Regarding Joey
(original air date  3/04/95)

Storyline: Joey is set to testify against a mobster, and gets shot in the head before he goes to court and loses his memory. 

Guest Stars: Rena Owen (Cara Gibson), Stephen Papps (Mallard), Elizabeth Hawthorne 

According to US

This one starts out with a voice-over from Rick (as usual).  He's describing a hot day in L.A. and how that usually means earthquakes.   So he is preparing himself for something earth-shattering to happen.   Mick & Joey are at the courthouse.   They are waiting for Joey to testify against the known criminal Sorensen.  Mick has brought them hot dogs to eat while they are waiting.   They are both 'dressed up'.   Mick looks pretty good (considering the wardrobe history of this show) in white pants, red shirt & tan jacket.    Campbell's Soup colors, but definitely Mmm, Mmm good!
Sorenson is entering the courthouse and reporters are questioning him and his attorney.  The attorney is telling them what an upright, respectable citizen his client is.   Joey comments, "Respectable?  Yeah right, and I tied my own tie this morning."    Joey is then bumped from behind by the janitor.  He spills his drink on his tie, so he tells Mick he is going to the restroom to clean up.
As Joey pulls off his clip on tie to dry it with the hand dryer, the janitor comes into the restroom.  Joey tells him the tie came clean.   The Janitor then calls him "Joey" and pulls out a gun and shoots him.    Mick sees the janitor leaving the restroom, but he is now dressed in a suit.   Mick gets suspicious and goes into the restroom, and sees Joey lying on the floor.   He yells, "No!"   (it wasn't a very convincing no either - I would've demanded a retake if I were the director).
In the next scene, Mick is at the hospital and Gordon and Fritz are with him.   The doctor is explaining that Joey needs surgery to remove the bullet.    While they wait, Mick wanders over to the vending machines.  He meets Kara Gibson who is pounding on the machine.    She explains to Mick she is just frustrated as her father is having triple-bypass surgery.   He explains he is waiting for his brother who was shot.    The doctor then appears and says that Joey will be okay, and will probably just have a headache.
Gordon tells Mick he is putting a 24 hour guard on Joey's door.   The nurse then tells Mick that Joey is now back in his room, and he can see him there now.   Mick walks into the room and pulls up a chair next to an unconscious Joey.   He tenderly sits and holds his brother's hand and tells him that he was pretty worried about him.   He also tells Joey he is never going to leave him alone again.

It is now nighttime, and Mick is sleeping on a cot next to Joey's bed.   He awakens to a noise, and jumps up and grabs a man.   The lights flip on, and Mick realizes it was Joey.   He yells at him, "You scared the hell out of me!"  Joey says, "I scared you?!?!?"   Joey then says he went to the bathroom, and now he is thirsty.  Mick gets him some water and asks him if he remembers what happened.   Joey replies, "No."  Mick explains that he was shot.   Joey then states he doesn't know who Mick is, nor does he know who he is.
Mick is then seen talking with the doctor who explains to him that the amnesia is probably only temporary.   She tells him to talk with Joey, and try to trigger his memories.    Mick goes back to Joey's room and asks him to think back and try to remember something, anything.   Joey describes seeing a woman sitting in a rocking chair singing.   Mick explains that was their Mother.  Joey asks why she isn't there at the hospital.   Mick tells him both of their parents are deceased.   Joey then wants to know if he knew before his accident that his parents were dead and if he remembered how they died.  Mick  tells him he did.  
Joey asks, "Who am I?"   Mick replies, "The second best surfer in Malibu."  Joey wants to know who the best is.   Mick says, "Who do you think?" and smiles.   We now have the first flashback of the episode, some surfing scenes and then a montage of Mick & Joey introducing themselves and being referred to by others as "The Barrett Brothers."   Very cute scenes here; had me smiling.
Fritz comes to visit, and Joey is asleep.  Mick & Fritz leave the room to talk.   Mick is very frustrated at Joey's memory loss.   Fritz is sitting next to him rubbing his knee and telling him to just give it time.   She then tells him that Gordon found out that Sorenson's case is going to be dropped by the D.A. due to Joey's condition.    Fritz leaves and Mick then sees Kara walking down the hall.   They get on the elevator together and she tells Mick that her father is going to be okay.   When the elevator doors close, we see the janitor from the courthouse walking in the hospital corridor.
It is night again, and Joey is having a nightmare.  He wakes up, and for a minute Mick thinks he has his memory back, until Joey calls him Mike.   He tells Mick he was dreaming they were running through a jungle and dogs and men with guns were chasing them.   Mick asks if there was a girl.   Joey says,  "There's always a girl."  (I love this running gag)   Mick gets very excited, telling Joey that what he dreamed really happened.   We now have another flashback - from the La Bamba episode, which is what Joey was describing as his dream.   Back to present day, Joey tells Mick he has to be making this stuff up.   Next we have a flashback montage featuring 'Gordon's Goddaughters'   Joey then asks Mick what line of work they are in.  Mick says, "We don't really have one."   Joey then tells him that's what the problem is, they have too much time on their hands.

