General Hospital Trivia Rules

Do not post the answers on a public forum. 
Send all entries to: with the subject of "General Hospital Trivia"
Either copy and past the questions along with the answers, or send in just the number of the question, along with the answer.
Contest is open from 9/10/07 at 10:00 am central through 9/18/07 10: am central

There are 20 questions, with 4 prizes available. (update - we've added a prize, so now there will be 5 prizes total)

The first person sending correct answers for all 20 questions will be the first prize winner (open to everybody). (We have a winner for this prize!, entry received at 12:27 cdt)
We will do a random drawing among the other entries that contain all the correct answers to determine the other winners:
One drawing will be limited to members of the RickSpringfieldandUs yahoo group, 
One drawing will be limited to members of the rsnet message board, 
One drawing will be open to everyone 

The 5th winner will be a drawing among all the entries that attempted an answer at all 20 questions.  so anyone with all correct answers has one more chance at winning, and anyone who enters and gets any questions wrong, will also have a chance.

So be sure to include that information with your entry (if you are a member of RSU Yahoo group, include the email address of which your membership is listed, if you are a member of rsnet message board, be sure to include your member name, that way you will be included in all the drawings if you get all the answers correct).

The prize is a 2 dvd set of all of Rick's scenes on General Hospital from 12/2/05 through 8/24/07.

All decisions of the judges are final. This is meant to be a fun thing, there are no "trick" questions. Please have fun and good luck! The majority of the answers can be found somewhere on

Please note, we are not responsible for lost entries not received.