General Hospital
July 11, 2008

Scene 1

Anna: Patrick. You know I've been struggling with this. Even though I do sympathize with your position, I couldn't go against my own daughter.
Patrick: That's okay. I understand.
Diane: Your timing leaves just a little to be desired.
Alexis: Good, you're here
Noah: Hey, look, I'm afraid I can't do this.
Alexis: Crisis at the hospital?
Noah: No, it's more like a crisis of conscience. I think it's best for everybody if I just stay out of it. Robin, I'm so sorry.
Robin: No, it's okay. I don't want this to get hurtful, since we're all looking out for the baby's best interests.
Alexis: You know, Robin, from personal experience, this hearing is going to define the word hurtful.
Robin: Well, then maybe we should stop it before it goes any further.
Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Warner presiding.
Judge Warner: This appears to be a most unusual petition. I'm eager to hear testimony.
Diane: Your Honor, my client would like to make a statement on his own behalf.
Judge Warner: Very well. You may take the stand, Dr. Drake.
Alexis: You know, I don't need Noah as a witness to prove to the court that what Patrick is asking for is ridiculous. There's no basis on it in court law.
Robin: Okay.
Patrick: I should start by saying, I never wanted to be a father. Robin is the one who wanted a child, with or without me. In fact, when she found out she was pregnant, she had no intention of telling me the baby was mine. I had to force her into it.
Diane: Is it your opinion that Dr. Scorpio has made a sustained effort to exclude you from your child's life?
Patrick: No. I love Robin. I love our child. And that's the problem. She doesn't believe me. A lot of that is my fault. You know, I told her over and over that I didn't want to settle down. I didn't want to be saddled with a family. And when we broke up, I was pretty quick to start dating somebody else. I left Robin in a place where she couldn't trust me, couldn't trust my love. But she can. I would never do anything to hurt her or our child.
Diane: Dr. Scorpio recently attempted to bar you from any contact with herself, and therefore, by extension, your child. Isn't that correct?
Patrick: I know. I -- we pushed and pulled each other into court today. Look, I have my faults. But I'm not a stupid man. I know Robin is the woman that I'll always love. I see the baby growing inside of her, and I feel it kicking and I am awed. I'm starting to realize how much this family means to me, and I get it. The irony is not lost on me. It's the one thing that I always said I never wanted. Turns out the most important thing in the world to me -- Robin and our child, a family -- make memories, start traditions, have our love grow every day. When I think about the future, you know, us -- honestly, I can't wait to get started. And I just hope that, Robin -- I hope that you can find a way to feel the same.
Diane: But words of this nature have done nothing to affect Dr. Scorpio.
Robin: No, that's not true. I'm -- I'm terribly sorry. I believe I've wasted your time and our time. Patrick, you can see me and the baby anytime you want.

Scene 2

Patrick: Thanks for your help.
Diane: You are the one who won the case. I almost feel guilty for sending you a bill. But I'll get over that.
Patrick: Thanks.
Alexis: Nicely done, Counselor.
Diane: That is very magnanimous of you, counselor, considering that you lost.
Alexis: But I won in my head.
Diane: Yes.
Alexis: I concede this one gracefully.
Anna: That lovely young man just bared his soul to you. The least you can do is go and say thank you.
Noah: I still don't know what kind of father you will make. But I do know you're a better man than I am. I'm proud of you, son.
Patrick: Thanks.
Robin: Hey.
Patrick: Look, all I want --
Robin: No, I just want to say something, okay?
Patrick: Yeah, of course.
Robin: I think that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me or said to me. I love you so much. And I am so glad that you want to be a father to our baby.
[Cell phone rings]
Robin: We’re going to make a good family.
Anna: Oh, no.
Robin: What?
Anna: Ah, oh. Eli Love just texted me. He said he's coming to town and can't wait to see everybody.
Robin: How is that a bad thing?
Anna: I think I'm going to call for an immediate evac out of here. I mean, I can't -- I can't be around when he finds out I'm going to be a grandmother

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