It is now the next day, and Mick is entering the hospital wearing jeans (yay!) a white shirt, with an open flannel shirt over it.   He runs into Kara and asks her about her Dad.   Fritz is visiting with Joey, and they are playing chess.   Mick tells Joey he doesn't know how to play chess.   Mick & Fritz then explain to Joey how they know each other, as Joey mistakes Fritz for Mick's girlfriend.   Joey then tells Fritz that Mick says they are "Ninja surfer detective cops" and then says to both of them, "Wanna kiss?"  He is holding Hershey's kisses in his hands.
The janitor that shot Joey is now dressed as an orderly, he walks up to the guard and says that he is there to take Joey to xray.   When the cop tells him he knows nothing about an xray, he is knocked out by the man.    Inside the room, Joey is now dressed and Mick is helping him pack his bag.   Joey asks Mick if he's mad at him that he can't remember anything.   Mick tells him he can't ever be mad at him, he loves him because they are brothers.   Joey then asks what will happen if he doesn't get his memory back.   Mick explains they will still be brothers.   He then tells him Joey Barrett had a talent for living which he admired.   So Joey asks to hear more about himself.    Another flashback montage, showing their teamwork.    Joey then asks Mick if he saves his butt a lot.   Mick tells him it is something he is good at.   We now see flashbacks of Mick getting Joey out of various scrapes.   Joey then tells Mick that he is afraid that he will never get his memory back, and Mick tells him he will still be his brother.
Kara then calls Joey's room, and she is crying.   She tells Mick that her father died and asks if he will come and see her in the lounge.   Mick tells Joey he will be back shortly.   We see the former janitor now dressed like Joey's guard.    Mick goes down to the lounge, and  Kara is not there.   He asks the nurses but they say they haven't seen her.    He leaves a message for her with the nurse, who then tells him that there is no Ward 8 (where Kara told him her father was).   He races back to Joey's room.    Kara enters dressed like a nurse.   She tells Joey it is time for his shot.    When Mick gets to the room, the cop tells Mick that the doctor is in there and he can't enter.   Mick punches him out, and struggles with Kara.   Joey is yelling, "What are you doing?"  and Mick replies, "What I always do, save your butt. "   She runs out - past Fritz.   Mick yells for Fritz to stop her, and now the cop is fighting with him again.   Joey tries to help and is pushed down and bumps his head on the side table.   Mick finally knocks the cop out and asks Joey if he is okay.   Joey says, "Mick, you always say that!"   They both start whooping it up, Joey has his memory back!
After the commercial, Mick and Fritz are checking Joey out of the hospital.   He is being his usual annoying self, whereas Mick & Fritz pretend that they suddenly have amnesia and leave Joey sitting in the wheelchair yelling after them.

Not much mystery in this one (ok, like there ever is).    I usually don't like flashback type of episodes of any shows, but I have to admit that the scenes that were chosen to be replayed were actually the better ones of Rick & Yannick together.    The wardrobe improved vastly as well.    I give this one 4 waves.   - Michelle P.

Mick and Joey sure do like to eat!  Every show, it seems they start out eating or talking about eating.  LOL  This episode was very interesting...sometimes I think the writers of shows use the flashback scenes as a cop-out to have less to write about.  But, this one turned out really well.

Joey is going to testify against a mobster, but after they arrive at the courthouse and Joey goes to the restroom, he is shot.  Mick finds him and then the rest of the show we are in the hospital.  No beach scenes or anything, only in the flashbacks!  Darn! I was disappointed that we didn't get to see Mick in shorts or open shirts or anything.  Maybe he was in those darn flashback scenes, but they went by rather quickly, so it's hard to recall.

I knew the woman Mick meets in the hospital waiting area was up to no good.  I just had a feeling about her, turns out she was in on the deal to 'off' Joey with the guy who actually shot him.  But, needless to say, Mick saved the day, and Joey, and the ending was really cute.  Mick and Fritz (walking Joey out of the hospital in his wheelchair) pretend to have amnesia when Joey mentions (yet again!) that they should take him out to eat.  As they walk off and leave him there, Joey tries to catch up with them in the wheelchair, but runs into the wall.  That was funny!- Amy L.

