General Hospital
September 22, 2008


Scene 1

Noah: Charles Fox is one of the top burn surgeons in the country. I've already put in a call.
Matt: Do you see how this -- this concern, this going the extra mile might just come off to be a tad bit insincere?
Noah: You know what? It's time to move on, all right? What's past is past. I'm trying to get you the best help here.
Matt: You paid off my mother to raise me, ok? Out of sight, out of mind. You don't get to have a sudden attack of remorse to just make amends.
Noah: I'm your father.
Anna: Maybe now's not the time to --
Noah: Imperfect, messed up, but I'm still --
Matt: You are a stranger, ok? I don't know you. This was your idea, ok? I just happen to be ok with it.
Noah: I don't think that's true.
Patrick: You know, let me just make this a little more clear. You're not wanted here.
Robin: Patrick --
Patrick: No, you -- you had a son and all you saw was an obstacle with your career path. So you discarded him like a bad grade on your transcript. You had a choice and you made the choice to leave him behind.
Matt: Look, really, I -- I don't need the help. I don't know you, you are nothing to me, so just stay the hell out of it, all right?

Scene 2

Matt: Oh, really, whatever you have to say, I don't want to hear it.
Robin: Well, you're stuck in that bed, so I guess you're going to have to listen to me.
Matt: Well, is it going to be something like, you know, "Patrick is a great guy" or something to that effect? Look, I know you have to believe that because you have his kid inside of you, but really, I've seen enough to know -- you know, know better.
Robin: Really? Well, how was he supposed to react when since the very beginning all you've been doing is picking fights with him, challenging him, goading him?
Matt: Was I supposed to just bow down?
Robin: You acted like a jerk, and he thought you were one. He just didn't know that there was a pretty good reason for it.
Matt: Just because we share a couple strands of DNA doesn't give him the right to have an opinion.
Robin: You certainly have an opinion of him. You've already pegged him as the chosen child just because he got to have a relationship with your father, as if you missed out on some awesome father-son experience. But I'll tell you the truth. After Patrick's mother died, Noah became a drunk, until he disappeared from his life completely.
Matt: And somehow they just managed to get past that?
Robin: It was very difficult for Patrick to forgive his father, and it took a lot for him to let him back into his life, and when Patrick found out what Noah had done to you, he stuck up for you, the one who he shares a few strands of DNA with, but you know what? You're probably right. You have it all figured out, so I'll just stay out of it.
Noah: Well, now you know the truth about me. Pretty disgusting, isn't it?
Anna: Yeah, it's sad, a bit disheartening. The only thing that can make it worse at this point is if you went somewhere and had a drink.
Noah: Wow, well, I was just thinking about that. The smell, the burn in the back of the throat, the bang as the endorphin bell is rung.
Anna: Yeah, so then you're just trashed the rest of your life in the process. I mean, you can't undo what you did to Patrick and his mom or Matt and his mom. I believe that you can do a hell of a lot better in the future.
Noah: Well, your faith in me is astonishing under the circumstances. Should make me want to pull myself up by my bootstraps and go to an AA meeting instead of the bar.

[approximately 2:14 of Noah content]