General Hospital Trivia Answers

Please note, there were a total of 6 entries with all correct answers, so all 6 people will be receiving the dvd's.
A drawing was done among all the other entries, so 7 prizes were awarded instead of 5.

1.What actor Played Rick's (Noah's) Dad? Russell Johnson (The Professor on Gilligan's Island)
This question ended up being way harder than I thought it was, which was not intentional.  The answer can be found on the Trivial Pursuit page in the Bio Section, line 40 in the acting category.  There is also a clip on the website of Bobbie meeting Noah's parents.  This was added after the contest had begun, but no one had missed just that question at the time it was added.

2. What Month/year did Rick make his very first appearance on GH?
March 1981.

3. What city did Noah move to when he left Port Charles back in the 80's?

4. Besides Bobbie and Tiffany, who else did Noah have a sexual relationship with (on camera), back in the 80's?

5. What fruit did Noah and Tiffany share in a now much talked about scene?

6. When Bobbie left Port Charles, Noah gave her a charm. What was the charm?

7. Back in the 80's, some of the cast of GH (including Rick) played in a game for charity. What sport did they play?
Softball (baseball)

8. Rick shared a scene with a famous movie actress back in the 80's (she was famous at the time). Who was she?
Elizabeth Taylor

9. Did Rick ever share a scene with Demi Moore?
Yes.  Although there are no clips of this on the website (yet), at the top of the vintage clip page, there is a picture of Noah, Jackie Templeton, and Rick Webber.  This was the most missed question.

10. Did Noah attend Luke and Laura's wedding?

11. What actor/actress Besides Kimberly McCullough currently on GH has Rick appeared with in another series? (more than one possible answer, just need one answer, name the Actor/Actress and the series)
Nancy Lee Grahn - Robin's Hoods - Robert LaSardo (Manny Ruiz/Father Mateo Ruiz) also guest starred on an episode of High Tide.

12. What was Anna's room number at the Metro Court (the room she and Noah made out in)?

13. What was Noah's wife's name?
Mattie (Maddie)

14. Whose liver was Noah supposed to get before Patrick donated part of his?

15. While attending a memorial for a former GH producer, who did Rick credit "I thank her for my career"?
Gloria Monty

16. Who drew Noah's name in the Bachelor auction that Carly held at the Metro Court?

17. What 3 characters did Noah run into on his first day back inside GH, that he had known before?
Bobbie, Monica, and Alan

18. When Noah slipped and fell because of his ailing liver, Robin asked him who the president is. What was his exact answer?

19. What substance (that shouldn't be there) could be seen on Noah's hands in his first episode in 2005?
Black Paint

20. What entertainment show broke the news that Rick was returning to GH?
Entertainment Tonight