I thought this was a pretty decent episode. It is not one of my favorite ones though. I'm not sure why. Unless it's because all the scenes are taken in the hospital, with the exception of the beginning. There are just other episodes I prefer more than this one. What I really DID like about it though was the flashback scenes. That was cool and it gives you a feel for what the brothers have "been through" together. ( way more excitement in a few years than most people experience their whole LIFE!) 

I also like how you can see the brotherly love that Mick has for Joey. That is the biggest plus in this episode for me. It really dives into the relationship between the brothers. I felt Rick did a great job showing the range of emotions in this one….total fear, concern, sadness, confusion at Joey not remembering him, love and admiration for his little brother. Yannick was also good here, acting like the amnesia patient. I thought he was pretty believable. I recently learned that Yannick has a main part in a show called "Sue Thomas FBI." My mom was the one who informed me of this one day when she came by and I had High Tide playing. "Sue Thomas" is one of her favorite shows. She had never seen High Tide. She said to me, "Oh…there's that cute young guy who plays Sue Thomas' love interest on my show!" LOL In fact, this was the episode that was playing when she mentioned Yannick. I guess that's what made me think of it just now.

Favorite scene: I like when Mick is packing up Joey's things in the hospital room and he and Joey have a really sweet talk. Joey is sitting on his bed, big bandage around his head and he asks Mick if Mick likes him. Mick says, "I love you, you're my brother." He tells Joey that they are close. Joey fears he won't remember things he and Mick have done and worries it won't be the same for them. Mick tells him, "Let me tell you something about Joey Barrett. He's got this talent. Talent for living. Not everybody has it. It's a gift. I admire it. You get pretty obnoxious sometimes. It gets him and me in a hell of a lot of trouble. But I sure do admire him." Joey says, "you ADMIRE me?" That was precious in my opinion. Now wouldn't Rick make a GREAT brother? Awwwww…

This is one of the few High Tide's I've seen in which Mick is actually wearing decent clothes…normal-looking clothes. LOL By that I mean, not loud and screaming at the viewer!!! He looks amazing in red, as he's wearing a red "dress" shirt that buttons up, and tan dress pants. In the other scenes he's got on a purplish button-up shirt with plaids in it, with a gray hood, white T-shirt underneath, and light blue jeans. Yeah…Rick/Mick was looking just awesome in this episode. (even if he couldn't strut his wetsuit for the nurses! Well heck…just as well I suppose, or the whole hospital would`ve been in an uproar!)

The final scene is pretty cute too, I thought. Joey is leaving the hospital by wheelchair (as is the procedure in hospitals), and Fritz and Mick are there. Mick is pushing the chair and Fritz is toting the excess gifts (Teddy Bears, balloons, flowers) that Joey couldn't hold on his lap. Joey is babbling away…healed from the amnesia and back to his old self. They stop by the nurse's station so Mick can sign his release forms. Joey says, "hey, whadda you guys want to eat? I'm sick to death of hospital food." Mick: "It's up you…you're buying." Joey doesn't like the sound of that. He pretends he didn't get ALL his memory back when Mick tells him it's his turn to buy, that he bought the last time. Joey says, "I just thought you guys would want to take me out someplace special…treat me." Mick is being nonchalant. He tells Joey, "so you think because of this lesson learned, we should take you out and spring for your dinner?" Joey is smiling like crazy saying, "exactly!" Mick mentions springing for a few drinks, steak and lobster (while Joey's mouth is watering!), and Joey looks up at Mick saying, "Oh bro, I feel your love. I feel wanted, I feel warm, wanted." Mick looks over at Fritz with a smile and an eyebrow raise, and they begin to act as though THEY have amnesia. Fritz holding her head says, "who am I???" Mick plays along as if he too is confused. Mick looks her over and tells her she's cute. She says, "so are you." They pass in front of the wheelchair, Mick asking Fritz if she'd like to go for lunch. They walk off and leave Joey sitting there in the hall with a chair full of balloons and get-well gifts. LOL Joey is sitting there saying, "guys…that's very funny. Ha ha. I get the amnesia thing. Ok…alright. Guys. Alright. How `bout just burritos? We'll go for burritos. That's cheap." He tries to wheel after them and bumps into the wall. He asks a passerby, "Hi. How you doing? You wanna see my scar?" With all the sullen and serious type scenes in this one, I was glad that the show ended on such a comical note.

I will give this episode 3 waves. I started to say 2 waves or 2 ˝, but the flashback scenes and the brotherly love helped bring it up to a 3-wave episode.  - Kelley Pearson

Rick Springfield as Mick Barrett in High Tide