General Hospital
September 19, 2008


Scene 1

Noah: I'm not here to pretend that you and I share anything more than DNA.
Matt: Yeah, well, why should now be any different than the rest of my life?
Noah: You're still my son.
Patrick: Did I just -- Matt Hunter is your son?

Scene 2

Patrick: How long have you known that he's your father?
Matt: All my life. Oh, let me guess. You didn't know.
Noah: Say what you have to say.
Patrick: Did mom know?
Noah: Unless she hid it from me, she had no idea. Your mother knew I hadn't always been faithful, but we had worked it out between us. When Matt's mom Donna turned up pregnant, I made a side deal with her that I would financially support Matt until he was 18.
Patrick: Oh, a side deal, so you paid her to go away?
Noah: Well, if you want to call it that. She actually got a job offer in Albuquerque when matt was still a baby.
Patrick: How many times did he try and get in touch with you?
Matt: Counting today? Once.
Patrick: You son of a bitch. So you're just another egotistical surgeon who can't keep his pants zipped.
Noah: Well, you're just real happy to rush to judgment, aren't you?
Patrick: You make me sick.
Matt: Is this one of those warm and fuzzy moments I missed by not having you as my dad?
Noah: Did you come to Port Charles to see me, or to meet Patrick?
Matt: Don't flatter yourself. I had a fellowship.
Noah: You knew we were both here.
Matt: I was curious. I'm not now.
Noah: Any apology I can make is years too late and wouldn't make a difference anyway.
Anna: Hi. Sorry. Am I interrupting? You could cut this atmosphere with a knife. I don't know how good that is for the patient.
Noah: Yeah, I was just leaving.
Matt: Watch. Watch, he's good at this.
Noah: I didn't say anything to you before because I wanted to talk to Matt first.
Matt: Well, thank you for the consideration.
Noah: Matt's my son.

Scene 3

Anna: How is Patrick handling this?
Robin: I don't know. Just when he made peace with his dad, then this comes up.
Anna: Hmm. I don't want to judge Noah or anything, but he's done some stupid things in his life. I think that he's a good man now underneath it all.
Robin: Well, Patrick thinks that this is why I don't want to marry him, because he's going to turn into another version of his father.
Anna: Is that what's stopping you?
Noah: Ok, do you want to talk about this?
Patrick: There's nothing to talk about. It's none of my business.
Noah: Patrick, I understand you're angry, I'd rather face that --
Patrick: Wait, you understand? You know what? I understand that every night that you were supposedly out saving lives, you were really just banging nurses and making kids that you didn't want.
Noah: I loved your mother, and I love you.
Patrick: Well, you have a funny way of showing it.
Noah: Look, I can't change the past. I'm not proud of what I did. When you're over the shock, we have to talk about this.
Patrick: You want absolution, go to church! Or you know what? Dive into another bottle. But matt did it fine without you, and I'm sure I can, too.
Robin: Hello.
Matt: Looks like news of my family reunion has spread, not that it's any of your business.
Robin: Maybe not. But you are my little girl's uncle -- the only one she has. Unless there's something you're not telling me.
Anna: What? Oh, well, I can't vouch for your father, but you're my only living child.
Robin: See? You're not the only one with a crazy family.
Matt: Look, I'm not interested in Sunday dinners with the clan, ok? I don't do warm and fuzzy.
Robin: Ok, well, we're not talking about adopting a kitten here. All I'm saying is that you're blood. And on a certain level, that matters, so do you need anything?
Matt: I need a break. Really, Dr. Scorpio, you've never had a use for me before, so please don't start now.
Patrick: Hey, treat Robin with respect.
Matt: Or what?
Robin: It's fine.
Patrick: No, it's not ok. What do you want from us, Dr. Hunter?
Matt: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That's what none of you people seem to get. If I wanted to come here and meet my -- Noah Drake or any of you, I would've just walked up and introduced myself.

[approximately 3:05 of Noah content]