(original air date  8/01/92)


Storyline:  One of (Signy's) friends, a designer becomes the target.  Chance also has to worry about (Signy) being tempted by a job offer.
Guest Stars: Amber Van Lent, Vanessa Arevalo, Borovnisa Blervague, John Wesley Shipp (Garner St. John), Leslie Bevis (Rita) 
This episode begins with Libby and her ex-boyfriend, Garner St. John, having dinner at a little sidewalk cafe. Garner, played by John Wesley Shipp (who I believe played in a soap opera too) is a very high profile, successful fashion designer. As they chit-chat
about old times and what they have been up to lately, Christopher Chance shows up. Libby and St. John invite him to sit down and join them. As the conversation continues, Chris notices a car careening towards them at a high rate of speed and warns them as they all make a dash to safety. It is at this time that St. John realizes someone
is after him. He is thus introduced to the Human Target team.

Garner St. John is impressed with the work that Christopher Chance does, but nevertheless, denies he and Libby's help. Libby begs Chris to investigate him anyway. Jeff questions why someone would want to take the life of a fashion mogul and Chris says his net worth is in the millions.

The guys (Jeff and Philo) in the crew look forward to "checking out" some of the most beautiful women in the world, when they go to Garner St. John's studio. In the following scene, we see a mysterious woman making some sort of deal with an unknown man inside his car. All of the crew then go to the studio to look around. This is the first episode we see all of the team go out on an assignment together. Libby is then introduced to Rita, the woman who has the job that Libby would have had if she would have stayed with Garner. Philo is overwhelmed with a gorgeous model and can't
seem to speak to her because of his nervousness, and takes some flack from Jeff. As the crew watches the work in progress, Chance spots someone mysterious up above the ground floor and goes to investigate. When he sees the guy about to let some lights fall, they start to fight. As the lights start to fall, Chris yells a warning and Garner barely misses getting hit. Obviously Garner is in danger so he agrees to let the Human Target take his case. Chance allows Libby to do the debriefing with Garner and he tries to lure her to come back and work for him. Chance overhears the conversation and interrupts them before they can kiss. The next morning Garner and Libby are together flirting again...when Chris makes his first appearance as Garner St. John.
Meanwhile, Philo is still striking out with the model that he has had his eye on. (cute scenes)..

As everyone prepares for the fashion show, Jeff and Philo stake out the place for the guy who attacked Chris. As Chris/Garner introduces the show, Philo spots a guy with a gun and sets out to stop him and alerts Jeff. Before they can stop him, the 'sniper'
shoots Chris/Garner, but he's wearing a bullet-proof vest. The gunman gets away and the fashion show resumes.
Back on the plane, the team discusses what has happened and Chris nurses his wound--(we get to see his chest...wheeww!!) LOL Chris believes that it's a mob contract on Garner. Garner St. John, not giving up, continues to make a play for Libby and gives her an offer to go back and work for him. When she tells him that he has Rita, he admits that she is not working up to par and has planned to get rid of her. Chris appears again and asks to talk to Libby alone and argues with her about accepting a position with Garner and she storms out. Back at the studio, Garner/Chris meets with 'his' lawyer to go over the specifics of his will. He uses the excuse that he is bad with details to get the info from the lawyer about who the money from his estate would go to. Although it is to be paid out to St. John's mother, his life insurance names the beneficiaries as Rita and three of the other models. When Chris relays this info to Libby, she tells him she knows exactly which one it is.

Chris and Libby confront Rita about using an alias (her name before she was a model) to hire a hit man. At first, of course, she denies it, but then realizes that they have her all figured out. Chris advises her to call off the hit man, but Rita claims she cannot reach him or contact the guy in any way. Chance/Garner makes himself accessible to the hit man and they fight over a knife. Of course Chris over-powers the guy, and all is well again...LOL Philo finally makes a date with his model after she confronts him
and admits she likes shy guys. Chance advises Garner to have his will changed and says his goodbyes. Libby then bids him farewell, which is short and sweet.

As we see the plane fly off, Libby sits alone looking sad when Chris enters wearing a tux! (enough to make me jump off the couch...:) ) He tells her he has something on her bed, to go and check it out. She comes back wearing a 'Garner St. John' original....(which in my opinion is very tacky!) Chris tells Libby that she is 'indispensable' as they toast with champagne. This whole show was worth watching just to see Rick at the end in that tux! ;) -  Amy L.