General Hospital
July 15, 2008

Scene 1

Robin: You know, if this whole brain surgery thing doesn't work out, you could have a future as an attorney.
Patrick: I don't think so.
Robin: Really, you were very compelling at the hearing.
Patrick: That's because I love you and I love our baby.
Robin: And I finally get it. We matter to you just as much as you matter to us.
Anna: Oh, hi -- hi, great.
Robin: Hi.
Anna: You're both here, excellent. So I want to get this over with.
Patrick: I thought you were leaving on an immediate evac.
Anna: Yeah, no, I decided i would stay and, you know, face the music. Oh, that's horrible. Excuse the pun.
Epiphany: I don't know how a person is supposed to get to work on time around here with all that chaos going on down in the lobby.
Patrick: What's going on in the lobby?
Epiphany: What, you didn't know that your most famous patient was going to show up here today? Eli love's limo is blocking the entrance. His entourage is standing around outside all over the sidewalk. And every single female on the first floor seem to be reduced to a gawking fan.
Anna: You know what? Don't worry. Eli will soon run out of here at warp speed. He'll never return.
Epiphany: Why is that?
Anna: Uh, well, you know, he's about to find out that his favorite groupie is going to be a granny.

Scene 2
Cassius: You guys are not going to believe this.
All: We know.
Cassius: Eli love is down in the lobby.
Epiphany: I know.
Leyla: Don't take it personally.
[Cassius scoffs]
Cassius: Ok.
Anna: So, you know, I can do this, I mean, I'm fine with it. Eli and I, we've had a great time and I just want to make a clean break.
Robin: I don't see why it has to be over.
Anna: Yeah, all good things come to an end, including this.
Eli: Anna.
Anna: Oh.
Eli: Gorgeous as ever.
Anna: Hi, Eli.
Eli: Dr. Drake, good to see you.
Patrick: How are you?
Eli: Nurse Johnson.
Epiphany: I hope that you're taking better care of yourself than you were the last time we saw you.
Eli: Well, you know me. Hey, is your daughter around? I'd love to see robin.
Robin: Don't let Eli see me, ok?
Leyla: Ok.

Scene 3
Eli: You know, I actually have been taking pretty good care of myself. I even get enough sleep now and then.
Anna: Mm.
Eli: So you don't have to growl, unless you want to.
Epiphany: I downloaded your last single.
Eli: Well, thank you very much for that. You coming to the show?
Epiphany: I'll have to check my schedule.
Eli: Oh, come on, Epiphany. Come on, I need you backstage in the trenches like last time. Only I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you fine people, which is -- I'm going to comp you all to the show, too.
Epiphany: Oh, thank you.
Kelly: Could someone page Robin?
Leyla: I'd love to, but --
Kelly: Just page her, thank you. Is there a problem?
Cassius: I think what she's trying to say is, um --
Kelly: Oh, my god. Ok, it's all right. Expectant mothers, they handle stress in different ways. Page Dr. Winters.
Robin: [Whispering] Oh, no, no. My mother is the one that needs the shrink, not me.
Kelly: [Whispering] But your mother isn't hiding under a counter at a hospital.
Robin: Ok.
Kelly: Ok.
Robin: But -- My mother is afraid that once Eli love sees this, he's going to dump her like a bad habit because she's grandmother.
Anna: You've barely told us about Amsterdam.
Eli: I think it's best if I just left that one alone.
Anna: Right.
Eli: Robin's here, right? Where is she?
Anna: She's here.
Robin: Get me out of here.
Eli: She's here somewhere?
Anna: Yeah. I don't know where she is.

Scene 4
Anna: Yeah, rio is just the coolest place, I mean, it's really cool. We would stay up so late, and we'd be always starving in the morning.
Eli: Yeah, yeah, and remember the time the limo driver went around the corner real fast? She fell into me -- oh, boy.
Anna: Oh, yeah -- no, no.
Kelly: [Whispers] You have nothing to worry about. Eli is completely infatuated with your mother. The guy wouldn't notice if you walked by with a neon sign on your belly.
Robin: [Whispers] Ok, let's go then.
Eli: Hey, Robin, Robin. There she is. Hey, don't be a stranger. Come and give me a hug.
Robin: [Normal voice] Hi.
Eli: Hey.
Anna: Robin, come on over and say hi to Eli, please.
Robin: It's so good to see -- I have a patient waiting for x-rays.
Anna: Robin --
Robin: Gotta go.
Anna: She such a dedicated doctor.
Patrick: Yeah, she hates leaving patients waiting.
Anna: Yeah.
Eli: Yeah, I guess. Um, so time to meet and greet. How about a private reunion?
Anna: Now, that sounds good.
Eli: See you, doc.
Patrick: Mm.
Anna: Bye.

approximately 3:30   of Eli content]