Pay Day
(original air date  3/25/95)

Storyline: Gordon sends Joey and Mick on a "vacation" for Mick's 35th birthday.  They land in a place where the local law enforcement needs some help, and Mick's martial arts come in useful.

Guest Stars: Robin Kora (Tony), Jenni Heka (Anna), Simon Stininato. 

According to US

This was a great episode in my opinion. For some reason I love the ones where Rick, as Mick can show off his fighting skills! I also love the funny comments between the brothers. Mick looks especially great in this one too, if I do say so myself! (HE does, but the wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired). BUT something about those khaki pants in a few scenes, hmmm, they seem like they are hiked up way too high. LOL
Ok, back to business!

Mick & Joey to the rescue!

The police chief, Tony, explains to the guys that gangs are threatening the islands' tourism. He can really use their help. (I kept expecting one of the brothers to want to date the COP's pretty daughter!) This task could be intense, the two gang leaders are kick boxing, martial arts masters, and would just as soon fight as eat, according to Tony. They are really young, out-of-control kids whose parents have given up on them. What a funny way the scene switches as Joey asks Mick and Tony, "how tough can they be?" It goes directly to these bad ass 20 year-old guys whipping each other on the beach. I just love Joey!

When Joey and Mick arrive on the scene, they go back and forth with the gang when Tony's daughter runs up and begins scolding her brother Eric for his involvement in the gang. OH GREAT PART, a guy grabs her by the hair, and Mick (who looks obviously angry) grabs the guys arm and in a mean kind of face says to the dude, "you need to learn to keep your hands to yourself friend." I love Rick's facial expressions here! Then when the guy threatens him, he kind of looks sheepish. Funny! Well, they are tough-looking guys!!! When the guy tells Mick, "teach me old man" Mick gets to come back with an intense look "only when you're ready to learn, son." LOVE it, you tell him Mick.

Whoo hooo, okay call me crazy, but I do so love shirtless Mick scenes. (and hey, Joey is a hottie too!) In the next scene, the gang is tormenting a local merchant. The guys hear all the clanging & commotion from their room nearby & run out after the hellions. (meanwhile Mick trying desperately to run & pull on a shirt. Awww, just leave it at the room!) But he does get it on, partially, and the chase begins.
They hop a motorbike, so as to try and catch the van the gang is fleeing in. They chase through a countryside of chickens & other farm animals it appeared, before finally coming up on a section of beach where the gangs meet & "train." Mick & Joey watch from afar, then take off. Now I will say, if I saw that rather big, muscular gang leader, I would need to leave and come up with a game plan too! He looks intimidating. He carries the gang's spider tattoo on his arm.

The Barrett brothers head to the sports center where Tony had mentioned the guys hang out quite a bit. There they find a lot of goodies for creating bombs, like the one that torched Tony's car. My Mick's shirt is LOUD in this gym scene. Yeah, it just needs to come off totally! Then what do you know here come some "gangsters," trying to beat the crap out of the brothers. I adore Mick & Joeys little snide comments here as they fight off the bad guys. Mick: "hey, my grandmother is faster than you are." LOL Mick really shows that guy who's boss.
Mick faxes a spider tattoo (a drawing!) to Gordon & Fritz to see if they know anything about it. Fritz tells Mick that the gang who carries the spider tat is considered extremely dangerous. The little flirty scene with Gordon & Fritz was great. She apparently has a "hidden" tattoo herself, and Gordon is obviously disappointed she won't show it to him.
The leader learns that Mick is an excellent fighter, but he is not at all frightened by the challenge. Tony is speaking to the villagers who are fed up with the bombings and gang crimes. He is afraid of the gang, but tries to hide the fact. Mick tells him that they have hard evidence with all the bomb ingredients they found at the gym. The villagers gang up on Tony, wanting his protection. He throws down his badge in frustration and walks off, with Mick hot on his heels. Another great Mick scene when he goes to Eric and tells him to "stand up and be a man" and quit following the pack. His father could have died due to his gang.

