General Hospital
July 30, 2008

Scene 1

Chip: Eli. We don't have time for this. Ok? We need to be on the road now.
Eli: I don't care. I'm not going anywhere 'til I see Anna.
Agent: Or you can call her from the bus.
Eli: She won't answer her phone. I have to talk to her in person.
Chip: If we don't leave right now, then you're going to have to deal with the fallout on this.
Eli: I don't care. I'm not going anywhere 'til I see her, all right? Epiphany. Is Robin here?
Epiphany: Dr. Scorpio's not in yet.
Eli: When -- when do you expect her?
Epiphany: Are you sick?
Eli: Am I sick?
Epiphany: Do you require medical attention? Because if not, I suggest you get your butt back on that elevator and stop wasting my time.
Agent: Come on, Eli. You heard her. Let's go.
Eli: Look, look. Robin's the only one who can convince Anna.
Epiphany: That you're an ass? I think that she's figured that all out on her own.
Eli: What is wrong with everybody? So -- so I freaked out that she was a grandma. She's obviously proved she's way more than your average grandmother. I mean, you should have seen her last night. She took down a couple of armed guards with just a couple of punches and kicks. She was -- she was incredible.
Chip: Yeah, and she made it painfully clear she wanted nothing to do with you. Now, let's get on the road, where there's plenty more groupies where they came from.
Eli: I'm not going anywhere without Anna, all right?
[Elevator dings]
Eli: Anna. Uh --
Anna: What?
Eli: I -- I want to talk to you.
Anna: I've heard everything you need to say.
Eli: No. No, not this, all right?
Anna: What?
Eli: I want you in my life.


Scene 2

Robin: My mother isn't interested in anything you have to say.
Anna : I wouldn't go that far.
Robin: Mom.
Anna: No, um, it's ok, I don't see any harm in just hearing the man out.
Eli: Would you excuse us for a minute? Thanks. All right, just -- I want to thank you for the save last night. It was -- it was amazing.
Anna: Happy to help. Is that it?
Eli: No.
Anna: Well, it's just -- robin's waiting for me.
Eli: I don't want it to end like this -- in fact, I don't want it to end at all. Look, I can handle you being a grandmother. I  just -- I just couldn't handle you walking out of my life.
Chip: Eli -- we, uh, really, really need to be going here.
Woman: Not until you say hi to your son.


Scene 3

Eli: I need a little help here, guys --
Agent: You know the deal, Trish. You come anywhere near Eli, you forfeit child support.
Trish: Go have a seat, I need to talk to your dad alone.
Robin: Hey, my name is robin. What's your name?
Boy: Elijah.
Robin: Hey, I like that name. These are pretty cool, mind if I play with them with you?
Eli: You know, bringing the kid here and throwing him in my face isn't going to get you a penny more.
Trish: I didn't come her for more money, I came because Elijah wanted to meet his father.
Eli: Fifteen minutes in the back of a tour bus doesn't qualify me to be his father.
Trish: How can you look at your son and not feel anything for him?

Scene 4

Patrick: What's going on?
Epiphany: Eli Love just got a visit from his son and he's not taking it so well.
Trish: Face the fact that you have a son.
Eli: I never asked to be their kid's father, all right? How much is it going to take me for you and the kid to get out my life forever?
Trish: I'm not here for more money.
Robin: What kind of car is this one?
Patrick: That is a Pontiac GTO. And this black one right here, that's a mustang. Someone likes the muscle cars, huh?
Robin: This is Elijah.
Patrick: Hey, buddy, I'm Patrick.
Robin: Patrick likes cars almost as much as you do.
Patrick: Oh, yes, I do. I used to collect these when I was probably your age. See this one right here? This is a great car, this is a Camaro. Back in the day all the Nascar drivers used to race this like all the legends, like Darrell Waltrip and dale Earnhardt and Ricky Rudd. This car was so fast they changed the rules for Nascar just so the other drivers could keep up. It's a fast car, Elijah.

[approximately 5:15 of Noah/Eli content]