you're going to have to take it.
Noah: Will I do?
Patrick: What e you doing here?
Noah: What kind of greeting is that for your dear old Dad?

Scene 2

Nurse: So the rumors were true. Welcome back, Dr. Drake.
Noah: Thank you, sweetie.
Patrick: Ok, while you were running around telling the entire staff of your imminent return, did you even bother to call your son?
Noah: You know, I thought about it. But then I thought about the inevitable fight and I wanted to put that off as long as possible.
Patrick: I don't want to fight. I'm actually glad you're here.
Noah: What's the punch line?
Patrick: It would've been good to get a heads-up before you joined doctors without borders instead of disappearing for no reason, but --
Noah: Did you try looking for me?
Patrick: Touché.
Noah: You know, the truth is I was ashamed to show my face. I slipped up.
Patrick: Really? Why, I thought you were doing so well.
Noah: Not to spout addict-speak or anything, but it's one day at a time, you know? I checked myself into rehab. When I got out, I still felt vulnerable. So it scared me. I wanted some distance. Doctors without borders gave me that. Plus, it gave me something meaningful to do, you know?
Patrick: That's great. I'm impressed.
Noah: Impressed enough to let me assist? You know, I've done some pretty -- pretty -- pretty tense operations in situations you can't even imagine --
Patrick: Well, I don't have time to argue and you're better than Halstead, so --
Noah: Oh, gee, thanks so much.
Patrick: But remember, operative word, "assist." Don't try telling me what to do in the O.R., Clear?
Noah: Yes, sir.
Patrick: Let's go.
Noah: Sir.
Epiphany: Warms the heart, doesn't it, to see such a loving connection between father and son?

Scene 3

Patrick: This is why I don't do my own satellite installation.
Noah: Lack of mechanical skills have nothing to do with it.
Patrick: I'll have you know I built something all by myself.
Noah: Ooh, you finished a project?
Patrick: Yes, from the ground up.
Noah: I'm impressed. I have been away a long time. So bring me up to speed. How are you and robin doing? Are you fighting this week or are you living in bliss?
Patrick: A little bit of both. Robin's been a little complicated. How's doctors without borders?
Noah: Oh, it's amazing.
Patrick: Yeah?
Noah: You should try it some time. I better check for collateral necrosis.
Patrick: The injury's two hours old, no need to.
Noah: So, when robin assists, do you blow her advice off as easy as you do mine?
Patrick: That's the beauty of pregnancy. She's not on the surgical rotation.
Noah: Robin's pregnant?
Patrick: I guess I didn't tell you that, did I?
Noah: Are you the father?
Patrick: What kind of question is that? Of course I'm the father.

Scene 4

Noah: I am absolutely flabbergasted. You and robin planned the pregnancy?
Patrick: What difference does it make?
Noah: I take that as a no.
Patrick: Look, not that it's any of your business, but it was an accident, and yes, I've en checked for HIV since. Scalpel?
Noah: Well, I hope robin has a plan B.
Patrick: Meaning?
Noah: I hope she's planning to raise the baby by herself and not under any illusion that you would be any kind of a father. Suction.
Patrick: You've just proved for the millionth time you know nothing about me. I'm committed to robin and this child. Clamp the bleeder.
Noah: Well, I hate to be the voice of reason here, but this is a disaster in the making, Patrick.
Patrick: Yeah, at least I'm not an alcoholic.
Noah: Nice low blow.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Patrick: Thanks. Now let's close this up.

Scene 5

Patrick: Page me when the patient wakes up.
Anna: Oh, hi.
Patrick: Hi.
Anna: Oh, my god. Hello.
Noah: Hey, I was hoping to run into you.
Anna: Yeah, well, you did. What do you think about the soon-to-be-upon-us blessed event?
Noah: Oh, yeah, grandparents. Yahoo.
Anna: Yeah, it's horrifying. I wanted to talk to you. Robin's pretty nervous about this whole court thing.
Noah: What court thing?
Patrick: I'm suing robin for visitation of our child.
Noah: Are you serious? You selfish ass.
Patrick: Excuse me?
Noah: You drop the lawsuit immediately, or I'm putting myself on robin's witness list.

[approximately 4:37  of Noah content]