Of course he doesn't listen to Mick Eric goes to the beach to hear the leader's "pep" talk. (I cannot pronounce his name, let alone spell it!) Suddenly Tony runs down the beach to get his son away from the gang, but "muscle man" knocks him flat. At least he tried to step in and help his son, but now he's black & blue. He blames himself to Mick & Joey. Then Eric comes and squabbles with his sister & his dad. He thinks his dad is acting stupid by getting

Mick has had it at this point! He and Joey march down to a few of the gang members & Eric. Mick tells them that "now I am the main man on this island & they will do as they're told." YES Mick you sure are :) He bullies them around a bit, and tells them to report to their leader that he wants to fight him in the village. I know I keep using this word, but I LOVE Mick's kick-butt-and-take-names later expressions in this scene. He can go through so many emotions, rather smoothly. Very convincing acting I think. Now for the funny chat between he & Joey. I giggle on this part every time I see it! Joey is terrified Mick will get the pulp beat out of him, or worse. He thinks they should
just leave the island & go after Mick's gun!!! OH Mick, good one, "if this guy does put me down...he's gonna have to face you." (looking slyly at Joey) WAY cute, Joey saying they must be "loose in the head" for sticking around, as Mick is doing pull ups on a bar outside, trying to stay loose! Nice arms there Mick. I could watch him warm up for a fight all day, if this is what it's like! Uh yeah, back to the story.

Joey cracks me up with his "chicken" attitude at times. He freaks out most of the time, and Mick is like the logical one. Mick & Joey talk with Eric's sister, and Mick says things that make sense. His sister tells them that Eric is afraid of nothing, but Mick tells her YES, he is afraid. He's afraid to stand on his own, afraid of standing up to his friends, and that it's much easier to run with the pack.

Now it's "showtime!" Mick, Joey & Eric's sister meet the "muscle man" and his gang in the village. She tells them quietly that this guy has actually killed men before, he is that tough. Great lines for Joey & Mick, calling the guy a `steroid.' Mick is going ahead with the fight anyway. I just love this fight scene, even if they did get a bit carried away on the slow-mo here. I'm not into fighting/boxing or any of that in general, so it must just be the joy of seeing Rick using his skills (even if it IS acting!) Mick says "time to rock n roll." Mick tells the gang members that this whole thing is about "muscle man's" need to get revenge on Tony Wills, and that he came to the island simply to destroy Tony and his family. Mick is holding his own in the fight, then it becomes "dirty," as the bad guy tries to pull a knife or weapon of some sort. He and Mick fight with long sticks or whatever they happen to pick up off the ground. So it goes from this back to normal fighting again, when Mick DOWNS that guy! He is OUT flat. The gang appear they are going after Mick, when Tony arrives and talks to Eric. The gang members are shocked that Eric throws down his gang colors & goes to his family. Thank God he sees through their evil ways. All is good again for Tony & his family. In fact, I would say the island is better, now that Mick brought "Mr. Muscle Man" down a notch or two =)

