General Hospital
August 4, 2008

Scene 1

Anna: Come here, come in.
[Robin groans]
Anna: Come, come, come, come. Shhh. Ok, before anyone kicks off into a great big, fat lecture, I just want to say that Noah and I are aware of the fact that this makes our children incredibly uncomfortable. And we're sorry about that. However, we're adults.
Noah: Yeah, and we actually have been for a lot longer than you guys have, so --
Anna: Yeah, a lot longer. So, what is our business is our business and no one else's. And we wonder if we could just live and let live.
Robin: Sure.
Anna: Great.
Patrick: No problem. In fact, the less we know about your adult relationship, probably the better.
Robin: Yeah.
Anna: All right.
Patrick: Ok? All right, let's go find our own closet.
Robin: I -- I don't think so.
Patrick: What? Great.
Robin: I need to talk to my mother, so I would appreciate it if you two brilliant doctors would just go do something medical.
Patrick: Thanks. Thanks a lot for that.
Noah: I could say the same thing, you know?
Anna: Bye. See you.
Anna: Do not jump all over me.
Robin: I know it's none of my business. I just have one question for you. Are you really attracted to Noah or is this just residual feelings for Eli?

Scene 2

Robin: Believe me, the last thing I want to do is poke my nose into your personal life.
Anna: Really? Since when?
Robin: I'm trying here, ok?
Anna: Yeah, ok, sure. Just go ahead, poke away. You know, I don't have anything to be ashamed of, really.
Robin: Good, then I think it's important to point out, coming from someone that loves you very much, you were just hurt by Eli very recently, whether you want to admit it or not. And Noah, well, happens to look a lot like him, and not even five minutes later, you're getting hot and heavy with him. I mean, it just kind of seems like a rebound.
Anna: I think that I've always been attracted to Noah, and that I kind of just got waylaid by this whole Eli, rock and roll scenario.
Robin: That's a bit convenient.
Anna: It's kind of inconvenient, really, because that worthless detour I took with Eli, I could have actually been spending time with Noah and getting to know him. I mean, think about it, robin. He's kind of perfect for me. He's handsome. He's smart. He is wry, funny. He's a survivor. He's much better for me, and we get each other. Plus, we have you and Patrick in common.
Robin: Well, that part weirds me out a little bit.
Anna: Yeah, I know it's creepy.
Robin: But you know what? If you're happy, I'm happy.
Anna: Really? Oh, thank god. Come here.
Patrick: This is that file I wanted you to take a look at. It's more your specialty than mine.
Noah: Come on, come on, knock it off.
Patrick: What?
Noah: The suspense, it's killing me. Come on, I know you have some judgment about Anna and my relationship, so come on. Let's hear it.
Patrick: You actually want to hear what I think about your love life?
Noah: No, but it's like a 900-pound gorilla standing between us, so come on. Bring it on. Let's hear it.
Patrick: Ok. I think Anna's amazing. I get why you're attracted to her.
Noah: But?
Patrick: But dad, she's not ordinary. She's a spy, for god's sake, and she -- she gives new meaning to the word "independent," and I'm afraid you're biting off more than you can chew right when you finally got your life back on track.
Noah: So you think that I'm going to fall for Anna hard, and she's going to fall for me, and consequently, I'm going to, what, dive back into the bottle? Is that it?
Patrick: Well --
Noah: Well, let me just set your mind at ease. My sobriety is my responsibility, ok? It's not yours, it's not Anna's.
Patrick: Ok.
Noah: Really?
Patrick: Hey, your life, your choice. If you choose Anna, I wish you well.
Noah: Well, I'll take that wish. Thank you, son.
Patrick: You're welcome, dad.

[approximately 3:46 of Noah content]