(original air date 7/25/92)


Storyline: Chance takes the place of a General whose life is being threatened only to find out that the assassin is someone he knows.
Guest Stars: Tim Kelleher, Felton Perry, Bibi Besch (Dr. Elaine Cosgrove), David Carradine (Harry Solow), R. Lee Emery (General Ferris), Felton Perry (Col Riggins), Kenneth Tigar (Russ Tabler)

According to US

When this episode begins I can't really help but be leary of it. Only because technical things having to do with the military and CIA, and all that kind of stuff just turns me off. However, I gave "Second Chance" an actual 'second chance' and watched it twice. I have to say, that it was interesting once I made myself pay attention more to detail and what was going on. When it comes to these kinds of shows, I tend to have a wandering mind. I just get 'lost' and can't keep my attention focused on what is really happening. 

With that being said, this episode turns out to be pretty good, and I too am glad that we learned more about each character and how they ended up working with Christopher Chance. More information is also given about Chance's life and how he eventually came to be the "Human Target". It's also funny how Ricks character is revealed to have been under the care of a psychiatrist, and he too has undergone therapy for his real life struggles with depression. I guess I look for similarities of any character that Rick portrays. In one scene, for instance, the General tells Chance that after seeing how the crew on the ship works together, that he needs to work as a team with his fellow officers. " It 'opened my eyes' a little to a different style......" little things like that I catch onto ...words and phrases from different songs, I know it's probably mostly a coincidence, but it's fun to find them.  - Amy L.