Last scene we see Mick's long legs stretched out in a lounger by the pool. His leg is injured, and the poor guy has a pair of bikini clad girls icing it for him as he sips a drink and casually chats on the cell phone with Gordon. That cell he has there, wow, that thing is a dinosaur. LOL! So big and bulky! One would get some very strange glances nowadays toting cell phones like the guys carried back in the 90's. Funny how things like that become smaller with time. Gordon is telling Mick how he owes them a REAL vacation, since this one was far from relaxing. Gordon should never have mentioned "a friend" concerning his next suggestion. Rather cute here Mick pulls the phone away from his ear, looks at it, and says "goodbye Gordon," and CHUNK---straight into the pool goes the phone. Perfect ending statement, lol, "life's a bitch then you die." The irony is great because he says this as his little "nurse-maids"
continue to pamper his wounded leg. What a shame, right?!! Gordon caused him sooo much suffering.  - Kelley Pearson
Just when Mick and Joey think they can go on vacation, Gordon pulls another one on them!  And Mick is supposed to be celebrating his 35th birthday.  (Only a 44 year old Rick could pull off that much younger age!)  This episode, with its gang and fighting scenes don't really thrill me.  The whole plot was rather boring to me.  Thank goodnes there were other 'things' to keep me interested, seeing Mick/Rick in action was pretty awesome.  Now, it was rather 'fake-ish' with all the slow motion going on, but he really kicked butt!  I love the little comments between Mick and Joey before the 'throw down' begins.
As the two brothers approach the gang and their leader (this dude is really built!) for their little confrontation.... Joey: "I wonder if he is on steroids."  Mick:  "I think he IS a steroid."  That was just too hysterical!  But Mick kept his cool and won the fight.  Yay!!!
I loved the end!  OMGosh!!  Sitting in a lounge chair, being pampered by two bikini-clad women (ggrr)  Mick is enjoying a drink, (and I am sure the bikini-clad women, also) while he lets Gordon in on the happy ending of the so-called vacation.  Whoaa!  and he has those bare legs just sprawled out in front of him, and we get to see some bare feet!  Yes, I am a strange one, but something about being able to see his feet is so cool!  LMAO!  The ending made up for anything uninteresting in the whole entire show. - Amy L.

This episode starts out with Mick & Joey on a boat which appears to be in the midst of a party. Joey is congratulating Mick on "turning the big 3-5" (which cracks reviewer up, when this was filmed, Rick was actually around 45-46). Mick's wardrobe is once again very garish, age considering. He's wearing a shirt with big pineapples on it for chrissake!

Gordon phones the boat, and a female boat employee (is there a proper term for that?) walks up to Mick to tell him the captain wishes to see him. Mick & Joey learn upon entering the area where the captain is that Gordon is on the phone and Mick refuses to talk to him. Joey gets on the phone and Mick is yelling that whatever Gordon wants the answer is No! Joey relays from Gordon that the trip they are on was paid for by Gordon himself. Mick yells, "The trip was a gift! Guilt won't work!"

Gordon wants Mick & Joey to look up a friend, Tony Wills who is the Chief of Police of Tova Island, where their ferry is headed. (which doesn't exist, I googled it today trying to figure out where this was located, as everyone who supposedly lived on this island had a different accent, but more on that later). Meanwhile, we see the Chief of Police parking at a home, and he exits his car and walks to the front door calling out to it's resident. As he enters the home, a gang of young men surround the car and a firebomb is tossed inside the car. They run away as Tony comes running out of the house. The car is enflamed.

The next scene has Mick & Joey approaching Tony, and his daughter. Tony introduces his daughter Anna as Gordon's Goddaughter. (go figure) (He has what sounds to me like an Australian accent, yet his daughter looks Philippine and does not have the same accent. Bad casting?) Mick tells Tony he has heard about his troubles from Gordon. Tony explains that these gang of young men, whom he refers to as Beach Rats are scaring all the tourists away and hurting the island's tourism. When they are not out vandalizing, they are at the local Sports Centre practicing kick boxing. (At this point, reviewers' interest is suddenly heightened at the thought of Rick doing some kick boxing....'cause you know it's coming.)

We are now shown the gang down at the beach, practicing their kick boxing moves. Anna runs into the crowd and pulls out Eric, her brother. She is yelling at him for missing work. Another member of the gang yanks Anna back by her hair, and Mick is suddenly there removing the hand. Mick tells him he needs to learn to keep his hands to himself. The kid replies, "Teach me old man." To which Mick says, "Only when you're ready to learn, son." Mick and Joey leave the beach. They go surfing.

The next morning, Joey hears a commotion over a the restaurant across from where he and Mick are staying. The gang is trashing the kitchen. Mick & Joey race over to the restaurant as the gang is leaving. They hop on a scooter outside of the restaurant and chase after the gang's van. The gang leads them to a secluded part of the beach where they see a yacht anchored out a ways. Two men are rowing towards the beach. Mick and Joey watch from the bushes. The man who is obviously in charge hands out drugs to the gang. We are shown that he has a tattoo of a black spider on his wrist.

