General Hospital
September 18, 2008


Scene 1

Anna: You do know him, don't you? Yeah, that blank look is a dead giveaway.
Noah: I don't want to talk about it.
Anna: Noah.
Anna: Hey, don't do that. Matt, Dr. Hunter, it's ok. You're safe. You're at General Hospital.

Scene 2

Noah: How's the pain?
Matt: I can deal.
Noah: Has the attendant spoken to you yet?
Matt: What do you want?
Noah: Has he told you about the extent of your injuries?
Matt: Yeah, I'm in ICU. I have head trauma and third-degree burns. My internal injury is from smoke inhalation. I can feel my legs, but I wish I couldn't.
Noah: Yeah, you're going to need a skin graft.
Matt: It's a little late in the game to be showing concern, don't you think, dad?

Scene 3

Noah: I'm not here to make excuses.
Matt: Just leave.
Noah: Look, your mother and I reached a decision that I would provide child support and -- and pay for some of your education.
Matt: What is that? Hmm? What is that, like $5,000? Because that probably didn't pay for two days of medical school.
Noah: We made this agreement before you were even born. Like I said, I provide financial support on the condition that I never -- I never make any contact with you. I more than kept my side of the bargain, believe me.
Matt: Yeah. Ok. So then, just go away. Just go. You didn't want me then, and I don't need you now.
Noah: Look, you're badly injured and you need surgery. I can help you.
Matt: I don't want to ever take a damn thing from you.
Noah: This is not the time to argue about this.
Matt: Get me another doctor, would you?
Noah: Look, you can be as angry as you want, but I'm still your father.

[approximately 3:21 of Noah content]