(original air date 7/20/92)


Storyline: Chance takes a job protecting a man and his family from what he is told is someone after his business, but finds out he's been lied to and the man is being sought after by a loan shark.  
Guest Star: Sara Rose Johnson, Eloy Casados, Gregg Daniel, Kathryn Dowling , Ricardo Gutierrez, Nick Angotti .

According to US

 Human Target is one of my favorite "Rick shows". However, if he did not have the starring role in this one, I would still watch it. Yes, I would honestly....it has a great storyline, and wonderful plots and I thoroughly enjoy it. Rick is just an added bonus! From the beginning when the actors are introduced and those amazing shots of Rick/Christopher Chance are flashed across the screen, I am hooked! Wow!

The pilot has an interesting storyline to it, and in the beginning when the "priest" is first shown, for some reason I knew that he was Rick/Chris. I just had a feeling. So, when the "bad guys" attack and Chris is revealed, the show rolls along.

Christopher Chance's first "client" for the show is Mr. Palmer, who is worried about his business, believing that someone is out to get him. Chris interviews Mr. Palmer and decides to take his case when he sees pics of the guys family. Chris is then transformed into Jay Palmer and his new role is to live the life of another man in order to find out who is out to get the "real" one. 
As Chris tries to lead a normal life with this other mans family, the wife finds him to be strangely different, like "another person". As Chris begins to explain the situation to her, the lights go out and someone is in the house. The "Bad guy" comes out of nowhere and after a few rounds of punches and body slams, Chances "face" begins to come off. When he stands up and pulls off the rest of it, Jay's wife is horrified and tells him to get out of her house. Well, on this part I have to say....if my husband ever pulls off his "face" and Rick is under there, he wouldn't be getting any complaints from me....LOL 

From this point on, the story does sorta drag a little, but then after the family learns of what the problems are and Chris discovers that Jay Palmer was hiding the fact that he owes some loan sharks big bucks, the story picks up again. After the two men (Jay and Chance) get the situation under control with all of the problems solved, it is time to say goodbye. I did find this part maybe "cheesy" for lack of a better word. The family is telling Chance goodbye like he is a long lost relative. And then, Jay Palmer leaves his wife with Christopher to say her goodbyes in private. I didn't like that part too much. When Chris boards the plane again, his partners are waiting for him and leave us to wonder what they have in store for us next.  - Amy L.