Mick and Joey ride the scooter over to the Sports Centre to take a look around. The place is falling apart, and trashed is strewn everywhere. They see fire bombing materials in one room. Two gang members walk in carrying squash racquets. Joey tells them that squash isn't that tough of a sport. They say that they call it Smash. The gang member from the earlier incident asks Mick if "The surfer man is going to teach me something now?". Mick replies, "Now is as good of time as any." The four of them scuffle. Mick gets one of them in a headlock up against the wall and demands to know who he is working for. He sees a spider tattoo on his wrist. The boy says, "Manno Tandano." (not sure on the spelling of that, but that's what it sounded like)
The next scene has Mick walking with Tony. Mick's shirt is open and the wind is blowing it away from his body (worth a rewind) and he keeps trying to hold it down. So I have no idea what the conversation was, something along the lines of Tony pretending like he'd never heard the name before. 

Mick calls Gordon, and asks him about the tattoo. Fritz gets on the line and explains that there is a mob family called the Tuleas (again, not sure of the spelling) who were known for smuggling Heroin during the Vietnam war. She tells Mick that anyone sporting one of those tattoos should be considered extremely dangerous.

The next scene shows a group of angry residents yelling at Tony. Mick and Joey are standing on either side of him. They are demanding Tony do something about all the vandalizing. Tony gets angry and quits by throwing his badge on the ground. Mick goes after him and asks him if he knows about the Tulea family. Tony explains he was responsible for disbanding the family in Guam after the Vietnam war.

Mick goes to talk to Eric and tells him he should not be running in a pack like an animal, that it is time to stand up and be a man. The scene switches to the beach, where the gang is holding a ceremony of sorts, it appears they are initiating Eric. Tony runs to the beach and tries to break up the ceremony. Eric runs away, and Tony is beaten by Manno. (looking very much like a pathetic cop, he doesn't even try to fight back) Manno tells him it's Payday time. 

Mick & Joey find Tony all beaten up. Tony tries to deny who did it saying he just fell. Mick is fed up and stalks over to the gang. He informs them to tell their leader he is now the main man of the island and to tell Manno that he will be in the village waiting for him if he disagrees. The gang runs off and Joey is now afraid for Mick. He asks Mick what he knows about kick boxing. Mick says, "I've seen some on TV." Joey tells him to go home and get his gun. Mick now starts doing stretches, and then pull-ups on a bar. (a scene definitely worth a rewind, he's wearing a wife beater and you can't help but watch his arms here). Then he does some scissor kicks, and I ended up rewinding the whole scene one more time. :-)

The village is ready for the showdown. The gang shows up with Manno. Joey asks Mick if he's ready. He replies, "No problem, I'm wearing my best shirt. This is definitely a birthday I won't forget." Joey mutters, "I hope you live to see more." He says to Joey, "Do me a favor. If I lose, kill him." The two men face off. Manno demands a search of Mick for weapons. While he is being patted down by a gang member, he is hit in the gut. Joey then clocks the gang member, and the fighting begins.

The whole fight is shown in slo-mo and the reviewer (and reviewer's DVD player) is thanking the director for this wonderful idea. Lots of kick boxing action, and Mick even head butts Manno at one point. Suddenly Mick does a twirl & kick move, and Manno is knocked out. (and Mick's hair is all messy. Sigh....) The gang members start to pick up sticks to go after Mick and he warns them he's not in the best of moods. Tony then steps in front of Mick, then Anna. Eric then removes his gang headband and announces he is quitting. He walks over to his family. The rest of the gang disburses.

The show closes with Mick on the phone to Gordon again. He is lounging by a pool, with two girls in bikinis attending to his bruises and icing his leg. Gordon is telling Mick he owes him a real vacation. Mick tells Gordon goodbye and chucks the phone into the pool. - Michelle P.

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