General Hospital
July 28, 2008

Scene 1

Anna: Hello.
Robin: Hi. You look great, as always.
Anna: Well, thank you. You look gorgeous, too. You're one of those fabulous pregnant women who stays exactly the same, except for that cute little bump right there.
Robin: Oh, cute is not exactly the word that springs to mind. So listen, I have two more patients and then I'm going to do a quick change and we'll go.
Anna: Good. Where we going?
Robin: Eli love's concert.
Anna: Oh, no, no, no.
Robin: Yes, yes, yes. Look, I know that you will not take his calls, but he finally got through to me and despite the bruised jaw, he gave us all backstage passes.
Anna: Whoopdedo. How amazing. Well, you just have great fun with Patrick.
Robin: No, three passes, as in you're supposed to come, too.
Anna: I would rather stick needles in my eyes.
Epiphany: The ambulance called five minutes ago. They'll be arriving in the E.R. Any second.
Matt: Well, go ahead and book an O.R. Because the patient needs surgery.
Patrick: May need surgery. We monitor him for at least 24 hours.
Matt: Do you -- do you have a date that you have to go on, because I'm sure that's fine. I'll just find another neurosurgeon who would be willing to supervise when I operate.
Patrick: You don't slice a guy's head open for the hell of it.
Epiphany: Ok, I'll see one of you downstairs.
Matt: So does anyone question the judgment of the mighty Dr. Drake or -- really, am I the fir?
Patrick: Knock yourself out, slick. I already treated him for migraines the first time he was in here. What I say goes and I say we wait. And you're late for rounds.
Noah: Patrick, did you page me?
Patrick: No, it must've been Robin. They're talking about Eli love and Anna looks pretty annoyed.
Noah: Well, she should be. She's much too good for that lowlife.
Robin: Mom, you love going to Eli's concerts.
Anna: Yeah, I used to. That's before I discovered he's about as shallow as a mud puddle. You know, he writes beautiful lyrics and they used to make me happy. And now I know he doesn't mean any of it. It just -- it -- it -- it makes me feel like I want to throw up.
Robin: Well, yeah, but you still have your pride.
Anna: Who's questioning that?
Robin: No one will, if you just show up to the concert.
Anna: Honey, I don't have to prove anything to anyone. And, quite frankly, I'm kind of grateful to Eli, to pointing how superficial I've been, having any negative issues to do with being a grandmother. So I want you and Patrick to have a fabulous time and I will see you later. Love you.
Patrick: That didn't look good.
Robin: Nope, she won't go.
Noah: Good. I mean, why would she want to after the way that jerk treated her?
Robin: To show him what he's missing.

Scene 2

Robin: My mother should go to the Eli love concert to prove to him, but more importantly to herself, that she doesn't care. You know, she doesn't need his rock star attention to be the beautiful, empowered woman that she always has been.
Patrick: And it wouldn't be a bad idea for Eli to see her eat his heart out when he realizes she doesn't give a damn.
Noah: Yeah, but if she doesn't want to go, you're not going to make her go.
Patrick: Well, no, Robin can't, but you could.
Noah: Oh, no, no, no, no. Keep me out of this, please.
Patrick: Dad, come on. She trusts you, and she -- you know, I think you could do it, and plus, you look like the guy.
Noah: Please, I like to think I have a little bit more depth of character than Eli love.
Robin: Well, then prove it. Talk to her.
Noah: If she doesn't want to go, I can't make her go either.
Robin: You can. You can convince her. It really is the ego boost that my mom needs right now.
Noah: Look, I'd really love to help Anna out. You know --
Robin: Thank you, Noah, very much.
Noah: You're welcome, I think.
Patrick: I'm all about helping your mom beat this self-centered rock star guy, but what do you expect to happen at the concert that's going to make her turn around?
Robin: Mm, I'm working on that.

Scene 3

Robin: Hi.
Sonny: Looks like you two worked things out. How's -- how's the baby?
Robin: Perfectly healthy.
Sonny: You need to realize what an amazing woman you have here.
Patrick: I do, Sonny.
Robin: Yeah, so I'm here on behalf of another amazing woman, my mother, the grandmother-to-be.
Sonny: Anna?
Robin: Yeah, her self-confidence has taken a blow lately, and i could really use your help.
Epiphany: The patient is resting comfortably in his room. You might want to look at his chart.
Matt: Swelling is down.
Epiphany: No need for that O.R.
Matt: If this is your way of rubbing it in that dr. Drake's diagnosis was correct, I'm good, actually, because I've got the reminder right here.
Epiphany: You know, you might want to work with the members of this staff instead of against them, because some of us have been bandaging heads while you were still skinning your knees. Ann: Excuse me, hi. I had a page from dr. Drake, sr.
Noah: Hey, thanks for coming.
Anna: Oh, hello. So, before you start, I imagine that this is a pep talk about me going with Robin and Patrick to Eli's concert, no?
Noah: Yeah, pretty much.
Anna: Ok. No, before you start this whole speech, I'd like you to know that I would prefer a dinner invitation from you than all of this other stuff. We have been so busy reacting to our impending grandparenthood that we haven't actually had a chance to catch up as friends.
Noah: I -- I would absolutely love to.
Anna: Good.
Noah: But I don't want you to use me to hide from Eli love.

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